Uber unveils pharmacy delivery

Uber teams up with ScriptDrop to expand its prescription drug delivery service.
0:50 | 03/25/21

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Transcript for Uber unveils pharmacy delivery
At today's tech vice prescription drug delivery Hoover's teaming up with spare drop to expand its service -- to 37 states. It allows even small pharmacies offer easy and efficient home delivered to all customers. People who loved Dyson vacuums have something new to celebrate the company is out with a new model which can shine a laser to reveal dirt not visible to the naked eyes. And once you've run the vacuum over an area the laser will let you know if you missed any thing it's not cheap about 700 bombs. A Russian company is creating a new breed of human always what the most realistic looking scanner they're using special resident and 3-D printing. They say every port in dead on the skin has drawn into 3-D model and transferred until mold. For the lifelike appearance with silicone skin is applied layer by layer. Other tech bytes have a great day.

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{"duration":"0:50","description":"Uber teams up with ScriptDrop to expand its prescription drug delivery service.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"76671768","title":"Uber unveils pharmacy delivery","url":"/Technology/video/uber-unveils-pharmacy-delivery-76671768"}