Snow turns to rain as nor'easter passes through Massachusetts

ABC News' Gio Benitez shows the impact of the winter storm on coastal Scituate, Massachusetts.
4:59 | 03/14/17

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Transcript for Snow turns to rain as nor'easter passes through Massachusetts
Our pal GOP need as has been reporting from Massachusetts to take a look. At how the storm affected folks there and it looks like it is not yet passed that GO what's the latest on the ground there in Massachusetts. Om none not done at all right now the snow and sleet has turned. Into this cold cold rain and that's what we're feeling right now. The winds are still very strong he could probably hear them howling around me and if you look behind me over there. That's that Scituate harbor over there and and you can see those waves in other parts of this the waves are just. Really crashing against the coastline there are lots of homes they are so there was that worry that perhaps during high tide. When those winds meet that high tide. That they would cause some coastal flooding. They fully we've been around there we haven't seen any flooding just yet. But people are definitely still watching that because you can see there are still some very very heavy winds here. We're not seeing those seventy mile per hour forecasted winds that we saw but we're seeing like 3035. Miles per hour it is still very very intent. GO give us a sense of how the storm has progressed through there because one of the things we saw with that it was dropping sleet and some areas of rain in others snow in others. Certainly along the coastal area like that wind is the problem has there been accumulation there too. Well you know at first win this first thing started early in the morning when we did Good Morning America you might have noticed that there wasn't a whole lot happening around me and so a lot of locals here are wondering gee. Is this thing gonna hit we were probably spared. Probably about an hour after that. That's what it started hitting hard those winds started hitting hard and fast and then we had the snow and it was a lot of snow again it's Elliott I've I've been a lot of snowstorm. This one had a lot of snow with it but now with this turning. Into rain. Now a lot of the snow is melting in fact right out here I've on this economic think and I walked over here just the state. And I walk let's walk over here to see concede. This entire deck was covered with snow. Earlier and you can see so much of it has just melted away and so that's what's happening now is that this accumulation is not happening. As expected because. Of these rates. So here's the thing we've been hearing from officials at different places is that. Even though it may not look that dangerous weather may not be a lot of snow on the ground. Overnight this could freeze and tomorrow could be more dangerous is that what they're saying to folks there in Massachusetts too. You know I've done so many stories on this it actually is more dangerous when people think. That the roads are safer so in other words when there's less snow the roads freeze over and so people think I can be out on the road. And so there's more people driving and then you get more accidents when there's more snow less people are driving less accidents that seems to make sense. But definitely it is much more dangerous because you're gonna get that black ice you're gonna have that that invisible sort of layer on the road that sort of shiny sort of looks like a puddle but you're gonna have that and that's what's most dangerous on. That's true GO and you are in what of those key coastal areas of course a lot of people have been talking about further inland where there's still continues to be. Heavy heavy snowfall but half those winds. Have they actually cause any serious damage to any of the houses along there. Well what we did see is that they've caused some power lines go down and so. A lot of the mayors and local officials along the coastal communities here in Massachusetts. Have already started warning. That these winds are going to be causing these power lines to keep falling trees are falling on the power lines so obviously it is dangerous just to be outside because anything can fallen U but we've seen these power lines. Already on the ground and we've seen those power outages so the concern right now is that these winds are gonna cause a lot of power outages it is no doubt about it. GA given out there for us all day long where you headed next what do you think it's going to be the next place to track what happens with the storm. How well I think this is gonna continue further west this is gonna keep. The snow is gonna keep falling that's snow and sleet is gonna keep falling on the but the coastal communities is still need to be on guard they still linked be watching what's happening. With those waters especially if you live. Right on the coast right on the water is still only to monitor that and make sure. Hopefully that these wins don't get strong enough to really get that search going there was that fear of some three foot surge. That would that would be getting on to the coastline there so full right now it looks like that has not happened that's the good news but they still have to keep watching it. As for where I go not sharper than all want Good Morning America tomorrow all couples they would have. There you go out to find out Riggio and got tinted to GMA tomorrow morning giving it. Out there live for us on the coast in Massachusetts thanks so much but stage I stay warm. Thank you all know.

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{"id":46131325,"title":"Snow turns to rain as nor'easter passes through Massachusetts","duration":"4:59","description":"ABC News' Gio Benitez shows the impact of the winter storm on coastal Scituate, Massachusetts.","url":"/Travel/video/snow-turns-rain-noreaster-passes-massachusetts-46131325","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}