White House official says Democrats are taking an 'implausible position' on immigration

Aftering spending Saturday trying to negotiate a deal between the White House and lawmakers, White House legislative affairs director Marc Short joins "This Week."
6:48 | 01/21/18

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Transcript for White House official says Democrats are taking an 'implausible position' on immigration
a winning issue. Jon Karl thanks. Let's bring in Marc short. Thank you for joining us. Let's start out with what Jon Karl was talking about, the meeting Friday between president trump and senator Schumer where they had the outlines of an agreement. Are we close? I think what's be fuddling us is we think we're making process. The president outlines four priorities in helping to solve the DACA issue. We want to do this too. These are people age 16 to 36 with worm work permits. They're here being productive. We want to solve border security and end chain immigration and the Visa lottery program. In two of those main function we're seeing Democrats move on the border security issue which is what border security agents said this is what we need. I think you've shown the white house showing an openness to expand that population. Democrats said there are other people that should be part of DACA organization. We've shown a willingness to consider that. We feel like we're making progress. What's be fudling why are we shutting down the government? On the specifics of that deal our understanding was that senator Schumer overed $20 billion over seven years on the border wall in return for no changes in the chain immigration and Visa lottery. Is that something you can sell to Republicans in the congress? George, the problem with that is we're back in the same position in a few years. If we don't solve the chain immigration Visa lottery we're back here in a couple years. The two terror attacks that recently happened in the united States the pipe bomber came in through chain immigration. The terrorism who ran over people in New York came through the Visa lottery program. These are programs people want ended. We need to make sure we don't end up back at the table having the same conversation. So that's the official position of the white house. It teamed according to senator Schumer that the president was intrigued by that initial deal. In the meantime there weren't any meetings with the president at the white house. I want to show something the president himself said in 2013 during the last government shutdown. You have to get everybody in a room. You have to be a leader. The president has to lead. You have to be nice and be angry and be wild and ka jol and do all sorts of things. You have to get a deal. The government shut down at midnight on Friday. Why didn't have them to the white house? He did. He had a bipartisan group of members to discuss these issues. That's a lifetime ago in politic. We're facing Democrats taking an I am plausible position saying we're going to deny funding to 2 million troops, tens of thousands border patrol agents. That's an impossible place in which to negotiate. Chuck Schumer in 2013 said it's like somebody coming into your house, taking your wife and children hostage and trying to negotiate the price of your house. That's exactly what he's doing right now. Bottom line you're not going to move until the Democrats say they're willing to open the government without consider changes in DACA? I don't think that's true. I think you've seen us move throughout the negotiation on immigration. The bill -- the amendment being offered is a change from four week to three week continuing resolution which is what the Democrats asked for. We have been yielding and showing flexibility to say let's find a deal to make sure our troops and border patrol agents aren't denied payment. I know a bipartisan group of senators are working on a deal to extend government funding until February 8 in return for a promise from the leadership and president they would get votes on immigration deals in both houses. Is the president willing to make that promise? There's a bill that's been introduced to the house that we hope gets a vote. The senator doesn't have a bill that's been introduced. The Democrats say we need to rally behind the Durbin, flake, grand position. We're happy to open that debate whenever they went. General Kelly went to congress and said we need a solution. We're not afraid of a time table. We want to have the right resolution. How worried are you that this is going to come back to hurt Republicans? You saw our poll coming in. Americans more inclined to blame Republicans and the president for the shut down than Democrats? I think Eric Trump was right. Democrats are forcing this shut down because they look at what's happened over the last year. They see the record tax cut. They see the repeal of individual mandate, the roll back of regulations, the record number of circuit court judges and they see the president making a difference. They put themselves in a box. How do you get out of a situation where you're denying funding to our troops and border agents. Meanwhile this ad coming out last night. It's pure evil. President trump is right. Build the wall, deport criminals, stop illegal immigration now. Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal Manhattans. President trump will fix our border and keep our families safe. I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message. Democrats complicit in murder? George, I think the reality is there are safety concerns. One of the reports that came out last week there's over 2,500 people trying to get in our country each and every year. That's over seven per day trying to get into the United States. Yet we're not doing anything to fix the immigration law. There's plenty of studies that show Manhattans don't commit crimes higher than other negotiations. Aren't you worried that ad is going to poison the well for negotiations. I think what's poisoning the well is the decision to shut down the government and not supporter troops. Thanks for your time.

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"Aftering spending Saturday trying to negotiate a deal between the White House and lawmakers, White House legislative affairs director Marc Short joins \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"52499827","title":"White House official says Democrats are taking an 'implausible position' on immigration","url":"/ThisWeek/video/white-house-legislative-affairs-director-marc-short-52499827"}