Trump touts trade agreement as FBI investigates Kavanaugh

President Trump doubles down on his defense of Kavanaugh as he introduces new trade deal between the U.S., Mexico and Canada.
4:41 | 10/02/18

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Transcript for Trump touts trade agreement as FBI investigates Kavanaugh
Kenneth moon is at the White House. With the latest on what's going on with the president today and can't you know originally the white house council place some limits on this investigation why this. Reversal. Diane pressure it all comes down to the pressure placed on president trumpets and Republicans when it comes to how they've him doled. Breton Kavanagh and the sex assault allegations against them. With a lot of confusion yesterday Diane the president said he was going to spend it wanna it it was unclear about the exact order to the FBI now we know the scope is no longer limited. Late start for the president after a late night on the campaign trail slamming Democrats how they handle Kavanagh. The president rallied supporters in Johnson City, Tennessee is strongly defending Kavanagh. No surprise here die and we know when the president hits the trail and he's in front of his base the rhetoric really ramps up he told the crowd they can't. Allow themselves to be pushed around. By the Democrats there's only one reason the dams. Want it that FBI investigation to keep his nominee from the High Court take a listen. Only now I don't stop. Demolish and let's throw line. As we've seen in recent weeks Democrats are willing. Any thing had to hurt anyone. To get their way like. Doing with judge to happen are. And he's a good man. Great student great it to let. Never had a problem all of us no let's go back to high school they baby she go before a high school. So the president there saying there is no investigation OB get enough. Or the Democrats Dianne. What are the chances that it actually passes and what are some of the pros and cons being argued about it. Great question as we talk about the next steps here die and I wanna get right to a presidential tweet that just came I'll cross. The president really happy with this trade deal with Canada and Mexico he's as great reviews. On the new US MCA think you Mexico and Canada will be wonderful partners in trade and more long into the future Diane. Because map that such a good ring I think I'll call this US makah. Outs mocha. I think that's yet so. If you should stick your reporting Kenneth and leave naming things too. However nobody. While the president is good or branding hereby I don't know about how much I asked yes I am the president has really riding high on this new trade deal. I'm ease its riding so high he's taking Air Force One on up to Philadelphia. Two armed really count this new trade deal he's speaking about a tenth Alvin people. We're attending the national electrical contractors association convention they'll talk about what his administration is doing to help small businesses in the workforce. So we expect the president will touch on the new trade deal. Om and as NAFTA 2.0 NAFTA replacement. That his administration says will Bruce manufacturing. And lead to higher wages yeah out today Diane analysts and experts and the Democrats they're reading the fine print here to really see what this deal happen to make sure. And really back up the president's claims that he says that workers this is good for them he's getting some bipartisan praise today. But disagreements have a long way to go when it comes to congress the political reality here Diane. That there's no reason for Democrats to work with the president on this tradable more than over number. Mid terms and so it could be. Until the new congress is seated and when he nineteen before this agreement of the impact. Now we saw senator Chuck Schumer praised the president yesterday that. That was something so we've got flake causing a compromise over Kevin we've got humor praising the president maybe we do have a miracle in Washington. Warming slowly all over a scuba look up up up up up. Yeah yeah me you can't even say it. All right Ken and finally I know the president is sort of traveling the country ad touting all these things the First Lady meanwhile is heading for hurt. First sell overseas trip when we know about that yes is yes touchdown and Africa for her first big solo trip as First Lady. I'm in a Bibby of the week in Africa for the First Lady it's part of her beep best initiative that encompasses a broad array of issues affecting. Children's well being as distraught woman schools and hospitals. She will focus on mothers and new born here to learn more about the role of US AIG which that the US agency. For international development the First Lady were also made stops and Malawi Kenya. And Egypt. Oh big trip for the First Lady there Diane sounds like a good one Kenneth mountain from the White House thanks Kenneth thank you.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"President Trump doubles down on his defense of Kavanaugh as he introduces new trade deal between the U.S., Mexico and Canada. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58233690","title":"Trump touts trade agreement as FBI investigates Kavanaugh ","url":"/Politics/video/trump-touts-trade-agreement-fbi-investigates-kavanaugh-58233690"}