Observe Live Animals at the American Museum of Natural History exhibit,'Cuba'

ABC News' Charli James visits the exhibition on biodiversity of the island of Cuba.
12:28 | 11/15/16

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Transcript for Observe Live Animals at the American Museum of Natural History exhibit,'Cuba'
Atlanta I'm not have a touches my study. Reptiles and amphibians. When it came to having live animals are ready wants the house. Line. Business and frogs and us legs and so we'll these pages here we have. These I don't lizards you can see want to know on. Almost yelled at Atlanta runs. This is a cute and nice little bit from its species find the tops of trees. In. Into the wooded areas in Cuba but Cuba has mideast it was pieces of on this. This particular group isn't it remarkable because some. Not specious. We also have and speeches she had time means but that rocks. Even streams and nearly all models. In my even. Wasn't well they actually healthy moves so this is actually I just like Alabama's opening animals. And then you had to bring all of these men and animals from you that's right well we didn't. They definitely song I don't know captive bred they already here in and out. In the states. Somebody speaks is old enough trashy invasive now consolidate in some of Florida the other night panel that they haven't been solved them. Specious. Our you know they were previously things he's done accidentally into Cuba. And it's some of the lookalike Sony Lincoln comedian human mind in mounting national Africa. It's some slow moving and it exists only bronzes. It's has oh beard which is awesome race in the two two real comedians. And you can see his ice living around the house is well. Already particularly coming blocks. To help Heinz. And we have these are small when he. And analysts and their adaptive re launched four three trunks and those. Members of the Atlanta in the elections. Can't even see it up around 100 to put us and let's tonight. And other businesses. It's a lead is smaller than it was BCC and so far. And the males have brilliant blue line heads Winona display. And the dominant in this area here we have an example of a Cuban snake. This is. Hello well resolved hiding in the Tom Malone. And these snakes can get as large as abounds on this eight to ten feet in length. He borrows finding a local amount at the entrances to caves that they weren't pushing past the flying an announcement. Eight seasons. But their. Very effective I've had an ambush predator missiles also have Huntsville moments. And and we have occupancy strokes. As a man content. Police me. He McPhee roads I'm highly toxic. And now you rub your eyes on the routes trying to be ready stingray is that she's touching my you know that from personal I did. That doesn't think he's a lovely day Asia I'm Mike cavalier about this and sunny and I don't like my eyes of the things that I was actually yeah. But a sensation. These are Romney originally they were endemic to. Even a caravan. Sales species vicious on its. And mom. These folks an interesting story came up to welcome. Diaw is kind of a rags to riches story she felt at home to actually shooting came up with some months and that. I'm looking forward from Florida and ultimate legal doesn't and it's it's in the museum here now his. Did the big stage. London and on yeah. The green want to experience. We'll on the glass. We want you home. Historians like. Now in the big time on flights leading role play. Banks hold below ground agreed panels. And these are adapted to living in the incident two weeks all right running on the ground in a moments. I. He didn't species it means. You know in the around us. And done our viewers might have noticed that everything here is. Eileen we'll hold it right it is yeah. And it may be obvious for some people go quietly done a very important part of and then we'll be. Yeah we already felt. For a meeting of business. Reading this on Texas managed will be. So much more informative for them. We also why I'm. Opened the exhibition will travel. To many as different venues and so we're expecting that. In many parts of but the United States and even internationally and the Spanish text slash BB. Okay. Incredibly useful for a business. And is ready soda found emphasizing that cultural connection. In this case between the United States Canada Cuba of them die. We have these two two languages. It does is a very important. Nothing to do when hello equates. Specific challenges for ride that someone laying out. He sticks you've got a question for more information near doubling the and the information. So far graphics department exaggerated special town dismal. But the centerpiece of the result it's clubhouse. Parts knocking through here but aren't it was the coming out sentences. It's that we L diving Olympic it was suspicious switches pipes into the United States now. Whose loss in a lovely. In the 1980s in in Cuba and it may well. So this is the answer we'll. Remote areas. And the eastern parts of Q web petition they could still be something so. Yeah. Amazing means nothing. Isn't vigilant. The humble expeditious action of we'll pick the whole hand. Sudden cold the fans and but we did actually excavate now some. X thousands on both inside and instantly to beatings and beginning. This is I think we'll look at. Perhaps outlining tantalizing evidence that. Not real world was thickness that existed at least you know relatively recently. You mentioned that we might not know whether or not that credit that things right is that because of some challenges was working and me yeah also. It's up. Big big island's. And there are some parts of the island that is still very remote rugged you know with mountains and with just a few trails of the inside the the interior. So Guam it's some place where arrest O. If you. The energy you can actually explored areas than an hour. Quite difficult to access. I'm of that town's reminds him lot of like Bill Clinton Donovan slapped partly Indian I passed out. But what you see that so close to let the United States and this is. Take a look at. Here this is called who tale which is the largest. Surviving endemic road and king QVC helping it is. Mountain publicized book talk public weighs about fifteen pounds. And these all right so I think guests at the cute animals. Yeah. And then how. Comment these rescue very common of the rules that keep them as pets and they've embraced them for food. But but gallery. This is the speeches to sometimes referred to that the non arrest and on Guantanamo Bay. Because at the end the shape of that coup if this actually shake like like a non. And the I'll see you behind east analysts Selena don't susceptible. But that was thought to thought extinct in the 1970s and then as we discovered and humbled. But what's it pretty cool about this animal is actually hands. Toxins. And it's not saliva so alive it's actually. Someone. Toxic specious. Without fully understand yet what the so like his body might have some sort of it's on somebody's right to help it. Maybe take him on Rooney. Right amazing. I write this. Right I still didn't want to see him Som. An animal comes out tonight and I love me some. Something slightly sinking. It's mobile ladies some things that says sun it's kind of rough activities as one of the smallest frogs in the world seconds was also canceled. And you can see and a pencil tip them in the front is hardly must figure you don't want to let them via pencil business. Idols imagine how small the the Oxford must be in Cuba also home in the smallest cardinal on the hill and you can't assist the FB humming. Quick check is actually salute Muslims living in peace. It's the end smallest soliciting then we'll these. Recent art is shining ahead. I don't see that's the image that townhouse and am very territorial and aggressive and actually being stifled these clinical too close to nests instantly in the mail comes down and is sort of it's not Bosnia which is yes bonds. Do little mark yeah an evening here. Around his tiny moms. I'm excited that thing that. That's very business that giant home. I don't think that Adam and Ellen yeah this is the largest Allen long yeah. I think like Steve now we. It is caves in. You. This is. Pack your life science. Multiple problems out between Lincoln lines the easiest ones though queens home. So flap on the able to fly Laura has a very weak mind. The Los cited precedent for the fate of those legs and as John poundstone man. And this was the top prison in Cuba says. Known as castle. Don't think people originally when people's phones. But that about 6000 music. But this out once. The it's you know when the colony. There but it's sort of dating back to the full 6000 yes. About done our best estimate could probably disappear completely. People who are writing in the long 106. Maybe. At least his fight thousand years ago just as as a guess now. And I need to exit. I'm not only ours. He at least John grounds like this. Reconstruction. Actually the Rick good faith that. Sounds pretty impressive. Funerals are you it's pieces of we've actually reconstructed this goal here. Customs have been attempted. The sad brown possibly actual original a lot of the style and based on other. Speeches we actually managed to reconstruct Mount Washington face together or. This monkey an extra we have a solid parliament he has hasn't passed which is. Plus benefits that some species was found and he. Yeah.

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