A Look Inside Apple's Free Coding Camp for Kids

Meet the kids, their counselors, and the robots they learned to program themselves. Hear from their parents and find out how America's kids need to prepare for an increasingly technical world.
26:10 | 07/29/16

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Transcript for A Look Inside Apple's Free Coding Camp for Kids
Atlanta I'm Laurie every year and we are live at the Apple Store in Washington DC we are at the George Town location. And you write hearing great teacher if you operate such. If everything heat in your life you think is specially you're going to want to watch this because we're here today to talk about. Cody about computer science and kids and education. And arguably you could say this country is at a crisis point when it nonstick coatings and the kinds of things we are for aren't it's you know kids today. We think that they are digital natives that's what they're called sometimes because they've grown it's a lucky enough to have households that have iPhone hype and Smart guns we see this inner act with technology. But the real question is are they literate I think Lily in technology and the inner act with it meets 38 that it. Nearly nine ancients and parents say they want their kids to have computer science. In their schools but the reality is only one enforce rules in the US offer computer science. In the accident another sat. Only 75%. At US icicles hang on her computer science. Well apple has decided to do something about that anti gay going to tax you a bunch of in my opinion very durable kids. They're also very Smart and not parents who brought them here. To apple gets Apple's offering a three day three camp in Cody. Diet Allison is around the world. Participating. Apple can't they've offered kind movie and I can't but this summer for the first time now offering only being pants. They're getting it in their families parents can pick up its new. The chance to come into the stores for three and take three days a putting lesson. They program robots. Will interact with a different path than allow them to program their game and they have a lot of fun doing. There honest I think believe that there is nothing more important than teaching art feeds. And if they think of it like another language they give it like. Becoming fluent in another language and Steve Jobs and and you settle at a very Smart things also said that. Computer science should be treated like a liberal arts and every kid should be exposed to it. And everyone should have some degree of mastery of rape and what you're going to see today are a lot of kids. Very young kids who have are more masri that I no idea and they're having a lot of fun doing it so let's get started I want to show you what they're learning. What they're doing and how much fun there happening this is Morgan might overhear Morgan said I real flag. I'm and Morgan is one of the counselors here at this camp and he tells a little bit about what the kids have been learning this we get what you're doing right now this is the final day of camp. So it towards those currently working on coating grew by. What you get my name's Jalen Jalen and how many is that you can't agree that he had any money at all I hasn't anything. He can't learn about what you let them not him and sent the placement with anybody again. They're right now we're working on Cody. That's your robots. Which is a program they think he's on the parents can we be. About yeah yeah yeah definitely happening. Yeah. Again though it is cool all yen has definitely essentially the kids that in answering the food on the high had. That tells the group by how far to go it tells me how fast you go it tells name how many seconds. Robot should roll for. They even within the degree that revived as telling him. He jailing them. Tell us what you can tell your robot right now Mary Anthony and Daniel in his iPad. Okay. OK so we are here we've jailing at the apple summer coding camp. And this is the final day of coding and jail initialing is exactly what they've been up to usage Jalen tell us what you're doing right now. Or how learn how fast. That's going OK that you're trying to get this thing about the quality very precise pass and Steve that you need to write the program. Tell you what's again. I. So what does that tell you right now where you need to change that. Probably where it hits that. Changed angle. That you're writing a program right now held this robot went Ingle. If you ruling would speed. And how to turn all of it right. Now. Pretty clone. And he lets see it one more time. Eric they're. Eight. And work in progress day at a picnic where attacks some counts as a thanks Daylon. Come with me Allen in it is seats you. Cady. And Jordanian Katie can we come talk to you a little bit at OK we're Gannett let me spewed around having get our camera in here. Hey Katie. Acts. Eight years all have you ever coded the floor. You how are you an expert cutter. Yet mostly due mainly Iraq and Jordan we'll explain a little bit of what's going on what's really interesting actually is that girls and coding has been of being it. A big goal to get more girls to cut right Jordan absolutely and these girls treat this week and really. So create it as he can speak with what she hit and Honeycutt started at K we're gonna see. As Kate he's getting it started I'm just gonna tell you that only 22%. And it. Students who take the eight. 