Who Young Republicans in Florida Are Voting For

ABC News' Brad Mielke talks to young Republicans in Florida as voters heads to the polls.
5:07 | 03/09/16

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Transcript for Who Young Republicans in Florida Are Voting For
Want to turn now on that particular note a grad Melky who is in Miami fla talking with other young Republican Brad. The question that we just heard from from LV. Party people turning out for the first time voters because they love Donald Trump or because they. We do that's a really good question ended perhaps they should. Pose it to right here we have the head of the college young Republicans putting. University what you need to raise three CO. You put it financing your program emissary all the time I'll tell you what the thoughts about Donald Trump planned. Talk to people your agent. While many find him to be a big news is yeah. Here these comparisons. Its. Second World War analysts yeah curtains opened. Clinton you are false. Instead hill area off. Let's move toward younger generations that some tracks it's. And I think that. Blue stockings and socially. I'd respect yeah. Yeah. Schools and so that's one of the things right there on that is the idea that EL a lot of people particularly young people particularly in children of immigrants and McDonald's I've just haven't always been Republican Party however I have to opening number of people hear her side this great little cafe in Little Havana that they're all about double trouble for the good for the authoritarian. Style that he's supposed. Taking charge of things now I suggest you we don't. Who are you voting for you know yet. Well right now I'm undecided but leaning toward rubio and through the team. Yeah. Rubio is a great legislator and as. Speaker of the Florida house representatives here he was great US senator pads under a great job in Washington DC especially from some form policy. Has made what's. Manufacture is economics. Student dead and also more particularly. Foreign policy especially those who look is college they've been. It's a big question greasy is what's that I ordered here. There's giving. Cuban coffee as a Cuban coffee. And and some analysts that threatens teasing us. You sell. I don't I don't know what it is ordered that we got. And now turning from a Villa that younger generations the older generation. We'll bring our friend backing here now you were saying earlier this sort of got enough that you were supporting mark and the Pentagon. If so why is that anything. And Michael Williams in June. This month. He's who have anywhere close. Closer that we'll see I'm. You guys I also gave it everything. Tonight statement. And wouldn't talk to other Cuban Americans here it is in little Atlanta yeah. The issues that they're talking about. What's the striding. More important things look at full division you know outlaw human. Digital. Community gospel feel Obama used them against demolitions we feel like. I sit and say that's it that's a big deal you guys it's become a book on President Obama to actually visiting. Havana. A lot of people here in town to talk about sound and ethnic and a particularly among Republicans and employees make vehemently constant. I'm customer know that he's check. And he seemed to like you saying okay. I'm going to these enormous global problem but what is they hope the customer. Well my opinion no mean nothing. And last question you know that this young and it was tough not take crews also Cuban American going to happen. And I get final pleas. He's a nice guy McCain. Is futile and Italian barrel today I present my guru. And I know I asked him I session also did give your chances. That's what I give you what's on the menu David and I really need to have. I think it is confetti filled you don't go through croquet old deep Jewell president. Acumen does not hazardous. It's an art galleries decent to be happy funerals of the statement. Us and yet it's only earlier today you guys that it is not your grandfather's copy. Could be ready in fact I think it's just been served right here or Wilma. We'll try this cheers chaggaris desire Luka who did not good salute and enough for him. I welcome to the guys all night long we'll continue to an early voting in Florida. And at a Davey Dave Bradley know if you live fourth in Florida only. Bring it act to food with his very impressive skill that indeed for and it's a fact it was him. As they continues.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"ABC News' Brad Mielke talks to young Republicans in Florida as voters heads to the polls. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"37506060","title":"Who Young Republicans in Florida Are Voting For ","url":"/Politics/video/young-republicans-florida-voting-37506060"}