Bloomberg 'has no path philosophically' to win nomination: Former Gov. Chris Christie

The Powerhouse Roundtable discusses impeachment and the latest in the 2020 race on "This Week."
15:58 | 11/24/19

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Transcript for Bloomberg 'has no path philosophically' to win nomination: Former Gov. Chris Christie
After creating a business that grew thousands of jobs, he took charge of a city still reeling from 9/11. A three-term mayor who helped bring it back from the ashes. Now he's taking on him. To rebuild the country and restore faith in the dream that defines us, where the wealthy will may more in taxes and the middle class gets their fair share. Everyone without health insurance can get it. Everyone that has it can keep it. Jobs creator, leader, problem solver, Mike Bloomberg for president. He hasn't announced quite yet. That ad running in Tallahassee. Let's talk about that with Chris Christie, Donna Brazil, Hiedi Heitkamp and Sarah Fagan. Donna, you've run presidential campaigns for Democrats. Does Mike Bloomberg have a chance? I think it's going to be a difficult uphill battle for several reasons. He's skipping the first four states and gone straight into super Tuesday. As you well know, starting next month in order to get on the ballot -- I'm still on the rules committee. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. Thank god for that. No one better to be in charge of the rules than you, Donna. You better not jump in. It's bad enough we need a wide screen TV to see all the candidates. This is a race for delegates. How do you get delegates? How do you get on the ballot? He has to get on the ballot in Virginia. This is not writing a check. He can write a lot of checks. A lot of check. Can he find 5,000 people? Yes, he'll be able to pay canvassers to get them. He needs to get on the ballot. Then he has to commit Democrats in order to get 1,885 delegates to secure the nomination. It's an uphill battle. I think this shows that many Democrats are concerned about this field. The very fact that at this stage of the game he's entertaining the idea of running tells something about the field. As wide and big as it is, the fear among elite Democrats and donors that Donald Trump is going to be re-elected is so great -- You had an important word. Elite Democrats. Most Democrats are satisfied with the field. Heidi, one of the things driving this is he's worried Elizabeth Warren will lose to Donald Trump. Most voters are banking electability is the most important thing. He believes he has that. Second, this is a brand new experiment. He's going to create a national primary with all this money. One of the things he's banking on is if he gets in now he could lead a brokered convention. We shouldn't discount the possibility that we may not know our nominee for a long time. Nobody seems to be breaking out. It's interesting he thinks he's going to get the hearts and minds in an anti-elite, anti-billionaire democratic primary. Look at the power of Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax. I don't agree with it, but it's a powerful message for her. The fact that none of these people are taking contributions from wealthy packs and corporate business interests, yet he thinks there's space for that. That's problematic. He made a point of saying taxes on the wealthy are going to go up. Yeah, great. Two things. He's a man without an island. He's not a Democrat or a Republican. You don't win a democratic or Republican primary by not being of either party. He has no path philosophically to get there. I can't wait for him to get out behind the commercials and answer questions about his attitude towards the me too movement. That's not going to be very popular in any as pebt of the democratic elect rate. Secondly for him is he can't -- for the life of me I can't figure out how he turns this into a brokered convention. If I had a dime for every time somebody was going to be the beneficiary of a broker convention, I wouldn't have to it doesn't happen anymore. It's not the time of Abraham Lincoln. It does go back to the rules. Anyone who gets more than 15% is likely to earn a delegate. Part of the issue is Democrats have created -- I agree with the governor. It's a very narrow path. He says no path. I say very narrow path. They created this because of this mega super Tuesday they have where nearly half of their delegates will be decided. California, Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, north Carolina. Very large states on the same day. In a scenario where -- he has a bank shot. In a scenario where three different candidates win these states before super Tuesday, there's chaos in the party and he looks like the person -- The real bank shot is he bets Joe Biden doesn't perform and mayor Pete doesn't do well enough so he owns the moderate lane against Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. I want to respond to Sarah. Sarah, we have to respect what the states decide in terms of their dates. The Republicans and Democrats hold their primaries and caucuses on the same day. That's number one. Number two, it's a race for delegates. How do you accrue delegates when you know the road to the white house goes through major American cities. Cities that know about Mike Bloomberg's policy on stop and frisk. He gave somewhat of an apology -- He gave an apology. Come on. I was reporting he gave an apology. Come on. He did. Nobody believes that. Mike Bloomberg is proud of that record. Now he's doing what people don't want in today's politics which is being in authentic. Goodness forbid I would defend Mike Bloomberg. But if you look at what got trump where trump is was that message I'm a self-made man. I know how to get things done. I'm a businessman. Elect me because I'll run the country like a business. He's got a great contrast with a president who is all phony. He did the real thing. He built up this empire. There's a lot of attractiveness about his person story that is getting lost in this discussion. Sarah, one of the other things happening, one of the ways the mayor is undercutting candidates is he's undercutting trump with television ads. I think television ads aren't that significant. This is digital too. All activity is net positive. It accrues to the person spending typically. If they're done smart -- and Mike Bloomberg has smart people working for him. You have a scenario where Warren the exciting the base and Bernie is exciting the base. Those voters will decide in the end if beating Donald Trump is more important, they'll elect a they'll elect a buttigieg. There's a small chance they'll elect a mayor Bloomberg. There's a warning sign this weekend for Democrats. This Marquette university poll shows president trump in that key state of Wisconsin beating every single major Democrat. Marquette is the real deal. They better start paying attention. It goes back to how broad is your message. How much are you reaching out? One of the problems we have is we're now in impeachment