Perseverance rover lands on Mars

A mission eight years in the making, the Perseverance Mars rover has made a successful landing
49:23 | 02/18/21

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Today history in the making millions of miles from our pain record breaking mission. We've been incredible role I'm very opted. We will find signs it seems like there hours ABC news teen takes you behind the scenes. Of the most ambitious trip to Mars ever attempted. Female fighting inside man's perseverance he's leading the way for human exploration online game it. Go and hours centuries long next session with the red planet. Price myers'. She met. Finally it's a long no way to landing not perseverance. I really do anything. Not just my teens but this human case ABC news alive freezes and mission to Mars long. Here now even pilgrim and will read. And what an exciting day it's going to be here in our CEO. NASA and on Mars as perseverance in just minutes away from injuring at Mars and back. He just a few moments we will go to ABC's cupid he does he is at. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California that's where the scientists and engineers behind this mission are locked in and hunker down for the big. Landing and that is planning it's not expected to be without comment nobody tell you about the so called seven minutes a parent that the nail biting period time. From when perseverance innocent martian atmosphere at nearly thirteen thousand miles per hour to win it have to land safely. At zero miles per hour. But we are thrilled and quite lucky to have some experts here with us in studio to help us navigate this mission both of them are experts on space. One of them has even been there herself. Former NASA astronaut doctor Katie Coleman veteran of two space shuttle missions and over 115. Days in space and astrophysicist. Professor doctor Hakeem pollution a welcome Katie and it came to you so much for being with us can be huge help get us through all of us. Thanks so much excitement at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena right now and that is where GO beneath his joints is from the gee those let's set the stage for every white. Oh gosh everyone is just so excited will Eva good morning pretty good afternoon look at that we have all sorts times here but this right here. This is the full scale model of the Mars rover perseverance or Percy as so many people call it here and is just moments away from entering. Mars' atmosphere that mars' atmosphere they are very dangerous situation a lot of people are going to be watching that. No doubt about it what we are gonna watch here together right now is history. In the make. All are we eat and we've only yeah. I think we're just fundamentally serious about our police and Kosmas. We live it big even about the possibility of life on other planets 400 some years now and this is our first opportunity. To perhaps blinded him. That is the incredible mission on March 20/20 to determine if life exists or more has ever existed for one another plant have. Three billion years ago when white was just getting into a war. Here longer and Morris was wet and warm and very similar environment that I wish her and so disciplined Seville at that. Early Muller's that was habitable for life and that life could also started. On the record. To answer that question NASA scientists have created. The most advanced robot ever sent to displace. Perseverance has within it the most complex and sophisticated robotics system better sex outside ever. Brittle and didn't attend his view we believe this president servers abruptly decided to car it's about ten people on. She is the biggest rover the heaviest rover and she has got packed with. First. From the bottom to the top. It's part of a mission that has been more than eight years in the making her with a price tag of two point seven billion dollars. Its destination and ancient dried up lake called jazz are three and a half. Billion years old yeah. Based on everything we know about that things aren't. Needless habitable life should have been there. So I think we are very optimistic I'm very optimistic that we will find signs it seems like there if they ever existed on Mars. There's no reason why they shouldn't be there. Don't expect them to find creatures like we've seen in movies like the Mars attacks. Students through. What they hope is to find something much simpler. Ancient evidence of tiny microbes sliced life for Barbara Barbara Barbara but none of this will happen until the rover safely on the planet earth. Space is hard when I started this work over 65%. Of all look missions that. Went to bars and fields and had ended in disaster inflation from it's so difficult that only one country has been successful. Elated or wherever so far. And that's United States. Looking forward this NASA mission is the first of three part of a plan called the Mars sample return. That will ultimately retrieved rock samples perseverance gathered from just throw crater. And bring them back to earth and hopeful as definitive proof of extraterrestrial. Life. That we can find evidence of life born Morris. Bid would got to realize that we are all bigger part of the life story is not just an old story this universe story. I hope that happens obvious and exciting. And didn't see. There's a lot of things that have to happen and ordered the oldest daughter with American do it absolutely yes it's easy absolutely not. Could happen. I don't know I also. One sweep through the new questions are