Undecided Voters React to First Presidential Debate

Anchor Amna Nawaz interviews undecided voters the morning after the first presidential debate.
3:07 | 09/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Undecided Voters React to First Presidential Debate
What's iPad it's Tuesday. September 27. Flashlight if you probably know Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's. Think stopped in their first official presidential debate in for a lot of people out there. Undecided voters people who are increasing that their candidate they were really really paying attention to what the candidates have to take see if it helps them to make up their minds fatter. We found a few undecided voters in swing states across the country and we're gonna happen within have to see what they thought about last night's debate. First Chris Paul lacy Dickinson. Amnon. You're trying to make up your mind and a vote for Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein. We think. While. You know it was funny because last eight there are moments that was really impressed with Donald chimes in saint which I never thought I would say. But I thought is that pregnancy is sometimes we're really on point I I think Larry I just 18 years day you know. Things are cracked a 100% rate in an error rate now and the me have a long way to and here's my policies. That. Lazy baby so much for making this time we'll keep checking in with you act absolutely sounds get thank you on the ticket that I. Our next we are calling Carolyn Canada and Tay. What and then do you are you self identify as Republican you've told me but you're quite share a pastor candidates know what you think about last night. And move. The real what do you think you need to hear that's gonna help you make up your mind moment. I need to hear how they're Gannon. How they're going to bring jobs back to America not just say oh is the middle class better key I think they both cats and worked. Next to me. Wow you are going to be watching and keep checking human. Yes definitely and next up on our list of undecided voters Pete McConnell. Good morning. How PO. Wonderful still viewing in. We had the perspective that you need to get your head around and Hillary Clinton as your candidate or you might write it. Bernie Sanders for keeping it there's something specific that you want to hear from her to sort of a general overall feeling that you won again from her just. She needs to apply a little bit more to use those people that. Arne OK with the same old thing continuing what I didn't see it torn from her that was like pulling us in percent. Pocket taking PRA. Activist but yeah. So I doubt three undecided voters three different swing states their votes are really really gonna matter in November. Doesn't really sound like last night moved the needle for them too much so we're gonna have to wait and see. More debate to have one week away the vice presidential debate. All of them are going to be watching we hope you will too and of course we're gonna check back in with them after that debate caps.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Anchor Amna Nawaz interviews undecided voters the morning after the first presidential debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42401656","title":"Undecided Voters React to First Presidential Debate","url":"/Politics/video/undecided-voters-react-presidential-debate-42401656"}