land and there's very little discussion about what's going to change for people in the real world and impeachment itself is not a discussion about what does this mean for me. It seems more of Washington dysfunction. More of what the -- the rcor that people absolutely hate. You heard what senate klobuchar said. It may be but the Democrats have a duty and they have to go forward. The problem they have is they failed to make it about the they keep making it about Donald Trump. People know. They've made the judgment that this person is probably not a very moral person or competent person. Quit making it about trump. Start making it about people. George, the two major themes of the democratic campaign so far are impeachment and they're going to go into every one of those Wisconsin building trade households, which are a lot of swing voters, and they're going to they we're taking away your health care too. Those are the two major messages. That's Elizabeth Warren. Those are the headlines. Name me the big Biden initiative. There's not a big Biden initiative. Name me a big buttigieg initiative. There isn't one. The only big initiative is medicare for all. Here is what Donald Trump's going to do. He's going to go into Michigan and Pennsylvania and say you like your health care? They're going to take it away from you. It's deadly for them. Governor, with all due respect, if the second circuit comes out and invalidates Obamacare, the affordable care act, then Donald Trump is going to have to explain how he's going to provide health care to millions of Americans that will lose their coverage. What's coming out of the democratic primary is concerning to many Democrats because we don't have a unified party. We're debating big issues. The race is fluid and that's why people like Deval Patrick and Michael Bloomberg believe they can come in. This is going to be an interesting race, George, because the folks in Iowa are going to decide. That's going to get the ball rolling. The problem is can Bloomberg keep momentum going when the press attention is going to be on the winner of Iowa and new Hampshire and whatever else comes after. You raised the impeachment issue earlier which to me has been a big gamble in this race by Democrats. Yeah, there's some mixed poling. At a minimum trump hasn't lost any ground during this trial. There's a lot of evidence to suggest he's gained a few points. We saw it on that Wisconsin poll. It's reflective where I agree -- people have priced in what they've priced in about Donald Trump. None of this is new information. Democrats think he should be impeached. Republicans don't think it. Independents appear to think he should not be impeached. Moving it to the senate is going to be more favorable terrain toward the president. Inside the senate. There's the possibility of wild cards, new information coming out. We saw yesterday, again, Rudy Giuliani coming back out and giving interviews. Have you talked to president trump in the last week or two? Have you met with him? Are you his counsel? I don't discuss -- I do not discuss my conversations with my client. You can assume I talk to him early and often and have a very good relationship with him. All these comments which are totally insulting -- I've seen things written like he's going to throw me under the bus. Right. When they say that I say he isn't, but I have insurance. Chris, that's the second time he's made that insurance later he said he was just being sarcastic. Even though a lot of attitudes are baked in, there's the possibility the longer it goes on more information comes out against the president. Two of Rudy Giuliani's associates have been indicted. There's always that possibility, George. I think Sarah is right. This conduct laid out in the impeachment hearings is consistent with the brand Donald Trump has been selling for 35 years. He will leverage to get the deal he wants to get. He's the deal maker. He's strong enough, tough enough and mean enough -- People don't care if he break the rules. People priced that in. He didn't act differently during the campaign. I was there. He was doing the same stuff then. People said we want that. We're voting for that. That's the problem. Impeachment is a constitutional process. I understand the politics of it. It's a constitutional process. If the president can get away with violating not just breaking the law and using American tax payers' money then we're in new territory. It's not just a constitutional process. It's a political process. The framers made it a political process. Not a legal process. That's all true. Sarah, you and Heidi were saying he's in more forable terrain. How does this play out over time, the brand of impeachment with an acquittal, what does this mean to those swing voters on the fence in places like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania? I think in the world we live in it's going to be old news by the time the general election gets around unless there's bombshell testimony in the senator or something new comes out. I don't think that's going to happen. We're going to have supreme court cases that are going to be contentious decided next year. You're going to have a democratic nominee even if they're not for medicare for all, they own it. That's going to be a major focus of this debate. I think impeachment is going to be in the most advertising against the president. Everybody knows it and everybody has moved on. I totally disagree with Sarah that we own medicare for all. The major candidate Biden is not saying medicare for all. We're having a debate about health care. The debate we ought to be having is what happens if you repeal the affordable care act. The president has refused to present any plan that could pass. Let's say you remove DACA protections. That seems likely in the court. What happens when in middle of the election you're talking about health care, what are you going to do with the DACA kids, what are you going to do with an economy he's torn apart with his trade policies? This president is in weaker positions on things that don't involve his personality, don't involve his corruption and those will be the issues that drive Most of the people on the democratic stage don't support Obamacare. That's not true. It's absolutely true. Even Elizabeth walked it After she saw the poling numbers and get what -- Buttigieg. Those videos of her doing that are going to be everywhere. Only one for medicare for all is Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren saw the poling and she doesn't get a pass. You don't get a pass saying everybody's for it. It's not just medicare for all. It's free college education. It's a green new deal. It's trillions and trillions of government spending with no plan to pay for it. Ten seconds. Welcome to the Republican party. Your criticism is fair but these are much bigger programs. On the deficit. Sarah I believe as an incumbent president, it's going to be hard to take an incumbent out.

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