BlackBerry CEO on New Phones, Samsung and Apple

ABC News' Joanna Stern sits down with the CEO of BlackBerry, Thorsten Heins.
3:30 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for BlackBerry CEO on New Phones, Samsung and Apple
Oh yeah. Yeah. Big time for -- -- -- -- -- Blackberry -- And Z ten finally here in the US. But what the iPhone and android phones it's a tough road ahead for the company here today to talk with the CEO of Blackberry Torsten -- About that road and his plans for the future -- You're launching the spine in a very interesting time Samsung launched the galaxy S for a last week apple and Samsung are really having at each other's throats. Where does Blackberry fit into that. -- fierce competition right mainly driven in US market. So the way I look at this says it's not I -- -- ID number three number of fun and a five. The question -- -- his office. Is there an audience is there -- segment that I can -- -- myself a -- factories that people are really. Amazed about the people are attracted to -- -- mature market to be everybody's Dunning just doesn't work so apple has its position -- enhance its position. And I'm voting to back her position on rebuilding the -- -- -- Everett showed -- -- -- -- -- adding instead of where's the keyboard and or just talking about there it is a there's a hardware keyboard so why launch this -- -- -- -- had a nice. Acute -- exactly we will not have been in our party is as we love -- tons of -- users out there. And we -- -- of them with the content. Do you feel that the iPhone and android are getting -- are you providing something that's. More cutting edge. I mean they're innovating -- is improving the harbor for example. But I think from a pure -- experienced perspective. We did something unit -- put it that way and I think we do something different and something that is more attractive to -- -- has just -- -- -- easy. There was a period where everyone had blackberries. How are you planning to get Blackberry back to that point where everyone has the Blackberry and it and it's cool again. Yeah I'd love everyone to have a -- very bad as we talked about it's a very competitive environment we're used to competition all right so we we got an event we've got to get better when we did is. That's why we vote this long and thoughtful. But how do what you insure that your team back in Waterloo and all over the world keeps on that mission that you're not falling asleep that your continuing to -- Both -- be open line -- really don't have for put a fix. By assistant unpleasantness and I'm not gonna change this never ever again and that's what is an -- communion tippy -- never take anything for granted the FBB tennis success but guess what we're -- on the next things already so let's talk about what's next. For us extend a portfolio that -- -- as we talked about that. I'm and then realist talk -- -- more computing this has the horrible that. This is not just this month on -- on this is your personal computing. How many different computing devices do you carry why not unify this one devised. When you and I talk. Ten years from now. I think we will be amazed of women tobacco what we discussed today and -- -- things have -- -- -- Blackberry -- -- -- Seattle -- -- twenty whatever it's going to be here. Is the idea -- -- be able to have. Doc this phone into a tablet or computer there's various. -- -- -- good things about. We're working on on a few of those -- Columbia so not really common amendment and -- -- But we -- truly believe that this can make your world and you know everybody who has a a need for farmers about this much -- much.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"ABC News' Joanna Stern sits down with the CEO of BlackBerry, Thorsten Heins.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"18789479","title":"BlackBerry CEO on New Phones, Samsung and Apple ","url":"/Technology/video/blackberry-ceo-discusses-new-phones-samsung-and-apple-18789479"}