22%. Were Burleson of that only 13%. African Americans are Latino that's in DC. So there is really a lot advocates though say. And need to focus on girls and Cody you probably heard some coding. Organizations out there girls who code is one of them accurate apple they're definitely focusing on getting some girls in decoding right. So what's happening with your about right now what did you program it's again. There. Yeah and how do you make it different colors you to tell it. And I. Better fit Katie is this where you're writing your code. You have a new name your robot. And no names your gut and let's see what's your name. Including Wendy di start code. Sex acts and its name it. And I can't stand pat and pension costs. You're at stem programs that you Eric it is lucky because not every school has that right. So what did you learn this week about cutting and you can change must think. Eight and it's everything. It's really fun to play. He do you think coating might not be so fun. What did he think about cutting it first. Smelling bore me that it. Be boring. And you disc ever that in fact. It's really sign it. Jordan is that something that you see a lot of people coming year with one attitude towards coding. That parents for example a lightning its two top it's hard it's boring but in fact I know that apple is advocating coding as a very creative endeavor. I mostly excited about this week because the kids are so excited to hear it is my favorite weeks. A year because the kids are so it might be punishment in my. And they're ready to see. While we Africans is different from everything coatings it's so exciting to see if you read it. And explore these applications that Tenet the ground running heavy seen kids go from zero to sixteen they come in with no coding experience and chance their brains. Loss 100% comedy skits and facts. Can come in with no knowledge and do these apps that make. I'm learning so much time. Have any politics. Of the very basic advice for parents are out there who are not able to bring their kids to a camp like this. He had three pieces of advice for them about where to find out more about how to teach their kids to what would you say. Absolutely there are an evening applications out there I've learned it's that there are. Yeah and some a lot of fun for them our our meeting at opportunities for this it's like camp. And a lot of youth programs that are out there has not scary. Not at all very friendly and very great that you semi idiot that's the wind is she to remember is that parents had. I know that I had this miss misconstrued. Perception of coding and it's. Either summing it's only for science and asked kids but its really apple is abdicating it's really for everybody out there. And not only is it available if you go find it but it's important. To look as opportunities for your kids and want to take over now to some parents to follow me over here. And we're gonna talk to some parents who brought their kids into this camp to and Weller going over there I'll just say that the way to get your kids. And it is specific apple camp is simply online's all of these pants were able to sign up online it is. It is hard to get indie hits spots are very coveted but it is not impossible. And I just asked what they're doing here is we haven't seen next excuse me. Pay their yeah. Surprising there's I that we are interested to know what you're doing here with the it's it does give us or a quick detour around hey guys let's today. My name is Daniel. On nice to meet any of my name is Gloria I and you ain't. Daniel nice city area Daniel and you aren't getting any day. He liked my guests thank you violate your doing here can you tell me about it. Oh I. You know anything. I play. Oh. You learn did you first come across this here can't eighty Kenny and Allen and now. You sit right tank and you can explain it to happen. That's loose so. What they're doing is we have a few templates. A different scenes that they could make and they need to go win and do some coding so that some of the characters and round. With a continues through the background so. What did yell has this a lady with the crystal ball I believe. And we zoom in on the crystal ball and inside there's actually an alien dance party going. In finance Harding signed me at the yeah sit here writing because it's it's hell to tell the elected what did what it what are you writing thank you is that bikini. Yeah and say whatever you program with the genie out of and again that right. That at all. Yeah act did you know anything about quitting before you came to an hour. It's a little bit about. I football fans who light them. Well it. Have opening hour right Everett hour of and you know that President Obama has an initiative to try to get. He'd like you as much being as possible. Soon if you have the opportunity to take computer science in school would you sign up for that class. Definitely. It. Great you did it up like I can't tell us what you're doing witness. This man and a development. Explain to us what you are cutting right. I'm not corroded and he's right now. Wilmington. I'm act. You learn that this week. At my school. I did out code and it. Scratch the lives. I think you plots rats scampered back. We do come back to