'Cuba' Exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History

ABC News' Charli James visits the exhibition on biodiversity, history and culture of the island of Cuba.
31:33 | 11/15/16

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Transcript for 'Cuba' Exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History
The Caribbean nation of Cuba has been getting a lot of attention NN news a lot recently because of big change is politically and business. Love and the American Museum of Natural History is here ended. New York City. Com has T he opportunity. Also showing the violent bird diversity and culture of Cuba and in new exhibit named Hugh you can see over my shoulder here. And there's a press preview today as that we are lucky enough to appeal to bring you inside the exhibit a little bit early. Show you some of the highlights and we have one at that co curators here Chris Rackley. I know use specialized in the animal and plant. Aspect but you've been working. Very hard time. Now let's find out so I've been working excuse now almost two years and access thought it plucking people aren't 2000. Mind. We had a long period of collaboration with that Cuba that issues in math. And down it's just an incredible places that we rich stories tell we found that. Look this exhibition together Lewis boiling choice we want to include the culture of Cuba. And raping people up to speed in terms of the history pretty sure he won't he was like today and then reels of focus on this amazing biodiversity. And it didn't talk about Tom Howell these compounds in animals that are distributed plus a special mapping and keep them thinking what is disclosed prizes will be found of this. Let's start locking you out here at don't want all explains it behind it you're seeing. And some portraits of people. Who live or have lived in Cuba. As well as the business just kind of eight. A little bit geography lesson on the islands all the different weekend. Things anyone has few it's just happy he but it certainly is about all. And yet this city belongs in the something. Florida so so coast to United's. Besides you archipelago of mouth full Nelson on items. 04000 miles. So even itself when you start looking at that. Good XP and I Cuba's coastline he stopped LS. How enormous. What that is pathologist this means a great place attempts of palm. Exploration on the I'm destiny in animals and sponsorship pounding Cuba and no one else does well look I'm features to shed some hints about. How mom. To the west it is in Cuba so well you have Westin com Cuba this massive Easton area to get one side of the Ayatollah. Like mindedness two dates times. That meeting place. Pretty complex this is the S mountain Lebanon as we have reconstruction. This in the exhibition and when someone opened again. This is where the yes eyewitness is that what was what was not what I'm. They. United States he makes. Now there's so much that you could have include. Young and and then he has looked he has locked into the next room you guys work. I carefully making sure that you included. Some of the real cultural touch points that right I'll have such ads that classic cars. And cigars. But also with some big surprise what on earth and turn the camera around electorate. Died. Learn. Obviously dawned on my yeah. Even today his OC. Possibly the 1950s being driven around they are not just but tourists and they aren't practical classical. That 1955. JD NN what is the right moment obviously. In view. Just like his quietly is constantly around why they survived. They our important and large numbers in the fees businesses under the visa regime. Which has also. I would never a lot of American business and threatens. That's an easy time that you revolution. Be breaking news constantly and that was big for two reasons one is. That's. Cuban government itself had tight restrictions on importing costs and a second they've made a wrong. Resolved with a United States still possible and impossible Wimbledon anyway because of the plate. Let's yeah. This actually came up and elevates that we have one elevate to the museum that's just big enough. It actually invaded it and I'll. In just as bad in the enemy. And that this actually is a crowd that we had sold locally it actually came from. Classic. Conrad announcement and it's. Maybe that's got a couple of books which. Means that we're. Plastic compounds that's dissolved. A. Lessons for the local election. That's his uncle that this is both possible. Like today. Possibly see yeah. You can't ever gotten to try one I had nothing else why she hasn't passage 'cause myself not. Particularly admirable. 8005 there might motivate standards you know sort of suspect news is great differences and thousands are still very much Jeff functioning parts and think. What's also striking about it announced that fixing it. As we sure appreciate it probably has the evening Nancy. One thing it's. You know I'm moving on into the next area news interesting hound in. You that you didn't look like he needs pretty hard right. So we actually want to make here expensive maintenance that also involved having us about leaning stand up. It reviews. So we have the central area here. It is. Holiday. Signs which is typical of the outfit she's in many cities and and Cuba and we actually at the end we have species. Four different decisions he's that would show and he is being. Me so it's like these taxis on what is now it's a lot of them. Love and agriculture bank putting Cuba. Just that was found. Aid they have. Going back there isn't even boot and then music. Also he says things like hot coffee and even baseball so I placed it happens on a 2.2 what do you and then the governor is a race on either side. My left hand side ready focusing on the fire. Stopping case. And Humboldt national park. We have a room full of the reefs and that's let's what. The lack inside the bidding went other aspects of Cuba's unfortunately you. Is on example we act tobacco industry's. It's me. In the religion. Deletions which some people were thought to the