Wall of Taco Trucks Greets Trump in Vegas Ahead of Final Presidential Debate

ABC News' Charli James is at a protest by the culinary workers union in Las Vegas ahead of the third presidential debate, where taco trucks have lined up in solidarity with the protestors.
28:28 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for Wall of Taco Trucks Greets Trump in Vegas Ahead of Final Presidential Debate
Love from Las Vegas I'm Charlie James and how I got its compounds Belmont yeah there's a lot of activity going on right now it is up to protest rally. Led by the culinary union election is a large and powerful union we'll hear from representing not mortality workers. And they have a minimum beats going on. With trump right now and that's because in December. He workers here at the trump hotels and voted to unionize and the culinary union is saying that. That putt trump. Is the Trump Organization is illegally. Refusing to sit down and negotiate without so they've been holding numerous rallies. Outside of the hotels and then and staying in the a lot of group. Let by the culinary union out Leon. Ever go out wall. And I talked to some people about why they're here yeah let debate in a lot of attention here right now on the hotel and the ground delivering on whom look. Happened anywhere yet ransacked and I did not looking Harrison. I'll have been immersed made we paid him to make it it was 18100 dollars. Love my name's Tom Moran I'm a retired bus driver and it took me two months of work to make money to pay for. And where you guys coming from Darren downward from Michigan. The files in this head in the back Mike her make the point but why wasn't the head of the head as effective tax. The point was O'Donnell comes treats people upstairs and down. He represented Arcsight. People are making a nice. They'll think they have yet Dmitry eight you have to realize if you have something interesting and unusual. You can use the power the trust amplify your bullet voice. You're not powerless your vote matters there's a lot make the Florida 537. Votes. George Bush Clinton and president had talked to students here that had me worried. Some of them so well. My Bernie could I medical center craze that's hit with a presidential race is I don't Hillary's little better but I can't vote for I don't think again. You're young you haven't seen the things I've seen. Presidential race especially if you know Donald Trump. It would tear the country down. Yeah. Personally it's this person is issues dogs all around. I don't always vote for Democrats have voted for Republican in Michigan as governor. Because his opponent was America's angriest mayor I don't go for pain anger and vitriol but lot of problems solve some little unite us. And what's your name and deed skiing gets you involved at this early on are not even. From Rochester hills Michigan. I actually we went to the Arenstein together that time mental soundness and we had does the banner but I had had two previous paper machine heads me. One for my local congressmen and one. Point four. Our governor Governor Snyder whose voice not a 100000 people who play Michigan. So when times saw my other is that all we have damaged and had apparently been traveling across the country we were in Ohio we were in Pennsylvania. We read. In New York get that first debate and now we're here for the debate and to support the workers here Donald Trump. Won't he says and the great negotiator but he won't even negotiate when. Anyway so we're here to support them to support Hillary Clinton in her quest for the white and the parade. Sorry yeah. After this you're a student union in the in the we'll have that we've got a chalkboard or have people tweeting to trauma. It's that it's called chalk board change to meet you will happen at the banner and the shocking were the staff. Afternoon already well thank you heard thinking that they yet we appreciate it we're gonna go down here so a lot of the action right now here. Program explaining why they're here time and they're expecting reverend Jesse Jackson to speak there as well but down here they've sat. A wall in front. That trump hotel a hearing. Coming up aren't signing yet later today I'm. Knowing that take a look over here and a lot upgrading all those. So in Spanish continent. Large U. Hispanic population here in Nevada mom and a large percentage of the people who work in the hotels and casinos here are Hispanic as well so. Then a lot of the people here and meet management. Some undocumented immigrants often little time mounting dreamers yeah we're here to talk about how this election and it saddens them. Love and their immigration status in the Hudson into the big issue here in Nevada not just our hot mentality we're hearing about eleven more than population and Molinari Italy can take a closer look here. And all yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Sex. But so next. And it's not you know G-8. Or throughout its new. Yeah. Signing honoring her. That press is there any quick thinking when asked governor. Ali yeah. Not have a higher. Yeah. That is who yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah and you don't want you yeah yeah. Okay. You can't uneasiness. About I wanted to I'm wal. If you sign your name I don't think any amendment does need our residents support you on dealer but Lana. Yeah. Texans yeah. You know anything about how that's like yeah. I do not. But isn't me because it alone. Meaning not quit having met Saturday to get out and event planning to meet herald today are. Somewhere else. Here yeah. Mark not. We're learning about his long here that you can't write on Monday it also wouldn't milk saying. The network a long love taco truck down here well. Can't talk yeah. Yeah he's very popular notion that there didn't yeah. Yeah banning becomes very get short Donald Trump them that night. He warned about Hispanic culture spreading across America saying that. One day and there's going to be talking a truck on every corner so they're taking that and turning around bringing the topic trucks here they'd be giving out free talk. She the people that are here. And turning it into a wallets not have dropped out citing they yeah. Elliott so let's not down to not check the drugs are deserving quite yet they're gonna wait. Presentations. Let's look down into. Yeah. Big. Wade into this crowd might get a little. Warning you know mother a lot of people a lot of things. Around a little but it's a good you're going to. I didn't talk. And I had a I don't think he had. I haven't seen anything. Absolutely love it let's examine what you got going on yeah. This is not a and he read every tell you yeah yeah. It's important topics journalist and an apartment journal and you know what he heard a warning not here yeah. Well he's reporting on the protests and was like yeah. Yeah she gets my feeling this month. Yeah cotton yeah not Atlanta. And that got another hundred. That sound. Matt yeah. And Donald Trump getting married off not it was funny and what he's actually ventriloquism Dallas the Republican Party said. The rest of them are great yeah. Threaten your Republican Party. That was great back in the game was like governor Bob Murray kids who need selling hot dogs yeah. Madison harmful to the real guy is it dangerous to everybody old and very humiliating Davidian leaving yeah there are. Okay. Or it isn't Walter let's say yeah. When he's covering everything. It's like you nice gardens and now you know we're hoping to get through the real story evenly so when an Alexandria Sydney election. Pennies yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Her or hate it. I'm still married and he and you know better knows this is not like it's hot everyday but yeah. Carry that out right now. Well actually yeah yeah. Like yeah. And it's easy. Yeah. Great and I. Which leaves it might great night and can't rent and then Harry didn't need help that. Yeah. I'm glad we can't bring to imagine what. My love meg yeah India and I'll let you know. Okay. When you conveniently on the top yeah. Weren't wearing. A little bit. Pamela Watts a little bit of an excellent move on to that is. Billionaire. It's all about who. Any talks about more. Wants to bring manufacturing back to Erika. And the answer has produced everything we say yeah. No need yeah Jordan. Go yeah. He couldn't. He might think we are dumb are its fate care. And did I think about this that it didn't. Workers stood up. Says Bennett one. And those workers Baylor immigrant workers there were black workers they won't white worker us. Asian workers there are male female straight day whenever they were. Back house that's what America yeah. Industry that's what America got the look take it does look promised. Sony went that. He tries everything of the power. She loves to sue them bailouts the suits baseball hot air we all know that. The right government. That's workers. So what cars Berry. Fears to bargain. In America. Matt doing the right thing but for president to do the right thing so we're gonna large we're gonna. It need people to strike this ass hole and get our. He only understand. Cannot stand. Yeah. And understand them nationally GO talked about he doesn't understand fairness and justice the only one thing. We gotta be on the outside. Where. Who live on our greed and not bag on Artie is lucky ones. No one thing in Las Vegas which unite here in the culinary union we have a motto it's called one bit longer British. That's a frontier was. At a six year struck for a month didn't it is not one person to cross the picket line we all know about one dialogue. One day longer this drop is a jump forever right. We're really lucky today we have. Sort credit unions here and we'll come over early UN. We can't win but did the American dream. Donald Trump. You can talk homeowners. Oh. He really knows or. