Rep. Charlie Dent Calls on Republican Party Chairman to 'Stand Up' to Trump

The Pennsylvania congressman weighs in on growing calls by Republicans for Donald Trump to withdraw as the party's nominee.
4:09 | 10/09/16

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Transcript for Rep. Charlie Dent Calls on Republican Party Chairman to 'Stand Up' to Trump
And we're joined now by one of the members of congress trying to get trump off the ticket right now congressman Charlie Dent from Pennsylvania the chair of the house ethics committee. And mr. chairman thank you for joining us this morning you just heard Rudy Giuliani count terms not going anywhere. Well George first thanks for having me on program. But look that we didn't we cannot defend. The indefensible we all have to contend these comments in the strongest possible terms but nobody should be surprised. By what's happened here. We've been listening to these incendiary and inflammatory comments for over in the a year now. From diminishing due John McCain's service is a POW. To mocking the disabled to the ethics being smears against Mexicans and Muslims to David duke debacle the Indiana judge. The kind failing. Miss universe and her weight and now this. You know. A look at well Donald Trump withdraw from the race no. But it but should he yes. The so I feel that we have to do something here near we have a Republican Party we have a we have looked out what's for the in the best interest Republican Party the whole party. We have congressional majorities at stake that have to be protected and and would let's get. The do what we Mathieu called on the GOP chair rice. Issue but are you getting any signal from him or his team. He's prepared to take more aggressive action to get down trump bought the ticket. Well I I think they took a positive step yesterday if if the reports are true that they're going to redirect resources away from the presidential race toward the congressional majorities. That's a good thing but. Again as a party leader I think at times are yet to stand up and do some pretty difficult things in this may be one of them. Right now and the chairman you really must stand up and do what's in the best interest of the entire party we have congressional majorities. At stake I'm a member of the party of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. And Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush but you know this is just not the party it's about the country. You know I'm I'm disturbed not just by always incendiary comments but also the policy issues from Russia to. The NATO comments. And on it goes we just we it's hard to discuss policy in this election when we're debating the weight of miss universe are now the Billy bush video. It's is a very frustrating to many of my colleagues and and I think we have to step up and then do what we must talk about to protect. He talked earlier colleagues right there in as speaker of the house Paul Ryan. Said he was sickened by the video but is still. Saying he supports. Donald Trump released he is not cities not gonna support entrepreneur he's having a conference call with you and all of your colleagues. Tomorrow do you think you can convince him. To have been in the taken. Well look I'm a great admirer speaker Ryan. I and he's in a different position and I am as the titular head the Republican Party but I think. If many of my colleagues who are not yeah elected members of leadership stand up. And do what I've done a many of my other colleagues have done and by the way I I. Distance myself from the nominee on before I hadn't endorsed him even before this video side I've been out a record but I think is more more my colleagues. Step up I think that would put a lot of pressure. On the Republican leaders. He opted to to to follow their members you know who are moving very quickly and again I just. I just deeply concerned about the country I'm absolutely opposed to Hillary Clinton in this election don't misunderstand me. I think she's disqualified based on the way she mishandled negligently and carelessly classified material but. That's not the issue at the moment the issue for us as you know how we gonna get our house in order we only have thirty days left now we can talk about it other candidates people like Bob gates. Condoleezza Rice governor Kasich who I strongly supported her for president. I did I mention Mitch Daniels of president of Purdue University former governor all impeccable people who could actually win this race in thirty day meeting to vote no logistically this could happen I don't know. What set off cross that bridge when I get to it hi how how the Afghan write someone and but I just mentioned for people I would strongly consider right there congressman thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"The Pennsylvania congressman weighs in on growing calls by Republicans for Donald Trump to withdraw as the party's nominee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"42678033","title":"Rep. Charlie Dent Calls on Republican Party Chairman to 'Stand Up' to Trump","url":"/ThisWeek/video/rep-charlie-dent-calls-republican-party-chairman-stand-42678033"}