Santa Maria. Muscles that relates to what he has a history for example we have many African slaves bringing out of our route that runs religious police from West Africa. They also the car and have a whole section dealing with a vibrant. They and so we have lots of fun pop pieces. Michigan is the only gum problems day living Cuban. Just. So we'll go ahead and check out some of those little bit closer in you tape and I'm things like the bicycle taxi here. Which are visually striking but then often use it as an opportunity to teach you about an economic and small business in human rights. Over the last ten years there's been a rational. Yeah this thing I'll call. State control over businesses and people have the opportunity to. Thought that I businesses. One example is something you see is all great hope is on the street. That's down then yeah that's enough for example. Running rest. Opening up now hope sitting on and bring this place. We're. Everywhere you go to. That is in the city you'll see you talk about that about. And it is really just that the sitting out now. Humans are finding those subs. New ways to actually. Recently sort of a great new enterprise. None of them believe that he believed to have it on and animals clearly can't imagine McMillan. I am so glad I'm not have a touches my study. Reptiles and amphibians. When it came to having live animals are ready wants the house. Life. Business and frogs and us legs and so we'll these cages and we have. These analysts and secrecy. Want to know on last month and then yeah that we'll animal runs. This is that even an animal from its species find the tops of trees. In. And in the wooded areas in Cuba Cuba house mideast it was pieces of on this story this particular group hasn't really remarkable list. Some. Not specious but we also have and speeches she had tiny in size but that it's wrong it's. Even streams that nearly all models. I'm even. Wasn't well they actually healthy moves so this he this like El Paso animals. And lead you to bring all of these men and animals from Q and that's why we didn't actually gotten any song I don't know captive bred they already out up here and now. In the states. Somebody speaks is old enough Rashtchy invasive now consolidate in some of Florida the other night panel that they haven't been solved in the specious. Our yeah they were previously and he's done accidentally into Cuba. I and concerns that a little lights and electric comedian human mind and mounting national Africa. It's some slow moving and that exists only on bronzes. It's has I'll be at the richest sources race in the two two real comedians. And you can see his eyes sitting around that house as well. Already particularly come a mosque. To help lines. And we have these are small when he. And analysts and their adaptive re launched four three drunks and and so everything I have in the elections. Can't even sit up around 100 talk put us on an awesome night. And other businesses. It's a lead is smaller than it was BCC itself off. When the males have brilliant guerrilla heads Winona display. And the dominant in this area here we have an example about Cuban snake. This is. Hello well is off hiding in the N that the problem. And these snakes can get as large as abounds on this eight to ten feet in length and if you borrowers finding a local amount at the entrances to caves that they weren't hosting the rest of the flying an announcement. Eight systems. But there. Very effective president and vice president who also survived hunt him down moments. And yeah and hockey but keystrokes and as to what a man yeah. Our police. He McPhee roads I'm highly toxic. And now you rub your eyes on the road signs and the rays stingray is that you think you might know that from personal I did. That does not think these lovely day Asia I'm Mike cavalier about this and Sonny and Mike my eyes of the things that I was actually yeah. Gladys sensation. These are run a receipt of endemic to. Even a caravan. Sales speeches vicious. She's. I'm a Florida. These folks an interesting story came out to you love me. Diaw is kind of a rags to riches story she felt at home to action shady came up with some months. That. I think we're from Florida and ultimate legal doesn't and that's it's in the museum here now his. Did the big state yeah. Ron yeah. The green want to experience. We'll on the glass. We want you home. Historians like. Now in the big time place and a leading role play. Banks hold below ground agreed panels. Police are adapted to living in the incident two weeks or running on the ground and amongst. Yeah. I didn't species it means. You know on the ground maintenance. And done our viewers might not notice that everything here is. Smiling the whole thing right and I mean yeah. I mean maybe obvious for some people go quietly gotten a very important part of and then Malia. We already felt that. Flora made a business. Reading this on Texas managed will be yeah. So much more formative for them. We also why. Opened the exhibition will travel. To many years to venues. And so we're expecting that. In many parts of but the United States and even internationally. The Spanish text will actually be. Okay. Incredibly useful for a business and it's ready saw the found emphasizing that cultural connection. In this case between the United States Canada Cuba them to. We have these two two languages. Felt as a very warm. Nothing to do when below the crates specific challenges for a ride that someone laying out. These decks you've got a question for more information near doubling the and the information. So far graphics department they had great to special town this whole. But it was so pleased with the result it's. What counts alone. Parts like they're here but there aren't a little wasn't coming out sentences. It's a real ivory billed woodpecker exists pieces which is gone extinct in the United States now. Com was last seen her lovely in the 1980s in in Cuba and it may well. So this is and it's. Remote areas. And the eastern parts of Cuba web petitioning could still