Interview: Windows President Julie Larson-Green

ABC News sits down with the woman now in charge of Microsoft Windows.
3:00 | 11/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Interview: Windows President Julie Larson-Green
Yeah. Yeah. Windows eight as one of the biggest changes ever made to windows it's a complete. Break from the past when did you guys decide that it was time -- Leave the past behind file something to think about probably time because world of computing it's changed a lot -- windows came out. 25 years ago things you care about me. Information and the people you might be connected to you having your fingertips of different life before so we want -- to reinvent windows to be. Bullet people expect today that we also wanted to maintain a familiar -- -- -- apps that people care about people use. -- a process that it was windows eight a reaction to the iPad. The funny it's. -- We've been thinking about where the days before Windows 7 ships and I kind of had there. Free thinking and we went back into the past and really thought about everything and it changed that when this came out what a cellphone look like. Twenty years ago or fifteen years ago what a boom box look like and -- and -- it. Even everything up to Saturday what's -- to look like even five years what it is today. And really. Take a step back we didn't that I have wasn't out it was there was a rumor of something coming but it wasn't. Out and -- after reed -- created our vision we. Then on are planning. From an update. But I think the windows eight there's sort avenue Aurora and -- new perception of upcoming events bottom following really. Tried hard to think about how we -- and people that -- using windows we wanted to be on -- useful and people talk about work life. You know your work life in your home life and how things are different but really in today's world. Not different view home where can work at home we wanted to buy it so we really want amicable. Statement about. You can have and get things done at the -- in my dream for on time to make PT. You know work of and it. So I hate to -- obvious that you are a woman and I don't actually meet with a lot of women at least -- on the product and do you think windows eight -- look any different had it not that I had a feminine touch. -- really affect us our whole team to make it beautiful. And certainly make. Feel wonderful when you're using attention -- -- you can now. I can't say that I brought that because -- -- we definitely big focus our teams from the the intensity talent little bits of delight that your feelings in the product. Definitely big focus for us. And is there anything that you found challenging in terms of managing its massive project -- managing changes. -- it's hard hats and -- contagious and organization about how we mean when I think about the relief and our goals our house. What I'm most of returning to treat it with the products and how that transfer and features are getting it done and I'm. And there are all -- that I had some experience from that from. To me working on office on threatens. But it's definitely most. Definitely -- think eight and its progress that's been exciting. -- --

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{"id":17711035,"title":"Interview: Windows President Julie Larson-Green","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News sits down with the woman now in charge of Microsoft Windows. ","url":"/Technology/video/interview-windows-president-julie-larson-green-17711035","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}