wrong it's not our we'll look. But now what or who is out. That is a question I've been asking since I was a kid for shore now if it lands safely if it lands safely we should start getting. Those first images sometime perhaps during this broadcast or later tonight but no doubt about it this has this is made for television guys because this has 23. Cameras onboard seven of those cameras will be dedicated exclusively. To those seven minutes of terror. And it'll be in color. Guys back to prepare us a fascinating stuff do you think he's so much your right there on the ground for us we'll check back. With you in a little bit as everything develops the moment is almost here. The kings have closed let's begin now doctor Katie Coleman and doctor Hakeem policy on the significance of this Michigan and west going to be happening today thank you know I start with you. Yet what excites you most about this. Remarkable Twain twenty Mars mission. Well every mission has the same thing. Hope and possibility and for this when the stakes are really high because this may be the beginning. Of the mission that actually finds life form and all the world so that's one of the things that perseverance is going to be doing is looking. For signs of or evidence of life fossilized perhaps. And if that is filed a depth of change everything so that's incredibly exciting change agent didn't change or write more changer. Love that doctor Cady Coleman. Do you explain the value to us of people around the world at home being able to walk and experience this as it happens in real time we'll for scientists say that weren't I'm listing. Anywhere and in away from separating. From this that basically it's home. The last you know seven months after getting out and now are about to separate the leaner and start in about forty seconds and I things. The can get so what's happening its happening as crisp as we speak actually important did happen and freight. On Mars we don't Miller hearing a signal for summer following the summit sense as has happened eleven minutes ago but we are following along now. Coming sensed he sought to follow make sure we understand all the steps and what I love about this is that there's a huge steam and JPL's. Doing this and then every column customers. Experience and thank you you heard GO mentioned at 7 AM last week this fascination with Mars with martian life on Mars. Is it that keeps us coming back to Mars for more. You know what as of science space mirrored our perspectives or a little bit different and what I would say is because Mars is the only other planet that has those surface. And the sky. And in Seoul when I think this guy if you look at terrestrial bodies right there as many with a surface but no atmosphere bodies likeable so you can't go there have been narrowed was. That have a surface and an atmosphere but no sky. And I'd say doldrums beavis and tight. Because the atmosphere is so big you can't even see out of it but all on Mars right is basically the least deadly place. It looks all the fiscal tap the earth the most closest to earth plug hole big this is closer. I mean close the atmosphere wise yeah. Exactly exactly where we're at worst we can survive or remorse for some time and temperatures either get. Or like at times Lamar so it's the best place to go all the places in the solar system Mars who's the best place for us to go. Fascinating Canadian team weak stick what this were just getting started we're definitely leaning on you guys for all the announces today and as we said. So much is hinging on perseverance making a safe landing on Mars the next twenty minutes. When we come back we will bring you inside the so called seven minutes of terror. And explain why there's so much riding on those new skin making our mission lazy minutes. We'll be right back with mission tomorrow. Rely. ABC news live presents a mission to Mars alive. Brought to you by Adobe sign business moves with Adobe. We are exactly Foreman NASA astronaut doctor Katie Coleman and astrophysicist actor Mickey analysts say he as we await historically ending at NASA is perseverance rover on Mars. We have a video here for our viewers to really explain. What is supposed to happen during those so called seven minutes of terror news. Morris is a graveyard spacecraft by the scientists seeing magnificent site seeking the signs of past life. Two game. And all the entire process and attributed to mission. Villiers a real possibility. College. Seven minutes of terror because it takes approximately seven innings for his face pats may get from the top of the martian atmosphere to safely we have. But it's terrifying movie it was big fat cats and manage that. Descent stage Paul high so we come streaming into the mars' atmosphere at. Five points. For seconds at around twelve to thirteen thousand miles per hour and that's us. It's so fast that we could burn up in the atmosphere we didn't happen. Rarely show our heat shield news for some reason are filled consistent bills based on the inside Wolverine and the structural. Should we do value. And buses and then flows all we don't know about 500. That's still not slip Clinton's served some owners so we have to open it appears. We're deploying the largest. Supersonic planetary parachute every news. We're going almost twice the speed of sound boom deployed parachute took a very violent. Gives the next snapping ten plus g.s of deceleration. President could be parents' permission to hand with his eyes open. Have a new technology called coming out from navigation