'I think the President will win Ohio': Gov. Mike DeWine

Martha Raddatz interviews Gov. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, on "This Week."
7:18 | 09/06/20

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Transcript for 'I think the President will win Ohio': Gov. Mike DeWine
Republican governor Mike dewine from battleground Ohio joins us now. Ohio is one of the states we traveled through this week. Good to see you this morning, I want your reaction to the article. Do you believe those are things president trump could have said? Well, Martha, I read the article. But, you know, any time I've been with the president, there's been discussion about the military, he's been extremely respectful. That's been my personal experience. You know, Jeffrey Goldberg is a very respected reporter, Jennifer griffin from Fox News also said she confirmed parts of the article, so how does that resonate with you? Well, these are certainly respected journalists. But, you know, I'm kind -- like my friend chuck Hagel, we served in the senate together, you know, one of the things that he just said in your interview, people should come forward, you know, anonymous sources are interesting, but, you know, it will never have the credibility I think for the general public unless people actually come forward or willing to do that. But again, my experience with the president, he's been extremely respectful, exactly what you would respect a president in reference to any conversation in regard to the military, you know he's come into Ohio. Governor, you certainly -- governor, I want to stop you for a second, because you know what he said about John McCain in the past. Is I disagree with that? Does that change your mind at all? John McCain, I have a great respect for, he was a dear, personal friend of mine. You heard the voices in that piece, veterans upset who do believe it. More than 19 million veterans in this country today, they accounted for 13% of the voters in 2016 according to exit polling, 60% voted for trump at the time. 34% for Hillary Clinton. Could this make a difference in the race, again I reference those voters who say, yes, I believe he could have said those things? Well, I don't know, Martha, I really don't know. I mean, you know, we're into the campaign, you know a lot of things come out in a campaign, and I think sometimes people, when they only come out during a campaign, you know people are somewhat skeptical about them, this is -- you know, we're into the 60 days, so I don't know what impact that's going to have. I think what the president has done in regard to the economy before we hit the virus, you know, I think people in Ohio are generally very happy with that. You know, the president made commitments in regards to the supreme court and federal courts, we're very happy with what he's done there. It's going to be a close race in Ohio. I think the president is going to win Ohio. Ohio has always been a battleground state. Neither side can ever take Ohio for granted. I want to turn to the protests, as the protests continue across the country, the administration blames the violence on state and local officials who either did not or were slow to request federal assistance, you as a governor, what should your counterparts in Oregon and Wisconsin have done differently do you believe? You know, I don't know that. They have to deal with the problem. They're the ones who are on the grounds. We've had a number of protests in Ohio. We worked very closely with our mayors, we've given them support whenever they asked for it with the National Guard. Look, we want to support protests, but we don't tolerate violence, and that's always the line. We want to support our police, we have a bipartisan bill in front of the legislature which I hope they pass, we involved community groups -- excuse me, we've involved the police organizations and it calls for some very significant police reform in regard to training and investigations, so we have a good bill and I hope the legislature will pass it. I think people are looking for very positive things, you know, I've never met a police officer who didn't want more training and, you know, I started as a county prosecutor and worked very closely with police departments. But there's always someone who's not fit quite candidly to be a police officer. One thing we provide in our bill is a psychological exam, just to screen people out who are not really fit to be police officers. And I want to turn to president trump and the election, he continues to sow confusion about vote by mail efforts. This week, he encouraged voters in North Carolina to vote twice. I'm going to assume you would not condone that sort of illegal behavior there in Ohio. What are your concerns going into election day? You can do in mail-in ballots up until the day before the election, this is going to be a very different election night and it could go on for a long time, what are your concerns? Well, Martha, I can only speak to Ohio. I've talked extensively with our secretary of state, we have a very good system in Ohio for many years, two decades I think, voters have been able to vote absentee with no reason. They can just ask for an absentee ballot. The secretary of state tells me that we're at least double over the requests that we would normally receive now. We're used to doing thing. They also can vote in person at the board of elections during the week. Then, we even have Sunday voting in Ohio the weekend before the election. So ample opportunity. What we tell people to do is, look, everyone, by the way S now getting in the mail their application, they can fill that out -- every voter in Ohio is getting it. We're asking people if you're going to vote that way, you know to do it as early as you can. The other thing, Ohio law provides that the ballot can be counted up until ten days after the election as long as it's postmarked by the Monday, so, again, we don't want anybody to wait til the Friday to mail in but they also have the ability to drop off at the board of elections. We're not concerned about Ohio. We always have to be vigilant. Our elections in Ohio and across this country are handled in a very bipartisan way. We're confident things are going to work out fine as far as casting. Okay, governor, we hope that will as well. I enjoyed very much crossing through your state. Thanks for joining us this morning.

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{"duration":"7:18","description":"Martha Raddatz interviews Gov. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"72848087","title":"'I think the President will win Ohio': Gov. Mike DeWine","url":"/ThisWeek/video/president-win-ohio-gov-mike-dewine-72848087"}