'Chaos' around Trump 'has unnerved a lot of people': GOP Gov. Kasich

On "This Week," Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio, discusses President Trump's impact on the Republican Party and the Ohio congressional special election on Tuesday.
7:02 | 08/05/18

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Transcript for 'Chaos' around Trump 'has unnerved a lot of people': GOP Gov. Kasich
so I can go to congress and represenou andight alide this man, this great man, president trump The fact that people need T co in for mypponent I think shows Thate's to be beholden to what he's told to do in D I'm going to be an inddent voice foe people of distri no ones going to tt too. Big special election coming up in Ohio on Tuesday. The goverr of, John kasich.he joins uthorning from Columbus. Governor, thank you for joining us this moinyoe presidenlast niretty hot inside that arenst kind of Susi even has to come hi special election in a distthat he woby double gits. T even close? George, I think if you take a couple tngs. Has unnerved a lot of people. Suburban W iar here are the oth reallyurf.to that thllennials, Y have it ry it really kind O use this suld be just slam D. What I also will tell you, georgeis democrats ha weakante. Guy's just not doing it because there's no msage. So it's liken the end at Balderson shwin rrowly buts pretty susing. But rlly doesn' well for the republicarty becau this shouldn't even be tested. You're in kind of an unusual position in this race. Yove endortrrson but on H website, wa read it. He says Troy Balderson believes M and care once and all, has tently voted to keep obarf ohio,pposing Thor's efforts to bring it to the state. Danno'connor, his ad, S to sport you. Let's take a look. For John sich the last three times. R trump because didn't like the way things were washingtoanw I'm o'connor. John Kasich and Danny O' both don'try about T bels of decrat, Republican. They're going to go get gs ne either way. N't it?h candidates. Now, Troy Balderson -- I'm on Leon becausey asked me to help him and why ampihim. Licy. He came against that came out for fixing socialecurity. On his website or whatever, asked him other day Y are you bringing trump in and he said I don't have anything to do with I lo, I think he's trying to hit the reason I've been for bal rked with for GHT years in thela georgeand we had lot of tough decisions. In Ohio we're upf a million jobs, got about $3 billion in R day fund fm 89 cents. U know, he hn there for I to tell you, there E es, other people I'm sitting out. I don't like what I heard about this health care. The fact is I fo hard to makeur we didn't lose health care for 20 mil people. So I'm disappointed to hear that morning. Did Troy Balderson -- if he has anything to do with it because a lot of these campaigns unfortatndidate esn't have lot to doith . I Y, I like M. He's bwi he'seclared Independence and he better ndependent H not, H going get calls from me. Did he really tell that he was surprisedsident trust coming a didn't wa H to come? I said, Troy, did you invite ere, the psi he said, no, I didn't. I think Donald Trump decides ere he wantsgo and I think they think they're firing up the base but I have to tell at the that he comes here, I was with some women last night whidy, you kno whati'ng for Republicans. Isoblem the rt has. The problem the Democrats have, I what theissis, George ti-trump no messag you can't win electiif you don't have a message. You know that, you've be invoed in polics. I know it. Ou can't he a positive, inspirinmessage,ou don't do very well. That puts T Democrats I risk thisidction from having a bigwave than L probably You said you were against tariffs.president umlot of timeast night lking about how good tar are. He wrote in a tweet this morning ey are wornge lately taking on WYOU believe ieved for Ng George, here's the funny thing. The facthe preside met with a guy from the European union Aney agreed at they would work to havetariffs. When Donald Trump came into office bobama, belie or N, table basilly a free trade agret. Then after all this noise and all this fighting and all this recriminion and Hier prices for lots of Ries and consums, now W going to go back to where we were at the off. He the thingbofs. What they do is they hurt consers. Ey hurt buneis reag to this whore business people that want to get theirkets overseas.r farmers,armers don wwelfare. They want trade. Theyt to be ab to sell stuff.in China, wh we need to do with chair allies to say that the theft intellel propertyannot stand. The problem is we've made so many of our allies angry, they're not so reluctant to get in line with us. But that is ultimately the that China play by ruleandon't we ld start tgeof Ries includiheir ba I to ask Y a about don Lon bei dumb, making Lebron J look smomparison. It seems like whenever the president briup thidea of iq smart, du, it S to do with african-amer is he playing the rad? Well, ink there's a division. He's a divider I don't kw that -- I've never thought about T George, but this the chaos that has turned -- lorepublicanhave gone om about 30, to about 25%. The party has shrunk because we don't have this positi grow-oriented po message. I ended up doing a tweet about at not only did I say that lebr shou B-- he's got $41 million set aside to help glege plus bunch of other sools butlso I think a little better than M.J. Definitive conclusion there from governosich. Goanks for joining us this morning. All right, geor

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"On \"This Week,\" Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio, discusses President Trump's impact on the Republican Party and the Ohio congressional special election on Tuesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"57041099","title":"'Chaos' around Trump 'has unnerved a lot of people': GOP Gov. Kasich ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/ohio-gov-john-kasich-offers-view-state-republican-57041099"}