of people actually let you see where it is. At the descending on the parishes still going through. Certainly quicker so completely and will. Jettison the cash and and then come down on set. Rockets. About 65 feet above the surface bars. We do the sky crane. We actually lower. The rover V lowest jet. And then place it gently on each. They're removing. I don't like the odds of only having done it once you always careful to make sure that we don't assume. It'll certainly be a tremendously reminds me personally. But don't safely but we know there was betting on a. So exciting. Close to bring it right now doctor Scott Hubbard from Stanford university and a former director of NASA's Ames Research Center and NASA's very first. Mars program director he's also the author of an award winning book exploring Mars chronicles from a decade of discovery. I think he says her joining us you've been in this position as a NASA mission director. Help us understand how everyone it JPL's feeling right now as perseverance is about to enter this sad in the minutes of terror. It's amazing mixture oh anticipation and anxiety. So it's been eight years design development and Angola testing. And thousands people were dull she spent two million a bit taxpayers' money at this point. The software is an older. And so you become basically an observer. Completing her singles putting did it here what's happening. But at this point you can't control anything so that priests are dying and he mentioned cite your emotions. Scott thank you so much you're gonna stick around for us we're gonna make sense this whole thing and everyone keep watching we are just minutes away. When we come back after this break the clock will start on the seven minutes of terror. We will be back live at Jet Propulsion Laboratory to witness at all on the ground. We'll be right back. We mission to Mars live. ABC news alive presents a mission to Mars a live. Brought to you by Adobe sun in business moves with Adobe. Welcome back sort of live coverage as perseverance approaches Mars is at this here this isn't nail biting moments so many of those scientific at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Have. I've been waiting for and we're listening and all the Geovany as is they are on the ground doctor Katie Coleman is here in studio listening to what's happening. At GPL and we also have doctor Hakeem Alicia eight. The game. What exactly stands out to you during these seven minutes of terror as they are so hauntingly call that we're his minutes away from starting. Right now what you know I haven't been in space myself flight. Katie has but I have sent instruments into space and what I can tell you is that these people who've dedicated their lives whose mission for the last decade. They're probably big bore through seven days of terror. Right. This is sold big for them they poured their hearts a mirror there are tears into this mission. And two point seven billion dollars of the people's money. And you don't everything's on a lot right now and sold this is where you just have to have a whole. And Noelle that the processing that you put in place are gonna come through India. The sky we are less than one minute to injury I want to ask you wouldn't even they're also hoping this mission goes as planned how confident are you. That we're going to see a successful landing today. Cautiously confident. There's senate contest and the people that are rare I know and number of them John meaning and Adams Ulster people didn't seen on the stringing. Absolutely best of the best end this I feel like this who. He's successful. But you don't know until it yes or so we're all going to be sitting on their meals is there we hear. Judy we are now seconds away and perseverance is autonomous what's happening what are you hearing what's going on so I'm I'm hearing you know distances they were a 190 kilometers in and just seconds later 150 kilometers is being. Pulled into the planet. Com. TD organized how to act days. And apparently officially entry interface Z comic effect five point three common shares at a hundred. Listen to listen to what they're talking about seventy fail. This is why the quiet. If it is now waiting until it begins. Feeling that atmosphere. I could put down. Once there is enough atmosphere it's cool start controlling its pastor the landing targets. Doppler indicated entry into the atmosphere. Navigation but also confirming that we can see a little bit of that slowdown. To. They atmosphere on the present entry capsule. I've kind of velocity at about five points to lead six. Kilometers per second and an altitude of about 67. Kilometers from the surface. While we're probably seeing him are open as a blanket please. Meaning they're not getting data firm that has aren't quite as growing Asian African atmosphere. And I came I heard you say wow what made you say wow. Well when your move in this fast 67 kilometers visitor far payment of Islam sort our things going well Brent now. House senate farm so bent and personal. We're we're about vacation separate and is now. Performing bankrupt arsenal saying universal service. Flying in self does that mean we're home to his place since landing spot into humans are totally out of control and that's correct well they were really in control before it Latino and that things are so design and sad but now it's up to everything they programmed in. Sadly two minutes away from parachute deployment illegally twice the speed of sound. And what happens during that parachute deployment and