Freedom Caucus Chair: Democrats holding military 'hostage' with government shutdown

Republican Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) discusses the state of the shutdown on "This Week" Sunday.
5:38 | 01/21/18

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Transcript for Freedom Caucus Chair: Democrats holding military 'hostage' with government shutdown
freeing the DACA. Is that good enough? What this is all about we're in the middle of a shut down talking about immigration. Is this an am necessity shut down? I find it interesting that Schumer said what he did in your lead up to this particular show about immigration and the fact that shutting it down over immigration is chaotic, yet here we are on that subject today. Let me answer that question. The president has been clear it is about border security. Border security is not just what we do at the southern border. It's about Visas, chain may gags and interior enforcement. He put forth three things he would do in exchange for making sure DACA repip yents don't face deportati deportation. We are making good progress. The president called me a number of times saying he wants a solution for the DACA recipients. Here we are trying to use a tactic to force the president's hand. I can tell you the offers that have been made to date, whether the one that is you reported or others, are not serious offers in terms of stopping the genesis of what has created this problem in the first place. In fact, the "New York Times" reported the president spoke to you after his meeting with senator Schumer. By 4:00 they called the senate and said the deal is off. Did you convince the president to reject that Schumer deal? No the president is the president of the United States. He makes his own decisions. Any suggestion that I'm convincing the president to go one way or the other greatly exaggerates my insufluence. There was no deal. There is no deal. You were talking about Schumer offering $20 billion over seven years. He can't do that. He can't obligate the future congress. Even if he made that offer he can't deliver on the offer he's putting forward. Call it what it is. This is a tactic. My good friend Luis was talking about holding people hostage. This is the Democrats trying to hold our military hostage for an issue that has been with us for decades. I think we need to resolve. The president wants to resolve it. You don't do that in the middle of a shut down. You sure you're not being overly modest about your influence. Did the president promise you you he wouldn't sign an agreement you don't agree to? No. He hasn't said that. He said he wants to deal with this particular issue. We wants a deal Tom cotton and I can support. It's not just the two of us ft it's a broad spectrum across our conference, a bipartisan deal. When I was in the oval office with him a week or so ago he said he wanted to make sure the Tom cottons and mark meadows of the world can work with the Lindsey grahams and dick durbins of the world. That's before dick went out and soured the negotiations a week ago. We need to go back to the negotiate negotiations. We can do that if the senate Democrats in the next 24 hours vote to open the government back up, the negotiations will start again. If your viewers are DACA recipients and they're concerned about being deported there's a deal to be made, but would have to open the government first. Senators are talking about extending the government until February 8 for a hard commitment for a vote on the deal. Are you willing to go along with it. I'm not willing to. Listen, I wanted a whole lot of things in this continuing resolution. The president called me from air force one and said I'm asking you to stand down on two of your requests that you're wanting to put in here. The question I have for senator Schumer is is the whole Cadillac tax that is penalizing union workers, the chip, does he want that out of there? They're using it as leverage to help them negotiate a deal that perhaps helps illegal immigrants to our country. I'm willing to engage even with my good friend Luis. We'll sit down as soon as the government opens. Today this is about funding or government, our military, our veterans, our border security agents. I find it is a tactic we should not be using to truly provide that leverage. Sounds like we're far from a deal. Congressman, thank you for your time. Thank you, George.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Republican Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) discusses the state of the shutdown on \"This Week\" Sunday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"52499830","title":"Freedom Caucus Chair: Democrats holding military 'hostage' with government shutdown","url":"/ThisWeek/video/house-freedom-caucus-chair-mark-meadows-government-shutdown-52499830"}