100-year-old tortoise stolen from NYC animal shelter

New York City police are searching for the person who stole a 100-year-old tortoise from an animal shelter.
1:50 | 07/18/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 100-year-old tortoise stolen from NYC animal shelter
Paul would steal a ninety pound tortoise that is the question police in queries are trying to get to the bottom up today. Yet the tortoise named millennium was taken from the Alley pond environmental fad are. And officials there are worried for the tortoise is safety future Ross has the story. It gentle giant known for evoking smiles and laughter from kids at the Alley pond environmental center in Queens. Vanished without a Trace from his outside enclosure Monday. You see the footprints here because they cannot make it through that whole. They came in with a body yes and then to hand the ball while. An African spurred Portis seventeen year old millennium weighs more than ninety pounds. And caretakers say whoever stole an is likely end over their heads to use to and happy not by two feet wide by Wall Street Paul. Anderson that respond cartilage can have a home. Many me here is live with millennium for over a decade it's really not clear at this point why these thieves took once more this all of the other either going to be able. McCain is part of prop believe. You know freedom of hobble forward baby properly care for had passed might be dispassionate. Our cameras capture crime scene investigators cattle logging evidence around the tours and closer. Meanwhile detectives continue to review area surveillance footage it's to meet the proto life. In a terrific animal like that Germany can go walk him he's priceless in the retail by the at them I don't know. You know from several hundred to seven I'll just you know however with each passing minute millennium spends away from the habitat he's called home. Fear and anxiety are growing. And the public come here the kids that come here at compass in lending and ammunition big. A big part of a package kiosk no question shots you can walk away out what I can open just think it's part of back to make sure he's well taking cal. In queen Sonny.

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"New York City police are searching for the person who stole a 100-year-old tortoise from an animal shelter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"48712137","title":"100-year-old tortoise stolen from NYC animal shelter","url":"/US/video/100-year-tortoise-stolen-nyc-animal-shelter-48712137"}