Top Senate Dem: Potential shutdown 'entirely in the hands of President Donald Trump'

Democratic Whip Sen. Dick Durbin joins "This Week" to discuss a judge's ruling Friday that declared the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional and the potential for a government shutdown this week.
6:23 | 12/16/18

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Transcript for Top Senate Dem: Potential shutdown 'entirely in the hands of President Donald Trump'
The supreme courssed the most important vote in a generation on health care affecting ery singlemecan. Georit It is president Obama's signature gislation ane supreme court upheld the requirement very American buy he care. All through this fight F he care, the white house was insisting the mandate was not a tax. Ent into the courts argued it was. Now it's been upheld. Beusrt decided it is a tax. THAs when the supreme court upheld the individual mandate for obare. Now a federal judge in Texas ruled that mandate is uncoti striking down the whole law. It's created a lot of condem by Democrats, including by senator dick senator durb thank you joining us this morning. Iano get your opinion on that ruling. First, your reaction mayor giulia you arying if th president authorized these payments to Karen Mcdougal, your response? Park selves on the sidelines and let Mueller mpinvestigatn. Dot interfin, shape or form.ere's a biisan bil pending that would guarantee that, that senator Mcconnell doesn't wan to ca. At then of thy when Mueller's investigation is it should be disclosed to the American public. Tho see it ita they ought T understand everything' transpired. Let's talabout the Obamacare ruling. What did the judge get wrong here iur I think the judge, the Republican attorneys generho ghsuit didn'do the reican partyny favor. E sue in the November 6th election that moved 40 seats from the republiclumn to the democratic column,e biggest si ihe affordabarwhher it would cover people with pre-exis condition thesreican attorneys general have S to abolish this lndo end protection forple with aedical history. W the issues alive and well again. The Republicans hao ternative to tffordable care act. The president says he wants to sit down wiou and tal out it. Well, of se, we WOU be happy to do that. Look at the history of this president for two years he's done everythi ihis power UT end to the protections included. He found audn Texas who agrees with him. It has to be appealed for sure. In the meantime, theepublicans once againacehe question do you believe we shoulve althcare accessible, affordable and cover tho W pre-existing conditions. That's T issue. Do you think the higher courts will D the rule of the feral judge I don't know. 'S hard to say. Chief justice Roberts found an argument which was salient to him the last time ite before the suprecour if I Rea that level. It goes up te circuit VEL another theygree with this judge or not remains to be seen. Thi issue puts the repcans in on the spot. If young to take away the rdable caract, how will you protect the millions of people using it for health insurance for their family let's talk about the oval office showdown between senator schumed leader Pelosi and the president. It seemed after thatee wereeaded for a shut down over issue of the wall. Do you agree? It's entirely in the hands of president Donald Trump. He bragged it's his decision. I'llhut it dowif I don'tet my wl, my $5 bil sea to shining sea wall. You can see thiresident H really fixated on this issue. If we'rekiut border security weugo attention to the cenf disease control. They said the most deadly narcotic in the U.S. I fentanyl. President says that's we need a wall. Pardon ? Heresident says that's why we need a wall. Of the narco coming into T united Ates are coming through ports of entry. What we could do is be scanning E veoming intohe United States to see if they contain contraband, narcotics, firearms, evenic of human trafficking. WER than 1 vehicleare G now. I asked the peo inr protect what would it cost to scan all the vehicles coming in.they said 00 million. That's a far cry from $5 bilon and a more effectiv way have a secure Would it be worth I T the president ssort of downpaymt on the wall to keep the government open? We're trying toe administration and the experts at the departmof homeland securihe they need. They tell us they need technology and personnel. We put $billion one table for barriers if they're necessary define them in the way so we're ilding a M wall, but them in a way that M sense. It's up the president to accept this. I don't think he will. The good othuntry I hope he es. There's the possibility passing E bipartisan justice reform bill. I know leader connellas resi to that. Do you think it will be done? Pends on older MCL. If he sets up a floor process ir to bothides, it can B achievn a few da. We're going to start T deb on it Monday night. He can't turn to the republican senators oppose itnd there are aboufour or five wo, D say you get amendments and no one else can. We have to bled amendmen to the R side and I hope senator Mcconnell will be even handed in heproac thank you Sor Durbin. Thanks, George.

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"Democratic Whip Sen. Dick Durbin joins \"This Week\" to discuss a judge's ruling Friday that declared the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional and the potential for a government shutdown this week. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"59848261","title":"Top Senate Dem: Potential shutdown 'entirely in the hands of President Donald Trump'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/sen-dick-durbin-future-obamacare-59848261"}