Republican strategist on 2018 midterms: Democratic wave 'heading toward a tsunami'

The "This Week" Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics.
10:47 | 03/18/18

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Transcript for Republican strategist on 2018 midterms: Democratic wave 'heading toward a tsunami'
Both of these candidates, the Republican and Democrat ran as conservatives, ran as pro-gun, pro-life anti-nancy Pelosi conservatives and that's the takeaway. I don't think he ran against me the entire time but on his positive agenda. I feel pretty confident we'll win and win big and a lot of seats and that's going to be good for the American people. House leaders responding to that win by Conor lamb in Pennsylvania 18 this week of district that trump won by 20 points. We'll get to that in a minute and introduce Katrina vanden heuvel of "The nation," Matt schlapp from the conservative union, Roland martin from TV one and -- Black panther, come on. Okay. Sara Fagen, Republican strategist, CNBC contributor. Yeah, we are owned by Disney so I'll get that out there right now. We got to begin with this flurry of activity in the last 48 hours since the firing of Andrew Mccabe. Matt, let me begin with you and heard from Chris Christie and senator Lankford fairly confident they say that president trump is not going to move to fire Robert Mueller. Are you that sure. I don't know. I guess we have toe what happens. It's been a heck of an interesting process. For my point of view, I served with Bob Mueller. I trust he's going to do the right thing by the American people right thing he will look at the facts and talk to everyone he should talk to and make recommendations and I think that's what his job is and I think for most of us who support president trump, the most alarming part of all this is that some of our worst fears that the FBI and people within the FBI were somehow agitating against the president turned out to be true. You have James Comey and you have now Mr. Mccabe both kind of caught up in this idea that they were leaking inappropriately leaking and you have the -- you have the ethics officer recommending that Mr. Mccabe be fired. I mean I think this is a moment where the country should take a step back in a bipartisan way and look at what happened at the FBI. You look -- when you look at the substance of those so-called leaks and Mccabe says what he was doing was fully authorized. His ethics officer disagrees. On the substance of what was being leaked showing that they were going after -- continuing the investigation of Hillary Clinton, not what president trump is suggesting. Well, back on that question, remember, it was James Comey and -- who made this final determination to not go after Hillary Clinton on what people -- some people saw as infractions dealing with her server and e-mails. Now you hear from other folks who say that within that investigation there were plenty of those prosecutors who wanted toic that the steps. Why did James Comey step away and then why did he so strangely come in right before the election and reengage? George, the Mueller investigation should continue. Must continue. But there was something else that happened this past week that should happen. Gina Haspel, a practitioner and advocate of torture was nominated to be head of the CIA and the senate intelligence committee, you had senator Lankford on of the committee, has been sitting on a 6700-page report that must be declassified. It was commissioned by the committee. It has never been except for a summary report been released and it is vital to show what the committee found in terms of lying about the torture program and also how ineffectual it was. That should lead the senate to not confirm Gina Haspel but the declassification of such information is vital in the public interest especiallily as we sit here on the 15th anniversary this month of a war we were taken into by lie, by deceit and thedestabilization of the Middle East and our country. You opened with Mccabe. The indecency here is the president. His attacks on him. His attacks on Jeff sessions. His attacks on anyone. If U.S. Work in this administration as a career official or appointy it's like the movie "Get out," you are in the sunken place and his behavior is shameful. If the president had simply allowed the process to move forward it would be fine but for him constantly agitating on social media, that's why people are saying it's tainted. You're right. You know, there is -- he shouldn't be agitating. He shouldn't be commenting on these things. Matt is also right. There's some real troubling behavior out of the FBI over these last -- this last election on both sides. But here's one thing I think is really important to point out. Andrew Mccabe is a 20-year veteran of the FBI. He has been for virtually all of his career an honorable public servant. He may deserve to be fired but, boy, you better find criminal wrongdoing or that he broke the law if you're going to deny him his pension. I. I mean the way it was done was so humiliated. I was moved by the head of the professional caucus offered to bring in Mccabe into his office to work on election security so he could get vested in his pension. I come back. There was more news this past week. A lot of ink and talk spilled about Mccabe and Mueller. What about the new secretary of state. He gets more funds from the Koch industry brothers and he wants to go -- wants to go to war with -- Listen, wants to go -- Rex tillerson, the way -- That was humiliating. No tears shed for Rex tillerson. There are tears shed