this scam. If you use and is available in your schooling you get a little bit bigger like when you're still is that Sonny became wanna do best. Yes you sit definitely. OK thanks Daniel I'm. So these kids are talking about power of which is a great program. It's being supported by many many public schools in which each hit should have at least an hour coding. And that's something that's relatively new in education let's talk is of the hearings that made the effort to get there it's your what they want in school for their I got it. How are you know Murray and Gloria. DeLia as he did it tell me. Now first and I'll point out your style I'm out right over there right. And in Dari you can see the back overseas to focus on her honor and toting right there it did turn and as I ask. I. Okay soothing effect in his art is mom a ballot and a couple of things you and I were talking about it first of all. Warm write you back is are here today it has a lot of things in the summer why did you decide to come here. About it because I indicated an interesting holiday. What they exclusive came home really excited about that and I'll mind. It's at that's she's been really look at holiday. From my husband having that colder there may even have any experience in this but I heavily on its path Boston are in. Opportunity come here we would like. Very you know. I mean I think it what you're talking about is what a lot of its field which is that we did not grow up with coding. We are not littering and Hannity and supermarkets to come home in San Alan and Judith. It takes a certain OK we'll go figure it out together so what he's seen in the last three days that she's been at this. Well I mean she's probably a tremendous about the work SE. Well it is about these teaching you to tell it she sees it. And the wrote back I think that was really the real thing that he in pennies and that's. Learning more about it. This is it. And I think. Any we were just talking with it yet the other little girls around your girls and Cody. He is a big focus for a lot of computer science education advocates in this country. What do you see in terms. Interests in your daughter and her friends. And what we can do to support. A lot of Clinton as. She's never really and that I'd be interested in. She arts. Haven't that I thought iMac you know I got displaced around him you know team that. Don't think that it's typically not done. An amazing in his Danny's we still. Have a tendency to think like that this is something that's maybe for a little bully is or maybe for math and science kids who are naturally talented. They used senior daughter blossom and take to it my. It's been like they've been alienate women and again I had to kind of thought appealing that old old old bell. And say hey you know and the woman she could do anything this incident. It's been raining. Hopefully they should get acting you know at a continued rains and let me ask you one last question at school so what grade is she going into and what facilities what options are available to her. Intensive computer science at school. All I know she's like they're angry and fortunately she and her school's actually was introduced at polling at school. So that we unfortunately there. But they don't have focused program. I'm hoping to network game others that make sure that we get us. I think it's a great resource and hockey's. That is great I may your cash. Passion it's amaze. And so if you have any other actors come Imus in the courtroom. At bank had a great thank you so much of it. This is actually near equal because what you see our parents were welcome to come into the store and also. Get some coding lessons if they if they want to this is the last day of camp. So you see a lot of parents wanting to come check out you know what their kids have been up to you for the last couple of weeks. Heroes hey how are you go ice like yesterday he unit. Can you say hide my camera Italian name. Anything. And late evening doing here and even coding an after heavy coated a robot and let me ask you something. When did you get interested in cutting. Just now I'm T think coating is for girls. And boys boys are allowed him. Do you have any other girlfriends who might decode. We talk to you hate what's your team and he. OK let me ask you something. Have you ever foul light coating is just for boys. Now right I'm not so we like to here and give any other girlfriends who like decode. Probably let me ask you this if coding was offered in your school would you take that course. It is an. Enemy. And would you like to study and failure. Big big big big big big big. And now. But you want to know a little bit about it route eight. Well have you had any fun at all at this camp. A lot tell me what was the most fun part. And drive a robot. How old are you. Yeah a dry eye. Well you see a driver of that this is an ABC. Your mom knows I'm in a teller okay. OK let's go back over here because some of these kids it and we'll step in their robot and they could be fun to see one more time. Our faith. And there Kelly taxi about your rabbi it OK I'm your name earth and we are we near ready. Cocaine coming here here. And and you can just tell the camera your name check it out. Eddy Eddy OK and tell us about what you begin your robot we won its. Lee indicated if you come to this camp what will you