it. First well when you can think about this spacecraft free atmosphere. Suddenly it's going to trauma being in the streets between the planet somewhere it's cold and it's really nothing to now it's truly solve the premiere of a sudden slowdown are continuing to political pressure all the four and there's not much pressure on the missile that fortunate to. He starts to heat up the heat shield that protects the girl while and it also slows it down and then eventually when he gets low enough you can deploy the parachute. And we're actually showing a graphic for our viewers right now what that process looks like. Thanks again they're going about one that comment per second. And but out here. It's rehab GO Benitez on the ground there GO if if you're with us heading what's the mood like where you are in the middle of at all and hunger. Listen if anybody is is still in the way I'm feeling I'm not nervous about it. And I'll but right now we got an update here from NASA saying he's feeling the heat. And the jays and they're saying now that it is past peak heating and deceleration Sosa what that means is as a was entering the atmosphere. It was feeling heat of 2300. Degrees. Very very hot that's why this was just so dangerous it appears to be passed that right now. Well and that's pretty and Scott again it that he. Keating was mentioning that it's basically driving itself now the point that at that we're seeing it making maneuvers what's that telling you about. What this process is doing and how it's going aid. And the. Adjusting to be able to land superior recites I think we'll hear more about that and something culture read relative navigation it's written by artificial intelligence. Panel heard early in the sentiments tearer. The next item as Hershey park when new mussina did he Greece's high end velocity pattern of garish exploit and you can see our top two sigh. Of relief. Deploy and we'll see how would you describe what you're hearing the mood inside mission control and the way injured to deploy they are. Excited that they are just focused on every at the head and Ted deployed parachute applied acceleration that's a Big Ten deceleration hurt our velocity is 400. He described described the celebration to us because it goes so fast since 20 aren't so I really just. Missed almost stops in place but not really so it's goings 121000 miles an hour something like that in that we not care she comes out know what's going slower summer but more importantly don't lose the heat shield. Just lust lust he chilled heat which is good means that you cure her perseverance can look down at the surface and actually do kind of like where am I Wear my it has a map and it's bringing him. And it also has it that it's got cameras for eyes and it's going you know I should be over there so it's actually figuring out there where a land that's why we Atlantans kind of dangerous place is because we have this train. Navigation. He's gonna is going to 121000 miles per hour that's so fast and it's a pair shoot I mean that has to be really strong parachute could well it if it's. That entry is 121000. To deploy the parachute after being converted old out of bow version three right so evil pursuing about a factor of kids and another factor that in. Wow yeah. A lot of math was numbers going in and it sure it's exactly right. GO what are you seeing where you are. And how well you know what we're seeing right now on the screen we're seeing the folks in mission control. They are clapping their clearly excited about this but I won't tell you this parachute in particular. This is also quite historic because the first time you have a parachute on another planet like this. A parachute especially this big Eddie can't do a whole lot of slowing down. Because the atmosphere and Mars is just so thin it is about 1% of what the atmosphere here on earth as so it really doesn't slow a whole lot so they're gonna relied on some jets to help slow it down after this parachute. And we Scott mentioned right that and let's bring Scott back again that once the parachute deploy ways so we're getting close so. I'm shocked that. Back cell separation if that means six flying on its retro rockets fan and using them to actually just getting exactly two operated on to the landing site. For more about to do the sky crane maneuver again Gingrich's wife need. Which is where it's on these jackpots is actually gonna release it about sixty feet off the ground release it when using a crane Italy and it. That sounds like a science fiction movie but this is really happening once only been done once this seconds on his maneuvers ever been had been done it and and it's happening right now or. I minutes ago 300 meters off the surface they now. That's nothing I can yes very very close Scott and he think they are feeling good at this point it like this is actually all going to go as planned here so far. Yes I lived through the landing him curiosity it's very similar. And you can start feeling picture release of the pair she goes out the net and no debt you're at this guy every level. Thank you feeling much better but you need that touched him the gentle next. I need to go delta. I just turned twenty meters that happens we have got to be getting very global. Sky train. While right now. Additional permits him tomorrow. British cable. This is the moment it kept it yet. Put unconfirmed. And we see him not celebrated. Explain and there's a lot of emotion you're experiencing right here next to me what are you going. Hundreds and hundreds