for a hawk and consistent seems to be a desire to trach this country to war to conflict with Iran which I think must be -- Well, one of the issues we face every single week is the amount of news that continues to flow out of -- Not making your life easy. Matt, one of the questions -- I wanted to pick up on -- there seem to a fair amount ofchurning. He fires Rex tillerson without even calling him up and before the firing is done 0 the tweet. Brings in Mike Pompeo. One of the things we're seeing there is the president appears to want to it surround himself only with people who basically agree with him. I don't agree with that at all. I do think there is a lot of turn in the administration and I think it's a function of the fact you had a guy be elected president. This hasn't happened since George Washington who came outside of government. Even George Washington had military experience and helped found the country so this is a very unique historical episode and he comes in and he gets a lot of advice of who he should put in these political positions after a year on the job, the most heady political wins we've ever seen with the special counsel almost every day of his administration. He's now saying, I understand the job better and know who I need to have around me. For anybody to say other than Mike Pompeo who finished top in his class in west point and went to Harvard law has been a CEO of two companies and member of congress is anything other than qualified for the job is really kind of an absurd statement so he's putting people around him, I think general Kelly is also somebody who has earned respect from the American people. He's putting people around him who are giving him advice, by the way you say he wants to have people around him who only agree with him. He just picked a new head of -- a new economic adviser who disagrees with him. Well, it did seem like until the end of the week, Sara, that general Kelly might have been the next to go. He may have been the next to go. You know the other thing we've seen in these firings is there seems to be this long run-up to when someone does, in fact, either resign or is outright fired. So the fact that there's so much conversation around general Kelly, H.R. Mcmaster, it's hard to imagine they're long-term players here. But also shows how all of these folks, theyle fell for the con. I use the hashtag we tried to tell you. I'll hire the best people, the smartest people. You don't have this much turnover in -- he hasn't reached 18 months yet. The number of people who are leaving and it's how he also treats people. I'm telling you if I, worked in this administration I'm trying to get out as fast as I can. Don't worry. It's not going to happen. I can guarantee it's not going to happen because I'm way too honest and would tell had imexactly what he thinks and he doesn't want to hire people like that. The blue wave that comes in 2018, November 2018 but we saw was stunning in Pennsylvania and I I think you have 100 plus districts beyond that one who are more anti-Trump than P.A. 18 and 20 were labor plays a big role. Conor lamb, it's ridiculous. Paul Ryan said he ran as a rp can. Give me a break. He ran for universal health care, protecting social security and labor rights and for all kinds of important -- He did run against Nancy Pelosi. Some Democrats will, I think she's an extraordinarily effective legislative speaker but she's not in power. Trump, Mcconnell Ryan are in power and I think those who run with trump are going to have a harder time than those who run with Pelosi but important to run in your district with concrete bread and butter kitchen table shall issues. Conor lamb is a loud canary in the coal mine for Republicans. Etz a loud canary in the coal mine, you're right. I would love to point to Republican fund-raising numbers, tell you that the political rules have changed in the last year which to some degree they have, it's harder to predict -- Does it transfer to candidates -- Here's what really matters if you're looking at just the data. We've had nine special elections in this since the president took office and Democrats have outperformed their partisan advantage in the district. Their partisan number in that district by an average of 15 points. If that holds, Democrats are going to have a great night in November. It's not just going to be a wave. It's going to be heading toward a tsunami. But it matters. What we're missing out on is the mobilization and organization happening on the ground. When you see what happened in that particular district, also at's happening on mother's day reverend William barber, the poor people's campaign, 40 consecutive days of action as well. This I've been meeting around the nation for two years in Idaho, Kansas, North Carolina, Ohio, across the country, white, blacks, Asian, Latinos and people underestimating what is happening on the ground. We keep focusing on, well, who is a candidate. What's happening in D.C. There is a mass mobilization and as we spm the black women's roundtable Melanie Campbell said she had many people coming who she never heard of. How do they know we exist? We're out of time. Are you worried. Of course. The economy and the strength of the economy. Do people feel better about their own economic prospects? It's candidate quality and it's the fund-raising numbers which are going to matter. When you look at all that, I if would rather have our cards. Is it's trump, trump, trump. Yep, mobilization. Thank you all very much. When we come back it's election

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