learn anything new talent ideals. And Phillips and Vermont. Is totally awesome. It really educations and apparently and educating and educational. Educational and awesome at the same time still when you came to this amp had yet a little that a company already. And I east uncle and asked my. And would you come back to the camp. Of course of course of course at it tell us what you been doing my hero back. And I think probably. And I don't hear. And your blatant true yet now. Okay it. Let's show us let's see how your aid is well. I as I just I just and they eat I think. And I. Okay what Eddie thank you for talking to ads. How old are you any kind let me ask you something and he think they coding it's for every kid just blaze just kids that do science and math or. What's it like that. I think I can't meet every need to track yet his. Yet again and what would you tell them that they were nerve dead like a little bit like coming out that's just for this market but would you tell him. Users. Like. I'll eat you ain't telling. Him. I don't have to use your brain has it's fun. Times and and I. Yeah he's he's smacked us. OK think he's still have not yet. Okay come on if there's anything house you know what we should talk to Travis says he's been here all week and he really is known as the swelling. A travesty we talk different sector and it well. And soon he talked us through what's happening on the ground here and what these kids again that ones oh BC and ladies here. Are actually. With an east that need that. I. I'm. New. And year old girls here OK so what are you guys that. So we actually have programmed our own code. Following a figure eight which is quite challenging because there's turns and loops. And at the end actually have a do a little performance which is really amazing and that they did it together and now they're going to synchronize and so they follow at the same time. And they put a lot of work into a lot of critical thinking and step by step. Let me and I tied them for second see you guys tell me before you came to this camp and had had a little bit cutting. Yeah and and DC a lot of other girls coating around them. He stated girls out there who might you know laugh and Mike and nervous about coding I don't know I'm not. I don't know that math is my net. Jack and that's and my aunt and I like art work which is what would you say to them they were nervous about. And news house. The Indian yourself. If you click Q nine Q thank you can't accomplish anything. Wow OK too good pieces it'd ice from some very Smart young ten year old girls and you tell me what we're gonna see your robots do. C. This is synchronized robot and I think. For the first time ever laid that down and live on base that an ABC news synchronize providing it's going to be an Olympic sport very soon right. Gay a gate how do you think we can see it okay okay get reading. We've got some gold matter medal contenders here. OK we've got a lot of time don't rash. Like I mentioned before one thing that's really interesting about girls in this country. Is the amount of energy and excitement varies. About getting girls to. And and that doesn't take away from getting our our young boys to cut as well let it really means. That the more you needed scene playing out. The more other young girls will be excited about cutting here. In the UN. It's amazing 600000. Jobs in coding and programming went unfilled. Last year into doesn't it teen. And that's really part of the educational published that if we encourage our girls. Are African American children are Latino children on to study coatings. Given that opportunity we'll change the demographic in the workplace. Which is a really exciting thing. So. Right. Okay. So how many steps in this and I don't like us. The exact thing. That was great you guys look at this time your faith yet this seedy little else. That took a lot of work right. I've ever cutting anything like apple or you know you never know who had it together and think. Let's do this. And let me just ask you one last question does this point you does this make you want to code more or. More. Thank you for taught us. Have fun. And you see it right there. These girls are coming up with them ideas on around and they have their counselors were on hand to be able to give them some pointers. In an out of things and take another look around because it's a pretty amazing scene with parents on the side being able to watch. I'm and just a lot of time. Here at apple summer coating can. I'm sick thank you for joining us. We have had. As much fun I think as the kids here. I had these camps again all the information is available. On the apple web sites and really there are tons of other cops and other organizations dedicated to getting our kids. More opportunities. Six. And summer camp insists one and from many of these kids this is just beginning.

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{"id":40996845,"title":"A Look Inside Apple's Free Coding Camp for Kids","duration":"26:10","description":"Meet the kids, their counselors, and the robots they learned to program themselves. Hear from their parents and find out how America's kids need to prepare for an increasingly technical world.","url":"/Technology/video/inside-apples-free-coding-camp-kids-40996845","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}