of people have spent the last eight years. Mcginnis happened look at just. How what are they going through right now can't. They knew they could make this happen and yet when it really does there's just nothing. Why can't I mean this could have been a different day it's a hard thing to go to Mars for less than half the missions are successful. And so to make this happen today. It's astonishing and yet we did know how to do it. I don't bring in Scott because Scott you know several of the people who worked on this mission union. This this Mars group quite well this moment right now and this year it's been such a difficult year in general for the country and for this team. Can you talk to us about. What they have been through to get to this moment. It's been incredible effort kudos to all of them one of migrant students I don't they graduated went down and he's been sending me. Information and not the skeleton team that they've been working wit us how they can do. All of this remote working that there's never in the group or not it's something this complex. So I think this is. What's everybody else but they also a third ma in social. Imagines the conflicting emotions all at seeing. KG of you guys you are at JPL where this all alone lying half came from. I was going on there high we just landed on Morrison and I. He hasn't heard from hell I don't I mean all that were just yes. About half half we were just so excited only heard touchdown touchdown. You know why I do I'm struck by the name. Perseverance right because the scientists I spoke to here who were involved in this project and making this happen like it world drawing attention that it makes it remember that name for perseverance because this launched in July 20/20. This launch in the midst of the covad nineteen pandemic. Perseverance is such a fitting name and the scientists here. That's not lost on them they did that's why it's such an important mission for them had to. And and there we see them again slapping an end just having an and it's time. Because this mission of this mission was eight years in the making they've been working just so hard to make this. Around three hanky usually the first images are coming ended hurt I think that's the first sentence that's what they're Sharon about. And what would ABC radio trademarks or. The theft and agree that. I personally never seen or they feel like there isn't anything I think there's a line Italy has we're seeing this old. Floyd and I heard you became kind of make at town wouldn't Tia was talking about the named perseverance what this group has gone through. To gay here today I can see those first pictures of lives today what what what caused that reaction. You almost think and all the way back to the beginning of mass and everything that. That's going on in all the people who have sacrificed for space exploration. And here we are now put in our fifth wool over all bars and our first helicopter. It is truly. Historic vote what they do this they will be historic bright and will be even ballroom. Scott Hubbard. We've landed on Mars perseverance is touched down and it's sending back images he what's next why is this so monumental. Actually. Well because it's beginning. Two major things and this is it to her mission well. What he and it's getting your instruments around he'd never been to the surface bar's report that what Britain fingerprints of flight. And it begins the Mars and return to campaign in Iraq and and those of us who bend in the worst community and we got one thing is over fifty years so this is that this is huge. I think the note and it besides keeping an important so what's going to happen over the next eight years. Think Katie Davis and ask you could tell what we seeing there on the screen so. It was hard to tell but I think what this is is an image from one of the what does could bomb spacecraft that are orbiting Mars. From either be made an earned them worse for Mars or. Tomorrow the moon and Mars reconnaissance orbiter and so it took a picture of perseverance. On the surface this what I think but we're still wants a way to get confirmation. And then perseverance. It ended its immediate future will start trying to take images and sending instead a wake up in the right way it's 103 time consuming process so we can't take its own pictures yet. But tell one of that wanted to give a senate panel in a show you are landing zone act. It's all very exciting just a reminder perseverance. Has landed touched down on Mars this mission that. This started back in July 8 rounds he's making a monumental. I stat here and we had so much more coming up in our special coverage you're expected to get more pictures from the surface of Mars. Any minute now and we'll bring in view as soon as they arrived. And as we mentioned there's roughly twelve minute delay in getting images and signals back to earth long way to go out yeah it's far yeah. I'll let coming up in the future for humans on fire threat isn't explores what could be one days. Live there the answer may surprise you. We'll be right back with. Mission to Mars life. ABC news alive presents a mission to Mars alive. Brought to you by Adobe sun in business moves with a deadly. I'm. Everybody has finally I want to bring in my Good Morning America colleagues in doozy so many people know her as a meteorologist the she's also scientists. At a Phyllis bass enthusiasm today. She's reported on the bad weather here on earth and ginger I taste and this is actually nothing compared to the weather on Mars. You