Your Voice: Thanksgiving gatherings

Families plan celebrations with added precautions due to the pandemic this year.
1:34 | 11/23/20

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Transcript for Your Voice: Thanksgiving gatherings
We Americans all Lester making choices on how we're gonna celebrate Thanksgiving based on. The state of the colored nineteen pandemic in how we assess it here's what some of us had to say about. They gathered why they're heating code of nineteen warnings and staying home. And then also thank the people are thinking about things you need look only staying within their house. But I think that's good to know they're fat. Cancel them. Your holiday plans. Don't travel if you're going to have people from outside your principle of limited to two other households. Haven't out sag. Where your face covering can keep your distance. We have the tables outside that are getting the ten feet apart so I'm very saved me. Household consent at tables that's when people teen people find they get a whole six table to themselves. We also did a schedule so everybody together at this time. Leaving a half hour of her switching up the linen and sanitize the scenes at everything he's been mixed bag my diet. I believe that we can think Adelaide to celebrate and it's not going to be like monopoly in some light to the center college they're not coming up. So it has aids and different difficulties and sadness. But I think I'm not all of fox. Weak candidate sewers thank goodness it can't happen ill that we normally have. And just in the best and can't with the circumstance.

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{"duration":"1:34","description":"Families plan celebrations with added precautions due to the pandemic this year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74367001","title":"Your Voice: Thanksgiving gatherings","url":"/Politics/video/voice-thanksgiving-gatherings-74367001"}