Uber and Lyft drivers on strike for better wages and working conditions

Data shows that drivers on average make $9.21 per hour.
3:44 | 05/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Uber and Lyft drivers on strike for better wages and working conditions
A bunch of Woburn Robert drivers in the driver's going on strike this is ahead. That initial public offering by Hoover tomorrow the company valued at 91 billion dollars its drivers taking to the streets to protest. About some of those working conditions. A let's bring in now an expert on who were in the ride share a community talk little bit more about what this means more could be in store for Hoover in. Fans of the platform alana doctor is a reporter business insider who's been tracking. The company and developments of the past 24 hours a lot of great to see so. How much is the average Hoover Hoover driver actually make what is it that they're protesting today. So there protesting. Low wages and it's pretty and it's difficult to say exactly how much each humor driver makes because it depends on how often they work and it depends on things like. You know how often they're getting rides and things like that but for full time worker is. It's safe to say with aggregate data we have now that they do not make a livable wage so the Economic Policy Institute found a study that said that. We're drivers make nine dollars and when he went funds an hour in wages. And that is taking into account things when after it they paved vehicle expenses. After they pay for modest health care plans things like that. So that's one metric and I also looked metric from the JPMorgan institute that side that. Not wages are actually going down so in the past five years there's more rig drivers than ever and now but. Wages as a whole have gone down for the most active participants in these are participants who ban on lap for ten months out of the year. It went from 2500 dollars in about 2014 and now it's the twelve felonies have been. At which amounts to about 151000 dollars for year witches. Not a. Little Willie wells fascinates and nine dollars 21 cents an hour on average base in the studies that you've taken a look at. And those wages have declined over the past believe yes the cop. We we do have a statement from the company we should put up but also hear from you what you reporting tells you. And they in the company's statement says that of today's protest the drivers in the heart of the service gets sixty without the need a thousands of people coming to work with over every day focus on how to make your experience that are on and off the road I think they've also implied. A lot of that those drivers are replaceable right. Yes they have I'm so basically an issue with Gruber and it's driver's right now is that they get kind of few drivers is being independent contractors. And what this means of that they're not salaried employees they don't. They didn't have Perreault they don't qualify for overtime they don't qualify for other benefits like Medicare. Our site they don't qualify for health care benefits and things like so an employee used. Yeah they have to France they have more bargaining power they can collectively bargain for her you know better working conditions and that's what drivers want. They don't want to be independent contractors for the most part especially the ones for protesting today they wanna be employees. By lumber analyst have said both in their IPO on its filings if number word tightened red lips were attacked. Viewed drivers of that would be I would cost them money and that could have very serious financial consequences. For both company is going forward and this is why you don't. Ever since these startups have been you know existed they've won and there. Drivers to be independent contractor is in different cities when they've moved so you know Seattle moves unionized labor and look we're very much against so young hasn't been an ongoing issue between drivers in the company is and you know it's it's not going away. Yeah and certainly on the eve of their public offering on the stock market becoming a publicly traded company. I certainly a message from that workforce alana after think so much.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Data shows that drivers on average make $9.21 per hour. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62916367","title":"Uber and Lyft drivers on strike for better wages and working conditions","url":"/Politics/video/uber-lyft-drivers-strike-wages-working-conditions-62916367"}