know. It's not that we cannot compare the atmosphere is really but I have to just take a moment and react because and the scientists at this. Reminds me tonight inner core then joy that those folks were feeling in mission control is the same joy. I often feel when I see a forecast to verify and when I'm watching say a tornado that I have forecast. Come to fruition especially of course when is not impacting people there is something about. Would understanding. Are planning here. Imagine understanding. Another planet well enough that we can lands there and learn about it. I can't fathom how they're feeling because I was getting nervous I seriously it's right in there. It it is at it it comes out and is just so exciting to see because it gives in a world where we don't have a lot of control right now. It gives a lot more control and it gives science a lot to sit on so anyway I just wanted to share that have that was I think Phelan at least still but. You know that just this past weekend and throughout this whole week North Dakota had temperatures dropped to 51 the low. For one of the towns there that we all time record we know that we've got a 144. Or somewhere on earth before but I'm Morris their average temperature. Is eighty below zero. So what does the perfect summer day look like got a cold desert plant. The answer might surprise you. During the hottest parts of the martian day near the equator the worst days of the martian year it's you about seventy degrees Fahrenheit. And Sundays even if you could just feel that bombing breeze through your spacesuit which would be keeping you live in a place with almost no oxygen. Don't get too comfortable and those warm summer day is on Myers well they don't last long they have banana skit it's 100 times dinner and then we do here on earth so it can't hold the key. Larissa didn't stands at temperatures well below zero you're many tens of degrees below zero at night Sam Nunn and Gary Collins plays not a very nicely is either very long insert the sentence here. And you know what. It's that thin atmosphere on Myers and that makes the weather that we think we know here on earth be able whole lot differently out there. The vast majority of water on Mars today is frozen in ice. There's a very small amount that's in the vapor in the atmosphere and it also can condense into class and the atmosphere. But the amounts of water vapor is still small blue even in what you might consider their wet season. Did you condense it all out of time. On to the surface it would only be a layer this may be something like sixty. Microns thick so that's like needy. Three times that we have my hair something that does rise in a cold does it dust base especially when there's no water to stop. Gary there's little particles eventually bounce their way the body of water legally heard ocean and then the tracks in a subtle out. Because Mars doesn't have any of those bodies of water today to trap the dust. It just stay there in the climate system it's broken heart asses whipped around by the winds. But that wind storm that stranded mark flattening as the beginning of the martian probably couldn't happen. Even a strong wind on Mars too human the second blow you over because. The atmosphere is so much generated doesn't have the molecules pressing against you without wind that would actually be that big an impact it's not to create the same force. Morris wasn't always a cold dead sick. Mars was once slight earth in that it has lace. It hadn't rigors it had a good thermal systems like Yellowstone bubbling off. And one of the most important questions and Mars explorations what happens the more you explore the more you realize how. Precious our planet is. And espionage rumor we're doing here is. Music keep habitats that are good for life there's no place like it in the solar system. Mars was once the closeness that there's really no place like her so it really puts it in perspective it's steady decline it's another. Yeah how important climate is on our own. For us. Now can turn the surround it and he did this for earth for the first time you wouldn't just study one place on earth and then say yep we know everything about the weather across that entire planet well the same is true for Mars. You have to realize that there are other. Different parts of Mars that we have been studying so we're kind of creating a network. Of weather observation sites and that is going to help scientists study the data. From that that new one that's going on there now at the weather station that they'll have with perseverance rover. Along with other data from other weather stations so panic comes together that is gonna help them get a better understanding of how things like storm systems. Might change as they move across the red planet sell a lot to be learned. And I can imagine again I keep thinking about turning around on earth. And for a long time we only have one picture and we don't know and think about. From rainforest to Antarctica to the saharan doesn't think about how many different micro climates we hats and how much we're about to discover about mark's. So much to learn ginger I'm also curious thing meeting give us an idea. That climate Ott Myers is there anything we can compare it to our Earth's clean brains. He and I heard it will say earlier well I within forty below is Matt like Meyer who yeah its temperature. Yeah you don't boiling water earlier this week into the air and doing the age old experiment here. But that's the difference you really can't compare