Autos Go High Tech At CES

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis talks to Ford CEO Mark Fields on the latest in automobile technology.
6:55 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for Autos Go High Tech At CES
Everyone I am Rebecca Jarvis the ABC news chief business technology economics correspondent and we are Cummings you live from Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show. Witnessing yellow sport Mark Shields mark nice to see every disease usually you just made some very big announcements here one involving this part tell us about this car what it is. Well this vehicle here is our fusion hybrid autonomous research vehicle and it's our latest research vehicle. We've been we've been working on an autonomous vehicles for ten years now. This is the latest and greatest we have thirty on the road today it's gonna triple and ninety on open roads by the candidates here. 9 AMD is by the end of the year correct you also just announced earlier this week a big investment 700 million dollars. 700 new employees to work on cars like this one. What the bells and whistles that people out there who might not be familiar with an autonomous vehicle. Then look at. Well overall in this research vehicle. Think about this vehicle as it had the normal platform or Cassidy normally have with a vehicle. Ritter also has something called a virtual drivers and it's the reins of the vehicle it helps C. These sensors. On the vehicle we have wide arc essentially allow consumers in the future. And not ever have to take control vehicle think he shuttles whatever they want. So these are the sensors this isn't censoring here yes this is the sensor right here this is called the light dark. And then lied and basically it does it shoots out millions of times a second. Beams of light so it gets the sense of the environment around the in five years ago this was a huge. Piece of apparatus on top of the UN BC you know smaller thinking we agree. Vehicles have been signed Steve we looked more like normal hours yeah. Areas are represented east and what this is capturing and exactly that his digital representation. What is going on right now. And will be able to do you tell you. It's basically beyond the hour hearing you right here we are going crazy payment made it clear he what you people away you're hearing this happening here is his real time and it's how the vehicle censors itself. In the streets of concede people dog's fights because we want to make sure obviously the vehicle. Our car apparent hands from. Actually being on the road in one of its well our intent is to have a fully autonomous vehicles. You know right here right now and service being 20/20 one so not too far away. Right sharing her right ailing cell like you know earlier Larry yes exactly. And we fielded his most appropriate in in major urban areas a lot of traffic. Because when you have an autonomous vehicles people have access vs ownership facility in improves over the congestion in cities and we're working very hard to get on the. Wonder what it looks like on the inside tonight I know inside that city has little horse you can bet our eggs so it's pure interview of course yeah every day here Martin. Hey guys how it is different in here for a well like you traditionally see an. While this is a development vehicle so ultimately when we come out with a production vehicle in 20/20 one. It won't have steering wheel knows hearing we won't have a steering won't have a guest panel won't have a great panel in the interior. Will be basically tailored. We're just passengers. So think about how we can cheesy idea what's facing this way you can have seats facing this what BO. To each other you can have tables you can to a lot of different things that's we're thinking through right now in that environment. Where you're just a passenger he wanted to little work you wanna get entertained and that's will be in mailing over the next couple years. Sorry guys cell in a few years. This won't be here anymore I can't afford old it'll be here this little more going to be here are not necessarily the steering wheel I wanna point something else out over here guys. So it says Amazon Alexa over here that was a big part of your announcement. Here at CES as well right. And you. Much much faster than in this car is going to be out of her weeding out here much faster than this car is under people who drive foreign cars. Are going to have a Lex. Flexing its like taking your Alexis. Not leaving it homey take quick and essentially this is this is really around that's pretty technology vehicles kind of we make people's lives easier. So you'll be able to. From your home to your car telex see you start your car to check you're here gas levels those kind of things. But all see you'll be able using the card to home so you'll be able to do your shopping list was into an audio book. I get news and also be able to access your Smartphone devices and open my garage door or turn my security system off. Just now making people's lives easier most comprehensive integration of Alexa. So great and they're worried hasn't Amazon Alexa you know how work CB there's a lot of things that I can do when he is this coming to import cars. This will be coming to afford cars were in the summer. This summer and actually on our electrified vehicles it's available on next. Next month in electrified vehicles. But people there who have that in just sort of starting to learn about self driving cars which we also call autonomous cars. What's what's the future for people wouldn't want isn't really going to be like ten years from now is the road going to be filled with. Cars that have drivers sitting in the back seven affronts. Well it's going to be a combination it's going to be a spectrum there will be people for many many years. Who wants a body shop by driving home vehicles the way they've had for many many years. And the same time particularly in urban areas. They'll be a growing population of autonomous vehicles we are through your Smartphone. When you wanna get two point eight point being you'll be able to you know call of a vehicle will be able to come to you that'll take you where you want you can be productive. While you're in the vehicle. And make your life a lot easier so it's going to be a spectrum. And a big difference in urban areas maybe more electrified. Autonomous vehicles in rural areas. Index ex urban areas maybe less. I'll let you know we're good insurance. Everybody apparently as a car you better be paying the car insurance. What will happen with the help driving cars. Well that's one of the things that we have we are in the process of working out just as we're developing the technology. The regulatory and legal and insurance. Kind of structures all need to be worked out and that's part of artwork and. All right mark fields re chatting with yeah. Thanks guys are following along remember we're coming July hear from the Consumer Electronics Show we'll have a lot more back on and on my FaceBook page. FaceBook dot com slash Rebecca Jarvis take care.

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{"duration":"6:55","description":"ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis talks to Ford CEO Mark Fields on the latest in automobile technology.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"44606744","title":"Autos Go High Tech At CES","url":"/Technology/video/autos-high-tech-ces-44606744"}