be something so. An amazing at least not. Vigilant. The humble expedition is actually about. We'll pick a hold hands. Sight behold the band. We did actually excavate now some. Thousands of both inside and instantly to beatings and beginning. So this is I think we'll look at. Perhaps outlining its blessing evidence that. Not real world affect us that existed at least you know relatively recently. You mentioned that we might not know whether or not that credit things right that because of some challenges with working in. Definitely yeah also. It's up. Big big island's. And there are some parts of the island that is still quite remote rugged you know with mountains and dealt with just a few trails of the inside the the interior. So Guam it's some place where arrest L. Few. The energy you can actually explore into areas that our. Quite difficult to access. I loved that challenge reminds him lot of like Bill Clinton Donovan slapped probably Indian and I asked them. But lets you see that so close to let United States and this is. Take a look at. Here this is called yeah which is its largest. Surviving endemic that road and Yankee ABC healthy it is. Publicize the book talk. Public weighs about fifteen pounds. And these all right so I think guests at the cute animals. Yeah. And then how. Comment on these or achieve our common of the but also keep them as pets and they've embraced them for food. But but yeah. This is this speech is and sometimes referred to. The phenomena rats and on Guantanamo Bay. Because at the end of the shape of that do it it's actually shake like the non. And yeah yeah. CIDs. And analysts Selena don't susceptible. But that was sort of thought extinct in the 1970s and then was we discovered and humbled. But what's it pretty cool about this animal actually hands and toxins. In its own saliva so alive insanity. Someone none of toxic specious. We don't fully understand yet what we'll. Alas a lot of his body might have some sort of it's on somebody's right to help that. Maybe it's AM on Rooney. Right amazing barring write this on basic law. Craig I still digital. Animal comes out tonight. Loving someone. So. He's thinking. It's probably any fun things that says some kind of rough activities as one of the smallest folks in the world seconds was also canceled. And you can see and a pencil tip them in the focus oddly must figure you know want to let them via a pencil this. Hello so imagine how small the the offspring must be thank you all home and small cardinal on the DL and you can't assist the FB humming. Which is that city's little song living in peace it's. The end smallest it's misleading than what you. Reasoning or is shiny Red Hat. Mandelson that's the other image that and enhance and they are very territorial and aggressive and achieving diet and these clinical too close the next spends only the mail comes down on is sort of it's not Bosnia which is one. I'm like yeah evening here. Around. His tiny I bombs that damaged I think that. That's buddy system is that giant home. I don't think that Adam and Ellen yeah this is the largest Allen long. He thought extinct now we. It is caves in. You. This is. Pack your life science. Multiple voices sound anything like headline news just once queens home. So flap on the able to fly your eyes of great leap to mind. The Los cited precedent think of those lakes missed giant poundstone man. And this was the top prison in Cuba says. Known as castle. Don'ts and rules and keep originally when people's phones. But that about 6000 music. But this out once. The at. Do you know when the colony. They're both the material sort of dating back into the full 6000 yes. Best estimate could probably disappear completely. People who are writing you go along 106. Maybe. At least his 5000 years ago just as as a guess now. Yeah. This. I'm not only ours. He at least John grounds like this. Reconstruct. Actually. Governor excavated. Sounds pretty impressive. Funerals are you business visas. We've actually reconstructed is still here. Customs have been attempted. The sad brown possibly actual original lot of the style and down based on other. Speeches we've actually managed to reconstruct now by keeping up face together for. This monkey an extra we have a style how long he has hasn't passed which is. Plus benefits that some species was found and he. Yeah. And checks and office Max. People's thinking about. So let me go right to people around about 6000 incident. There's still a lot of ought to be learned about that's the settlements. Punitive us. The best people in Cuba and activities are. Ensembles of ensemble. On these jobs. And some. Now where they came from every possible. Sometimes associated with case. But usually in that coastal areas. These data accidents they so beautiful. Thought anything home. How many things I never even exist. And then yeah we'll just yeah. Stories to tell. And how many surprising. Elements to keep. We have found any Cuban specialists that we'll stories. Is that she's ready from bringing new lives together. Allow people to now might wander through when. Ready. Get. What it was PPG you can possibly get and keep them up anyway. And so it. Cuba is an island don't know there's obviously a huge marine life and as well also let you go through a couple of. One of the big oh racing Cuba is the editor we. And down on the list the attack resistance. We actually had a lot of company this John Guy around and together we have shocks. We haven't inside eagle ray. We'll. That he's making me happy reason I'm hopeful that didn't Harlem. His son has already beautiful makes common if you enjoy I think it's Lauren called res. Let alone their only specious the whole reason given what you found out OKQ they. Found this graphic here he shows here. How important do you Perez and I'm Sophia slopes more around. Colorless. Should give us this vessel. Carl lobbying with the ocean. It's get a real sense of humorous innocent animal. More time. My favorite part ending the right here with.

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