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And number. That money. It's. Not want to hear all of the military unit and that's kind of organize and management that are the most part been. Like he a lot of big. I'm very special guest. You name it. And oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Dinner that he. I Wear like he'd. We interactive time line. And flexing alleges that people yeah he and so they have taken Matt yeah. Yeah yeah. A lot of people here wearing. And yeah. City. Yeah. I'm. Yeah. Yeah. The number of them here. And they came here. I'd do yeah. Yeah. Well. Yeah. My. I'm not anywhere. Okay. About plus begins to volunteer. I eight. Yeah. Lawrence and then yeah. Yeah. Here but it sent special of the day's top news. Every morning I get out reference. On their terms are getting is that that when when Hispanic culture and even. Dominates the US steel have day taco truck and every quarter so again it kind of co op did that and turning it. You may rallying cry for this talker tracked wall. Yeah. Born. I didn't. What yeah. I'm not good yet of any yeah. Even the culinary union aren't thank you got it looks like certain rate and yeah they said Mary and 1000009. And biased news Fred M yeah. What do you think about this talk that long. It's fantastic you know he's definitely got it so that we can beat that candidate going to be sounds good. Forget women at this time we have to show him that we. Paris June and so let us know about how do you work wet T-Mobile I went back to say about it. And that they union union. I doubt in my front hotel here it's not union has cracked nothing do you know anyone who weren't here is trying to you get it unionized. Well. I know they have a. Big union there had been talk about that no one has seen ending chase news. We'll they don't want it get its name and snapped his four day. Place and so can you explain to people who might not know like it when your unionize does hospitality workers here are in the culinary union what are some of the eight. What are some of the advantages of that what are some of the things you get compared that you're not in. Well let's start live Aaron. There they have the gotten more money. We get benefits health benefits and all of at a time and who have retirement funds also went into the vaginal they hate us. To that I. And that you aren't any union that's not necessarily something that the hotels or casinos will give you. These benefits. Not if things got mad and the union you know anything but that didn't quite a friend that he had today is that it yeah and everything. And do you recap the issue that the culinary union has written. I mean trump hotel here didn't that they give workers there voted in December to unionize. And that union is saying that trump they're saying they allege that trump. I organization and all refuses to sit down with them and negotiating. Which the workers. Compensation and benefits and things like that so they've held. About ten rallies out here yeah December. Protests. The fact that they won't negotiate what went. Margaret had charm. Hotel here and on the Big Apple will look thank you so much for talking about being mayor ray did so it's not just not good Lacey and rifled also. Michael Graves. Number of different tracks down here. Taking part in this rally. I didn't look legs I think reverend Jesse Jackson up on stage now let's look down and he. Right to vote. All. But what they call involved a. Yeah here yeah. Okay. The rebel leaders here. Yeah there's a yeah. The wolves have great. Oh home. I don't know I don't know how well the reverend Jesse Jackson then hitting the crowd you voted in that election let me and he really is no way. How come from. Enough culinary union or any other. How are you then fasting blood Donald Trump and his candidacy and in his. Hotel here is not an elite another pro tem Don camp then I UNLV later an okay number of these. There as well stick with ABC news we have a lot more coming up from -- a former reporter all over the ground today and so make sure you stay with ABC news digital. And maybe Disney's animated children's Kelly James run for watching yeah.

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{"id":42919476,"title":"Wall of Taco Trucks Greets Trump in Vegas Ahead of Final Presidential Debate","duration":"28:28","description":"ABC News' Charli James is at a protest by the culinary workers union in Las Vegas ahead of the third presidential debate, where taco trucks have lined up in solidarity with the protestors.","url":"/Politics/video/wall-taco-trucks-greets-trump-vegas-ahead-final-42919476","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}