Two NYPD Officers Killed in Ambush

Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and Rep. Gregory Meeks, D-NY, respond to the execution-style shooting of two NYPD officers in Brooklyn.
8:02 | 12/21/14

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Transcript for Two NYPD Officers Killed in Ambush
Announcer: Starting right now on ABC's "This week," breaking news. Assassination. Two New York City police officers killed in an ambush. The gunman's chilling last message and a shocking allegation from police. That blood on the hand starts in the office of the mayor. Announcer: Sony hack attack. New details on the federal investigation. How will the president respond? And after all the outrage, will Sony now release the film that started all of this? Historic breakthrough. The firestorm over that major shift on Cuba. And the new battle brewing between gop heavyweights Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. This morning, senator Rubio is here. Announcer: From ABC news, "This week with George stephanopoulos" begins now. And we start with that breaking news, the cold-blooded execution of two New York City police officers shot to death by a suicidal gunman bent on revenge for killings by police. The assassination immediately condemned by president Obama and the attorney general drawing a fierce reaction from police in an atmosphere already so highly charged after Ferguson and Staten island. ABC's linsey Davis is on the scene in Brooklyn. Good morning, linsey. Reporter: Good morning, George. Police are calling this murder even though the suspect in this case will never have his day in court. And two police agencies are saying New York's mayor has blood on his hands. Last night officials put the ambush of two New York City police officers here in stark terms. They were quite simply assassinated, targeted for their uniform. These officers were shot execution style. Reporter: According to the NYPD, officers wenjian liu and Rafael Ramos were sitting in their marked patrol car in Brooklyn when 28-year-old ismaaiyl brinsley walked up to their vehicle and opened fire. Shots fired. Shots fired. Reporter: Striking both officers in the head at point-blank range. Get on the floor. Reporter: S.w.a.t. Teams chase the suspect to a nearby subway station. This dramatic video capturing the chaos before he reportedly shot himself in the head. Police say it all began at 5:45 A.M. Saturday near Baltimore where brinsley allegedly shot and wounded his ex-girlfriend. Before leaving this ominous threat on social media, "I'm putting wings on pigs today. They take one of our, let's take two of theirs" adding "Rip, Eric Gardner and rip Mike brown." Two black men killed by police that have sparked nationwide protests. At 2:10 P.M., pings from his phone alerted Baltimore police he had made it to Brooklyn. They tried to warn the NYPD of the threat but that warning never made it to the two officers. Some of the postings which I understand that are out there would seem to indicate that he had a very strong bias against police officers. When a police officer is murdered, it tears at the foundation of our society. It is an attack on all of us. Reporter: But the mayor also taking heat. Former New York governor George Pataki tweeting "These barbaric acts sadly are a predictable outcome of divisive anti-cop rhetoric of Eric holder and mayor de Blasio." It cannot be tolerated. That blood on the hands starts on the steps of city hall in the office of the mayor. Reporter: Nypd officers even turned their backs on the mayor as he walked into last night's press conference. So far no response just yet from the mayor to his critics, George. Okay, linsey, thanks. We're joined now by ray Kelly, the long east serving commissioner of New York police and U.S. Congressman Greg Meeks. Let me begin with you, commissioner Kelly. The anger of the police so palpable right now. Is it fair of them to blame the mayor? Obviously there's a lot of emotion involved when two police officers are killed. I think when the mayor made statements about, they had to train his son -- his son, who is biracial, to be careful when he's dealing with the police, I think that set off this latest firestorm, and, quite frankly, the mayor ran an anti-police campaign last year when he ran for mayor so -- You're talking about stop and frisk. Is that what you think was anti-police? Yes, I think a lot of the rhetoric was at a time when the police had a 70% approval rating. Obviously that's not the case now. They joined the de Blasio administration. If you were commissioner right now, what would you say to your officers? Well, you'd say to your officers, do your job. Do what you're sworn to do, and I think that's exactly what officers will do in my experience in 45 years in policing, I've never seen officers back off from their sworn duties. I think there's some concern that there will be a reduction or a diminishment of police services. I don't see that happening. Congressman, what about this criticism of the mayor, of the attorney general, what should they be doing right now? Well, I think they are doing what they should be doing. They've been trying all along to bring the city together. This heinous act is, as the mayor said, it tears away at the fabric of our society, and so we stand with the police department. No one has ever given up on the police department or said we were anti-police department. What we were crying for was just saying how african-americans feel, how their communities are policed and want the justice system to work for everyone. But, you know, everybody that was involved in -- with trying to bring people together, and you heard from the families of Michael brown and Mr. Garner saying that they did not want any violence at all in any of the demonstrations and definitely this. They've stated very loudly and very clearly how shocked and how opposed they are to the violence and to this assassination of police officers that took place yesterday. Commissioner Kelly, the concern now could be copycats out there, as well, and there's this e-mail circulating among the police department right now among all the police last night saying, "We have become a wartime police department and will act accordingly," talking about sending two units out to every single phone call. Is that what's going to happen and what does it mean? I think cooler heads will prevail. As I said, there was a lot of emotion last night. I think the officers will do their job. I think the commissioner will engage with the union and talk about these specifics, but you may see a little of that early on here in terms of additional units going to assignments, but I think that will quiet down pretty quickly. Quiet down over time but, as you know, congressman Meeks, there's been a national debate whether they've been too militarized. Police will want to feel protected in the wake of this execution. And we want the police to be protected. We don't want mayhem going on in the communities, and I think that the tone that the mayor is trying to set is a tone that brings people together, and it's unfortunate comments from Mr. Lynch because we don't want to divide and separate. Even during the heart of the demonstrations folks were saying that we don't -- we believe that 97%, 98%, 99% of the police officers do their job every day. And if you find one, we want to make sure that that one, justice is rendered there, and so I hope that the police department and Mr. Lynch, I think that the commissioner has been doing the right thing, commissioner Bratton also, let's try to bring this city together. We do not need to have -- and this country because it wasn't just a New York City issue, this has been a national issue that we've got to focus on, and I think that's tremendously important to do. It is a national issue. What should the president do now? Well, I think the president is the ultimate healer and the one who brings people together, and I think that's what he's trying to do, and his statements are along those lines. Okay, thank you both very much.

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{"duration":"8:02","description":"Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and Rep. Gregory Meeks, D-NY, respond to the execution-style shooting of two NYPD officers in Brooklyn.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"27747538","title":"Two NYPD Officers Killed in Ambush","url":"/ThisWeek/video/nypd-officers-killed-ambush-27747538"}