Rumored Apple Music Streaming Service

Apple reportedly plans to announce a $10-a-month subscription based music streaming service.
0:55 | 06/02/15

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Transcript for Rumored Apple Music Streaming Service
And today's tech bytes Apple's needs streaming music service it's meant as a direct competitor to Spotify ten dollars a month lets subscribers stream music and within the channels boasted. By human that BJ's. Yes apple is reportedly still working out licensing deals with several big music companies will also lies this has unveiled a new Smartphone a sings think here it's self proclaimed. The horses that would it's for the Zinn phone cell fi features thirteen megapixel front and rear facing cameras go off. Builds and beautification. Voted. Jordan our cameras here I am promises to stop implying that evens didn't. It's going to be a winner there also weigh oh record setting it spreads for acute wounds there. Shortly after revealing herself on any fair she joined Twitter becoming a fast as you surgery a million followers took just four more even beat the president's old record. They'll do that bucks.

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{"duration":"0:55","description":"Apple reportedly plans to announce a $10-a-month subscription based music streaming service.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"31462553","title":"Rumored Apple Music Streaming Service","url":"/Technology/video/rumored-apple-music-streaming-service-31462553"}