United CEO to Congress: 'We failed' our customers and company

Oscar Munoz apologized for his immediate response to the incident involving United passenger David Dao.
5:41 | 05/02/17

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Transcript for United CEO to Congress: 'We failed' our customers and company
The reason I'm sitting here today is because on April 9. We and a serious breach of public trust. I'd like to again apologize to doctor down to his family to every person on that flight 3411. And of course to all our customers and employees worldwide. Further I'm personally sorry for the fact that my immediate response and the response of our airline was inadequate to that moment. No customer or no individual should ever be treated the way mr. Dow was. Ever and we understand that. For the last three weeks I spent literally every single day thinking. And about how we got to this point. What chain of events culminates in the injury of a customer and the loss of trust in so many more. And so last week on April 27 we delivered our promise to release an analysis of sorts about what happened to. Where we fell short and the actions we need to take to change the customer experience as united as autumn all of you so that's all. Wonderfully articulated. From our perspective there were four there are many sailors there for many sailors that we Allen in this report. First we called on law enforcement when safety or security does not exist should never happen. Period second we re book crew at the very last minute we created a situation and are on doing that we should never done. And third we didn't offer enough compensation or not incentivized any options for those customers to give up at sea and therefore. And perhaps don't largest pay their. Our employees did not have the authority to do what was right or to use frankly their common sense missile yard line. And in that moment for our customers and our company we fail. And soul as CEO at the end of the day that is on me and this. House to be a turning point for the 87000 people professionals here at united. And it is my mission to make sure that we make the changes needed to provide our customers the highest levels of service of course that you come respect reliability but also as some of you. Deeper sense of respect and trust and dignity. Our report announced several immediate end and some long term changes that we will at first prevent completely prevent an issue like this from ever happening again. And second improve the overall united experience not just today but into the future. For example spend less safety or security ours an issue we will never again ask a customer to give up their seat once they're on board. Simple common sense or ask law enforcement to remove a customer from applied. Second we've already taken as we constantly do it. We look at reevaluation of over booking policies all about wasn't a factor necessarily in this case it is something that we just reevaluate. And so we have reduced. And if faced with a Oprah book situation which will indeed occur in certain instances for many many factors we will identified volunteers earlier. We can and warm partly offer incentives up to 101000 dollars because again common sense does that. You can't stop it and number no one's moving rather see you have to give them something more. And even more importantly opera options for travel on top of that map the combination of all things we do and of course we're not gonna move our own crew our own fault folks around. Unless schedule those sixty minutes for departures we don't have the same situation happened. And then as an added additional policy review that really had nothing to do with a particular incident we've eliminated the red tape around permanently lost bags. By instituting a no question asked 15100 dollar reimbursement for permanently lost luggage. And later this year we will roll out of new app on our on our apps that our phones don't get front line employees the ability to compensate customers proactively. When service disruptions occur. If we break it it's incumbent upon us to fix it and that's the intent of the work that what we're doing. So these changes are part just a start we understand that I also know we need to do a better job of solving problems in the moment. And and making trouble smoother and easier for customers when challenges arising challenges often arise some beyond our control some well within our control. But the it's incumbent on us to solve those asbestos. When I became CEO eighteen months ago I promised. We would make united best airline not only for customers to fly but for our employees to work where. I said it because I believe in this company a company that's been in business since the earliest days of aviation. It's almost a century of flying. In fact at this very moment they're six to 700 united planes in the air carrying hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Before the day as Don we will take off and land almost 4500. Times. And by the end of this year we will carry 86 million people to 53 countries around the world. It has become routine to be in Washington today and in China tomorrow our united team along with many of us in the industry. Have truly made that extraordinary feat of moving around the world. We made it ordinary and routine. And we had a horrible failure of three weeks ago it is not who we are just not this company and frankly it's not this industry as we have. Many many successes and it's important to note that the two but we are here to talk to discuss certain issues that won't happen again so we won't work. Greta we are told we current. Not your business necessarily but your trust is that's the most important thing that we -- we have what their customers all around the world. And more importantly as we've proven over the course of the last week our actions will speak and definitely Alton longer and are well there are words. We will do better and so I think you and Scott and I look forward to answering any questions you may. Thanks. Pictures from his mr. spray.

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"Oscar Munoz apologized for his immediate response to the incident involving United passenger David Dao.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"47155872","title":"United CEO to Congress: 'We failed' our customers and company","url":"/Politics/video/united-ceo-congress-failed-customers-company-47155872"}