because of that water vapor I don't think you can say oh this is just like it but if I had to oppose forced to sign not scientifically plays a place on earth. To be linked Mars it would be like moving the saharan desert. To an Arctic perhaps. Without any of the moisture it's very hard to do that. There's no place quite blanket that's correct the record and I wasn't it I was wondering the dividends and forty below. And eighty alone bars can you tell the difference you didn't say god that I'm Martin. I don't now Leno and doctor Coleman what prisoners digging pictures that she's at Mars. I get it from all sides here but whenever. Nicole Decker and happiness. Yeah Iraq accords. I think it is chief Peter out sustained injuries figure them but our I think. If you ginger and even it is its lines when he want and what are you do it the end of a long trip when you arrive at your destination. You tweet. And that is what perseverance. Has done sorting out Hello World my first look at my for ever home doctor Katie Coleman. What will the rover they call Percy be doing in her new digs. Inner in and imports into him to do what should get up to actually to spruce up what she's got a lot of. Exciting. Instruments on board to be able to really understand where she is which is basically in the middle of are out of a big lake or river dumped in the air and then all this sediment winning Aronson rape going to be able to look at in that sentiment you know was there any. Microbial life. Trapped in there so we've got all these instruments and their really fun it's almost like laser tag on Mars where you can and one of them you can actually is a laser at the size of a human hair. And shoot at a Brock explode the rock. Look if the image and understand what elements are present. So that's just one of the ways to got cameras on board the mast cam which stands up really tall. Has for the very first time on Mars zoo mobile cameras we've always just had like a Whiting gulf and then resume. And now it that we have warns that consumed together. We can actually make stereo vision on Mars it's good for the rover firm when its use its robotic arm wants to know. And it's also great for hos to understand the terrain and actually get to go on a trip parenting can really feel like for there. I wanna know more about these cameras let's go to GO Benitez that he's at JP out what what do we know about the cameras that are. Fine at this rover. Well you know what Eva first off I wanted to go out and tell you that I'm over at though Wally camp MacCulloch belong like they're good that the college full equality right. Up so I just want to show you because there's a very specific reason. Why ya this image was so low rents the one that we've been seeing there. Because if you take a look right here we have this camera zoom in here she could see this is where that images it's coming from these cameras there's another Cameron the back. And these are called he has cans these are the. Hazard cameras the very specific purpose is to make sure that this landed safely in that they could see what that whatever it is. That they could see right there at that particular spot. Very very quickly and that's why it's a low resident so it's very very important. To get that so quickly but now over the next few hours and days we will start getting more images in color. Up from the other cameras again 23 cameras on board the rover right now. So we're gonna see better picture can then from. For continuing coverage of the missions and iron finally returns to Atlanta. We'll be right back. With mission to Mars rely. ABC news alive presents a mission to Mars alive. Brought to you via Adobe sign business moves with the Devi. And welcome back to our continuing coverage their nation in net ten Myers. We got the first picture she's RA cannot the first picture on a tweet she's honest she perseverance is loosely called Percy for short but got. That's Mars. Right doctor hated woman. I was from about let. Very got so what do received chemo start review. Morris one known but we're seeing their morality and Mars there were also see that perseverance is safe. Which is most important. That is good because that means that we can continue the mission because what started in July. Taking off from earth has finally arrived on the red planet and now the real fun begins now. Exploring. And it in actually to this is a place says the generations of Mars explorers have waited. To get to we've had to learn our lessons I mean land and really safe places. Getting better and better landing and now we were good enough to land in this really interesting place where it's literally this river delta. With all these sentiments they want to explore and yet it was dangerous because we needed their terrain relative navigation to be able to make sure we didn't hit anything. They landed in and a good place so we're in a place for ready to explore that it's gonna take some time and patience so wake up the rover and test on all that and Sorenson. All those kinds of things but one of the things is gonna do is actually drill down take samples in different places on Mars. Store them in and it will it to those samples we make it a return trip. Back to earth so we can analyze some here. Very cool I don't every doctor Scott hovered I mean. This is just the beginning of the actual mission part where it has all these tools. Onboard this rover and talked about what your most excited about to see the rover working ion on this mission. I'd say there's two different pieces one