Inside Science’s top science stories from January 2020

Inside Science presents the scientific stories that stood out in the first month of 2020.
4:20 | 02/06/20

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Transcript for Inside Science’s top science stories from January 2020
Inside science. Welcome to the role of the Pacific junction. It stuck. It's called but buried in the oxygen Almonte may be crucial part of the story of how complex life evil. When Japanese percent this week hopes that samples from the settlement they found a novel of ancient singles organist. It's all that more than two billion music. I don't Cahill like the -- somehow evolved into the list complex you carry up to sell them with going to make up what compliance fund. And you exit for instance. In the early sees McCain's critics had not all the complicated internal machinery that mountain you. So when they produced waste hydrogen. Be needed nearby bacteria to break down. Return the bacteria released new entry. That might have been mixed as bacteria which tend princesses to increase efficiency trends. Roughly two point seven in music. Toxic oxygen began to do to us to the cockpit needed to instant it and you can. To help. There are so to suggest that this new relationship became soon. The cost of tea bubbles trafficking connections between our bacteria initially clintons had. And became the beginnings this man. That you carry it's cool. Now. Beyond pain in the study on distant relatives. Bob billions hero comes this is so that quality is unlikely to be. Identical box they do shifts from ancient DNA we can carry and the resources hopeful. They will often. Accurate we know into the hawks seamless and they named it means go. For me oh. After the group tight. The ancient world. In fact you can see what. Could be the descendants of those and nutrient levels in love themselves and a new microscope technique to do certain group accident and d.s. It looks like tiny specific steps as with fluorescent molecules and freezing the cells. Imaging have been behind resolution slicing off players one by one. To get next. I think. He's kind of what he's beautiful in right. Withstanding the might crew weld is incredibly important for understanding the rest of the world and it couldn't believe me. When this video is done Reid base hospital on the insights on its website about how the virus is in effect he moved global climate. And speaking all. The biggest news this month was the Australian wildfire that's at a recent rapid response review confirms that supplies have become more lightly because of planet. So we can look for woods to double the amount of amazonian while a 2050. And you X percent to date tens of thousands more. And they assume the high temperatures will be tomorrow and there is some more peaceful and more criminals will be outside the flow charts that you meeting and crimes current. Will go up so who. Day. But let's finish on a positive matters. And gas. A US army reservist who has developed a gene editing virus that commute so its. Injection of ours into mice. With cells. To release power auctioning one into the bloodstream. Oh and he's fun. It's a chemical seek peace effort is a variety of it including senator and before they can you call animus is immunity law. Months. And finally. This concept potentially protective against terror attacks that might help god is from the toxic effects of various pesticides. And you can read more obese in science article. But that's it from me. Let me just me but the sound of 3000 year old mom. These hearings has been seventies. And recreated. Of the region print. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Egyptian priest is young and been behind. In signs.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Inside Science presents the scientific stories that stood out in the first month of 2020. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"68800555","title":"Inside Science’s top science stories from January 2020","url":"/Technology/video/inside-sciences-top-science-stories-january-2020-68800555"}