Whistleblower reportedly claims Trump made promise to foreign leader; files complaint

Congress reacts to latest revelation by whistleblower. Sec. Pompeo lands in Jeddah as Trump places new sanctions on Iran after attack
4:34 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for Whistleblower reportedly claims Trump made promise to foreign leader; files complaint
And we moved to Washington in and a new whistle bull of blower complaint. That's as president trump had interaction with a foreign leader that included a promise so troubling that it prompted an official in the US intelligence community. To call fouls I want to bring in our carry a Rand to discuss some Terry good to see I just want to ask you. Powell and wind will indeed tells of this complaint actually come out. Well that is difficult to say Kimberly this is a complaint by a whistle blower in the intelligence community going through legal channels. To try to get the word out that this individual who was apparently at the National Security Council. Believes that a promise was made. And the Washington Post is reporting -- president trump to a foreign leader. There were you inspector general of the intelligence committee Michael Atkinson. Judge that this was a matter of urgent concern and under the law that triggers the necessity that the complaint be turned over to congress. Well right now didn't give me the acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire refuses. To turn over this whistle blower complaint. To congress and they are at loggerheads right now. The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and Anders should. Shift congressman chip. Is it threatening to call. General Joseph Maguire before congress the right now it is moved a deadlock. Something happened to alarm this intelligence official. To go to through the whistle blower channels and Warren. First the inspector general and inspector general says it's urgent enough to warn congress that something has happened. Worth knowing about a promise made to a foreign leader. By president trump according to the Washington Post on a phone call is what the reporting is and the president had been calling in the weeks before this complaint was lot. Vladimir Putin Kim Jong-un and others so right now it is a political battle. When we get to hear about. What this issue is. Depends on how that has resolved it looks like the administration is moving towards some kind of claim of executive privilege over this conversation. That would collide with the whistle blower law and it might end up in court. Yet this is so interesting because you know there's still all the fallout from the Mueller airport and there are so many. Outstanding investigations I'm into president terms behavior so will this be seen as a priority to figure this out. Well certainly by the intelligence committee congressman and Adam Schiff. Keep getting that wrong is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and he is. Insistent that the law requires this whistle blower. Complained once judged by. The intelligence communities. Inspector general to be an urgent concern that triggers disclosure to congress. And that's he is determined to do it there is a bit of eggs investigation exhaustion. I'll round that congress Democrats aren't you worried that they have to demonstrate to the people before the next election. To voters that they can do more than investigate but this is on national security matters. And it looks very urgent indeed according to the inspector general so expect this one to play out. To the last moment. Yet and speaking of urgency. In the meantime secretary of state Mike Pompeo was in. Saudi Arabia and while he was there he called the attacks on that on key oil facility I'm an act of war. You did indeed an act of war you can feel the tensions ratcheting up Mike Pompeo the secretary of state saying it's an act of war by Iran. And there are then. Then there's the question of what happens next president trump has sent mixed signals he's at all options are on the table but he clearly does not want to get the United States involved in another war. Especially one leading up to an election campaign nevertheless this was a shocking attack a giant attack as you can see. On the world's most important oil production facilities. And there is evidence that an American intelligence is gathering from things like the computer board in them would wreckage of the missiles. And it. Aerial. And space imaging that show that it is coming from Iran and so the president will be faced with a very grave decision. This is the most shocking and and serious attack by Iran in the region in decades. What you gonna do you. All right Terry Moran right NRDC bureau thank you so much for the updates we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Congress reacts to latest revelation by whistleblower. Sec. Pompeo lands in Jeddah as Trump places new sanctions on Iran after attack","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65722916","title":"Whistleblower reportedly claims Trump made promise to foreign leader; files complaint","url":"/Politics/video/whistleblower-reportedly-claims-trump-made-promise-foreign-leader-65722916"}