piece is seen instruments. Katie was talking about the ones that are on it. Pro. There's just instrument that's got to take some understand atmosphere in trying to make oxygen. So future astronauts when they get here will now waiting. Analysts are supplying near needs as well with the most exciting piece for me personally. Is that norm gates got the drill and he and their written it's gonna take those samples. And deposit bin release sections news or return and we hold about ten years from now 2031. We're hoping to samples will be back on the surface here. Quick. Rejuvenate as you are on the ground at GPL what are you see in their what's the latest. You know what now a lot of people here are obviously very very excited about this because this is something. Where they've been working for so long on this particular mission and I think we have another camera here because a DeMarco head. And just walk over here to show you because this is just the beginning right you have perseverance the you also have. Ingenuity and right here. This here is that helicopter this is going to be the first ever helicopter to fly on another planet is just four pounds. This is going to be taking some drone like images update that will be historic because it is the first side you'll see the most. That update drone like pictures that we've ever seen and it's going to be coming from this and it's going to be living on Mars also forever it's got that solar panel right there. And hopefully. It survives that. I didn't about two months that's when they're gonna go ahead and release it. And that's when they're gonna try to flight so it's very exciting this is just the beginning of some major major science project. On bars that could really change the way we see the universe. Ingenuity to name of the helicopter whoever named stuff pat. NASA deserves all the credit in the world because very cut it really is an ingenious federal state. The stay with us because when we return I will make it more silly jokes and we'll go back to Jet Propulsion Laboratory. We'll find out what's next. For the perseverance rover on Mars. Landed safely. We'll be right back with a mission to Mars. Live. ABC news alive presents a mission to Mars alive. Brought to you by Adobe design business moves with the Debbie. And lots of celebrations. Perseverance has hit safely and successfully landed on Mars want to bring in our expert thinking. The final thoughts on this historic afternoon. Well we treat each one of these like it's a big deal because it is. But also all it's just the beginning of the next stage and what makes this mission's sol amazing. Here's that we've built thought all of these levels of exploration and now we can finally say on this missive. We're looking for signs a life. And that just blows me away that we could go to would know the world. That we've already scoped out the fine about what you foods and now going to come to do this this is. Truly just blows my mind and humanity can do this. KEU among many other people were emotional when perseverance touchdown. Try to contextualize this what does this all mean for exploration. Like like Hakim was referring to I mean this is something Aniston Don wants. You know got all. Seven minutes of terrorists bent on once and it worked. But check to make stemming to have it happened the second time in mean first of all its superior engineering its team dedication but they're still has opening. Morris is hard. That's why we don't call off and that's why there's nothing you know it's it's really amazing and more and more we're bringing everybody there I mean we've just had three. This spacecraft in orbit of Mars you know and new ones in the past month. Great I mean. There are march 20/20 Thursday United Arab Emirates and there's China so its really becoming you know everybody everybody is stepping there I like to say this is not your grandmother's rover. Her and that's what's really a big deal about the sinister your mom's forever but it is your rover has so many of the experiments they're doing a simple suffering and home. Our kids are going to be the ones and analyze this. And after at JPL rejuvenated his right now they have on the law there dare mighty things. Today they accomplish something pretty night GO. This is an extraordinary human achievement at its best and I wanna go it and tell you that over the next few hours NASA's telling us that we will start receiving. Higher resolution images that they will start coming and perhaps even some sounds just tonight at 10 PM Easter. Right here on ABC news life we're gonna have more on this mission to Mars coverage this historic. Mission to Mars covered so join us for that as we see much more. From Percy here. GF thanks so much and our thanks to Katie had teams Scott Hubbard and thank you at home. For coming along with us for this historic and successful ride I am well read we'll continue to bring. The latest images news out of this historic mission to Mars and at 5:30 eastern we'll bring you don't live press conference from NASA on today's incredible mission. And I mean a call from thank you for joining us fully back tonight right here at ABC news live at 10 PM eastern for a primetime special complete with those. The latest pictures and sound coming in from the red planet that we were careless. You bet. From everyone here at our own ABC news life. Q when the sun goes down how it. No run soon. It's. Okay. Must enhance he's made. This is worldly. Yeah. That's.

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