Sunday Spotlight: Dennis Lehane

The author and Boston native reflects on the resilience of Boston's citizens.
3:15 | 04/21/13

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Transcript for Sunday Spotlight: Dennis Lehane
Its spiritaptured by the native son, dennis lehane. I have been proud to be from boston my whole life. I don't think I have been proud as I have been this week. The thing that will stick with me the rest of my life is the plot of these brothers failed within two seconds of the first explos objective of terror is to rattle the populous, it's to make them paralyzed with fear and to see all of these civilians run toward the blast, to help their fellow civilians, to help their fellow bostonians, their fellow members of the human race, was one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen. It was one of the great acts of heroism that I have ever witnessed. Other thing that was really striking to me was to walk through the streets was to see how many people were hugging. I saw a lot of that. We're a city that values civil discourse and civil liberties. At the same time, we have this pugnacious pride, romantic underdog, if you're going to hit me, you better hit me very, very hard or I won't go down. We are red sox fans for a century. It's a tough people. We are one. We are boston. We are strong. There actually is a joke going around right now on the internet. Boston is such a tough city that, if you mess with it, they'll shut the entire city down unthey find you. Nobody's walking away from this, nobody's going to escape. We're going to catch you and then we're going to throw you in jail and throw away the key and move on with our lives. I got a couple of texts from friends that were the same texts they messed with the wrong city, I think the citizens of this city, we're not going to change. Whatever your objective was, whatever you thought you were going to do to our city, it's not going to change. Going to the marathon next year, I think there are going to be twice as many people there. I think it's going to be euphoric. We took a punch and we got right back again. Suspect in custody! When it came back we got him, euphoria, relief and you could see a sense of vindication, of justice prevailing, of our values trumping very corrupt values. I think you could feel that. It felt wonderful. Good for boston. Thanks for sharing part of your sunday with us. Check out david muir tonight and I'll see you on "good morning america" tomorrow. ♪ ♪ what so proudly we haileded ♪

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{"id":19010341,"title":"Sunday Spotlight: Dennis Lehane","duration":"3:15","description":"The author and Boston native reflects on the resilience of Boston's citizens.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-sunday-spotlight-dennis-lehane-19010341","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}