Women gather in Los Angeles to mark International Women's Day

Many gathered near L.A.'s City Hall for the 'A Day Without a Woman' rally.
13:46 | 03/09/17

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Transcript for Women gather in Los Angeles to mark International Women's Day
I'm looking at commitment to eat eat green downtown Los Angeles today where women marched Alley and each and its hosting a rally at eight out of running. And it's looking over sweated it out here's. Much for joining at. And our I think eighth represent him like that rally. It is. The EU solidarity. And frightening days de Havilland. We have I'm. The rally they are not able to practice this week where read learn and CNN. Eat everything they read in letting week. They ran out of the place. NTT this rally every hearing that the crazy at first run and it could continue Mason in the movement that had these rotten gang. It's helped a little bit about going on critique average happened it happened. Think flowers for next eight games. Thailand. And in the mountain. Nathan. Yeah. Aren't in the business healthy people find out about it when martz Atlanta out. Rethinking how much AB beginning OK again we are here in downtown. Los Angeles and it. Even had a little bit and hot team. That a business really here we're here. Eight I and I hate you so much for joining pat. Yeah women earlier that you're at an. I'm thinking I began yeah. Then why you. Here he. It's color and women home. I think it's right or not has. Clinton in my. I thought to hash tag and mount. Yeah women learn some here and you. I just want to. Yeah I just because. Didn't mean I had complexity that was. You in our when he gets out Christmas holidays yeah. They allowed me. Peggy. Really happened. Communicate and I think it's a heart carpal little bracket. Now we can you do know. Snow yeah. Yeah I just went CIA act. Anger and hurt and rounding out the ending and it was not like every night just showed up. It eat you a little bit in that happened here and I went I have arrived earlier than Laurie minority. Yeah we're out here they're heading up. They air and he on the podium it's not like. No aren't careful. I'm hearing. On the David. Hearing at nine look at you today. Now there's. He overtakes you women I felt like an early Aaron. They demonstrate joins me honey the years and analysts tell me a little bit about why you're out here. Right here I think. Here I'm in. Ali hearing on line. His brother need. They've made light. Feel like at the day. In at least Smart. Every. It's exhilarating at. I'm just. Didn't have to admit that you didn't change. Not. At what America is and we remember green as they aren't great never. And I have a limit on mature women majority hand the majority of voters actually. This resident resident and nearly three million vote and Clinton don't don't forget. Here is yeah yeah illnesses. Yeah. Kind of nice and rent ordinance that would. Teachers in his. And I just never had time it's. So angry until. My. I'm really okay. Anything that it yeah saying. Yeah. Yeah. This is dressed out. A. And again there are now. Your current man. Diddy can't come on management. Of the women. Rally. It yeah. March. Bennett it is not a right. The rally. And many keep us. Feel very wealthy. Okay. The bulk that you. Yeah. Meaning it. I hear yeah. Carry them. And and it and I I don't. Mortgage lending and he's content like the elite eight. I need. Got into my. I I've always. They get a lot of here a lot of heat yeah. They may be happy you. The Internet and it doesn't. Yeah. I did on the lately I don't. Yeah it is being down ballot. Yeah. Again I. Handling the women's minds in new. Guys Martin had in mind. It we got down. I'm companies can't worry about. Creative aren't they in pain. Thank everybody comes. Yeah. About the event. I did not rid of them. MEM and Sundays department and actually. Let out any organized. Great help yeah. Here is say look the hollow man. Laurie. And again and get. Yeah. And that he good idea. Then again they. Me down county are not any rumors and.

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{"duration":"13:46","description":"Many gathered near L.A.'s City Hall for the 'A Day Without a Woman' rally.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"46012793","title":"Women gather in Los Angeles to mark International Women's Day ","url":"/Politics/video/women-gather-los-angeles-mark-international-womens-day-46012793"}