French Labor Strikes Cause Gas Shortages

ABC News' Hugo Leenhardt gives us an update on the French fuel crisis.
5:32 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for French Labor Strikes Cause Gas Shortages
We're joined live by our colleague you believe heartened to us from Paris to tell us the latest on something. Over the last several weeks right this involves the labor laws being chased them protest and been very very long line. At the gas stations you've got taken away. I am exactly so where how to get fission actually right now the great car you see right behind me. The last one in the Q. She's not too long today it's okay but before you put him on the gas station gas prices etc. I would get a bit of context we can understand why this going on. So basically back in March. Ago. Left wing French government's proposed to labor law. A labor law to change the way that. Employers can fire employees the way extra hours of tape. Things like that. The unions and a lot of employees. Are very angry about its and for two months there have been major strikes major demonstrations. All across France there was a Cleveland today. In Paris with about. 18191000. People demonstrating according to the police a 100000 if you believe organizers. Who really has been a lot of movements surrounding that. And major criticism is that unions are seeing this is a left wing governments but it's nothing left wing policy it's the same thing as Reitman was doing. There's a lot of discontent surrounding that question. Fans late last week when unions have done is basically says well we're gonna hit them where it hurts and we'll. Gas refineries with a direct consequence is that you have less fuel millions of Paris and so you have these long queues. Gas stations has been Saddam birds and around right now and you can see behind me. Don't use of the gas stations people have been waiting for about thirty minutes yesterday attacks Douglas on the three for two hours to get gas so it's a complicated situation we're having here. This if you could give us the sense you ports are in Paris but how much of the country. Being affected by that hit mainly an urban problem or is it reaching other places as well. So basically there. Major problem is burden on urban areas removal areas where there's been a lot of guessing. So everybody from the villages around them are going to that one gas stations and a lot of them are close. But in Paris. Right now we just visited if you've got stations and there's two right nearby which are completely closed completely out of fuel. Which is. I can imagine really rare for parents and major capital city lot of stories lot of taxis everything and it's that they're they're disclose because they don't have enough fuel cell to. So it's but the bottom floors cities or rural areas especially in nab. Under that you know you can get on your phone. Just lot of success right now it's every contract. Which stations are still open which stations have gas because a lot of people are filling up gas stations and leaving because there's not they got that they won't. There was some diesel and there's not enough or scooters that can even runs the station business done enough gas left. Who visited complicated situation. That we had here and it's not just didn't notice its all of the prince. Com Hugo. We understand that the unions are protesting until device to make France more competitive. By extending the work week and making layoffs easier how is that being. Receive. Her yeah. But in the city you know. The latest polls it's been pretty even splits and defense cooperation between those who support the strikes and those who oppose the doses. Visited those who oppose the strikes. Like this striking for their own benefit and not. That's a minute help but this is doing. Performances weren't getting guys they have to pay more for gas and it's hurting and an infringement wallets. And then there's those who support the strikes were saying the government is really. Who's doing this it's it's a scandal that they're doing justice to support the workers. You have had a pretty even split what's going to be interest thing is if this continues its gas prices keep going. Did workers decide to block nuclear plants and electricity prices go up. Does support for these strikes is going to go down because people are going. Two start saying well. This is not possible we can seriously. You're queuing up for two hours every day to weigh QB to get gas and we can't have our electricity prices go up. Good to the situation is going to get interesting. And we'll see you know you have you rode the subway hero that's coming up in about two weeks now. A million tourists are coming to friends. It's going to be a major competition a lot of a lot of which was heavily becoming been claimed by. My dream. And we're going to see if this happens and there's still blocking gas stations and look nuclear plants houses and to impact such a major. Sports competition as the. That is our own Italy aren't in line there with several hot after the frustrated people there frustrating waiting for hours at a time in some cases to get gas there and parent.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"ABC News' Hugo Leenhardt gives us an update on the French fuel crisis. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"39404881","title":"French Labor Strikes Cause Gas Shortages ","url":"/Travel/video/french-labor-strikes-gas-shortages-39404881"}