Unprecedented voter mobilization effort in Georgia: ‘Organizing gets the goods’

New Georgia Project CEO Nse Ufot discusses the 400,000 voters her organization has registered since 2016, and why she believes Georgia is poised to turn blue in January’s Senate runoff races.
7:59 | 11/11/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Unprecedented voter mobilization effort in Georgia: ‘Organizing gets the goods’
Georgia being poised to flood blue for the first time since 1992 is like because of the hard work of organizations like the new Georgia projects and their commitment to registering voters joining us now is new Georgia projects CEO in say Lou (%expletive) thank you so much for joining us. Aaron yeah. So you organization registered more than 400000. Voters for this election that certainly contributed to only 2% of eligible Georgia residents not being registered to vote what's your plan to get all these voters turn out again in January and do you believe that the success in Georgia is because of these new voters or or Republicans switching to vote for Joseph Biden. So we can bury it would get back RR RRY. Who aren't. Who was Robert. And yeah. Many. Are he or. You borrowers an. And everything. And act or that vote. And I knew. We need you Robert. I'll. I. Bill would not be a lot. What is the battle of the three who showed. You just had more boots on the ground and going actually elect today or also filling out early ballots as your content is edging out youth voters contributed 21% of Georgia's its highest percentage of new voters in the entire country each. Also a juror where it's. Can be really difficult to get young people actually turn out what was it about this time networked. What we understand why. Not. You are you in familiarity with. Out we talk about. Ordinary Arabs are. Yeah how we are are under an hour. A lot of time. Or you're out there. You are in a row. Yeah regain. What are you know we aren't doing their needs me. We had a lot mark are we have remained warm and last half million unique viewers elect. So about meeting people agree on are being in the rock. The move buried under an hour or the. C say giving young people to gain I'm curious give me like that the 152 version of of what is it that you say to compel a young voters to go out to the polls. Well. In. Our area our beat writer Lee being unique. And it or don't why wouldn't I. Though I like it but I think an important. Budding. Armed or be your. Re. Not is. It. People who had to crack. It is where. Area. Where art Aaron. Then we're summer racism to. Me what and we neutered and and may be people who wish. Our. Aren't. So we and to eat. And we went to. The responses weren't. You know why is running matter grabbed my no matter the party. Berman I am very. And people. Around about that. We. Are bad we and congress. One neat house. Until. I'm Jordan has certainly been plagued with voter suppression accusations for years how would you say that this election went and what is your response Republicans who are claiming without evidence that there have been widespread allegations of voter irregularities. Issues with voting machines and poll watcher access. Lee Bennett went out and they're now embedded important when we are young. Americans. In. Denver and there are that we you know Eric. Eric. We got more would be you know reading. Hired a new. And no they're not any candidate let it hasn't won an inch or coup was working people are. Voters are more aware that. I don't you get your alright right. There's only now every day and saw it ever used. Herbal. I human at the Helm of new Georgia project for seven years now heart specific inflection points these past seven years and help you organization registered voters in do you believe if the state doesn't Sacco clue that this is a lasting coalition and not just a blip on the radar. Yeah. And Georgia had. They are you saying over and over. And Annie. People are realizing how earlier. Are literally at a time where you know eighty admitted. Or lack. Or below are people who I didn't blow Carter and Tony related. And rate rise and lord and the interpret you learn and eaten. Hour while our real I think having. Ornstein. Should be. Paying millions of hammers board or. Are. I. Widening. Who. I wanna be easy that we. Bring her. In the who claimed to be your port. Or are you. Many door. And it was Eleanor. Governor Bloomberg News. Arm. And we had to. Work. Eat are 08. And so light it. Gary. In particular. Are armed and are wrecking and voting. You. Opinions or alleged people who. Do harm to our community is one of the things been your. I say it do you think that's a political future is in the cards trio. The minority. Pass. I Roberts. Left the idea. What we do the or barrels. Or are handling. Unity and I want to work with a bill. And an independent. And one elect. And ardent. Organizing. Are good. Irony in saying the funds from the new Georgia project thanks to you for years.

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{"duration":"7:59","description":"New Georgia Project CEO Nse Ufot discusses the 400,000 voters her organization has registered since 2016, and why she believes Georgia is poised to turn blue in January’s Senate runoff races.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74139067","title":"Unprecedented voter mobilization effort in Georgia: ‘Organizing gets the goods’","url":"/Politics/video/unprecedented-voter-mobilization-effort-georgia-organizing-goods-74139067"}