20 killed in limousine crash

The National Transportation Safety Board is continuing to investigate the accident that the NTSB has called deadliest U.S. transportation crash in nine years.
7:14 | 10/08/18

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Transcript for 20 killed in limousine crash
We're gonna start with that deadly limo crash in upstate New York twenty people were killed making it the deadliest crash in the US. In nearly a decade and we're now learning some more about the victims aerial arrest affidavit curly are there at this scene inch or Hari New York. Harry on want to start with you just sort of walk us through what happened here. Hey there guy and well on 2 PM on Saturday officials say a limousine carrying at least eighteen people. Barreled through an intersection right to the right of where we're standing came into this parking lot plowed into an anti SUV and and into two pedestrians who were killed. And then ended up in an embankment I'm not sure you can see it behind. And in this wooded area we know the eighteen people on board that limousine. Also were killed in total twenty victims here as he mentioned the deadliest transportation accidents in the US. In nearly a decade die and. And it David under the NTSB is now investigating trying to figure out exactly what may have caused this what's the latest on the. So they have a go team that's already been here as you can see the wreckage is already been taken away it's called perishable. Evidence that they want to get a hold and they've gotten a lot of that we should learn more from them later today but everything is apart of this investigation. That intersection which is a T. You come down the hill and there's a state road just here on the other side of us two lane there's a stop sign. That limo did not stop and it's an older vehicles a 2001 Ford Excursion that have been stretched. And as aerial said came right through here. Without I don't see any skid marks except for when it gets into the dirt. So. Where the brakes were to be accelerator that stuck what was the story with the driver all those are aspects of this investigation. And we have learned through some federal documents that the company. Its own three vehicles haven't been inspected five times over the last two years and four of those times 80% of the time. A vehicle was taken out of service that is four times. The national average that's all part of this investigate. It's in no David and every LN you've been talking to people in the area how is that Sam Lee here. And the community in general reacting to all of this. Well I am we know that there were at least two newlywed couple's unborn that lemon scene we also another as a father of two. Who lost his life as well his wife ended up staying home because she wasn't feeling well. Is sort of a crede twisted fate there we also just talked to the sister. Amanda halls who lost her life she and her boyfriend Patrick were on board the magazine it was amazing to hear her sister speak about her. Really harbor devastated. I feel like. I'm missing my other half. And today. That's indescribable pain I have no words are it. Never held them. That's apparently playing with giving you the strength to come here and talk about this today I think my insistence. Teams really helped me push along and company told us that she was the one airlifted to Albany men. Think that that's totally suspect. So strongly so willing to fight for. I'm staying alive and however she did pass that does not all that such an an and that they need. Keep fighting on. And we know that Karine a showed such strength they are speaking about her older sister Amanda and such loving terms there have been two vigils now scheduled for the victims in honor of the victims we know one of the victims was a work set at one of the schools nearby here. They have. Guidance counselors are back and selling different students there we also know there and then grief counselors on board for those emergency crews that responded to this scene and David can attest that this is a horrific tragedy twenty victims here of course it's gonna have a lifelong impact not only on the families and the victims but also on. The first response analysts say that this was a birthday celebration. One of the little is turning thirty and you have to say that everybody to the right thing here. They were out for an afternoon party they're going to a winery. So they had a vehicle at a designated driver they did everything by the book. And I wish I miss avail and I wanted to share with you the NTSB says. The last time we had a death toll like this was in 2009. And it was a plane crash the colgan aircraft we have not seen this many people died in the air or on the ground since then. And yesterday aerial had a chance to talk the NTS feature and asked him what he thought about the loss of life in this. Incident. Is one of the biggest loss of life while supplies so we've seen. And a long long time the NTSB is very concerned about. About safety on our roadways when he fatalities has just. Horrific. We looked at everything we quote we we cast a very broad net to see what's out there. When a thing we should mention too is that. These limousines they're not made by the carmakers. You take an SUV or a Cadillac or wherever and they actually kind of an apt. Put him in new chassis extension and then build these up and there is no federal agency that regulates them and it's something of the NTSB's been concerned about very number here. So David where does the investigation go from here. So we will learn more later today there. You heard from some wall who's the chairman there's an investigator in charge choose an expert. In traffic accidents. And they will be talking to us later today and have some more information to be talking about this intersection there may be more information about the vehicle. More information about who the driver was was that the owners somebody else documents list two drivers in the company's of this could have been the owner. All those things we'll start to get little pieces but the NTSB takes its time for these kind of investigations they want to figure out probable cause. So that they can help prevent something like this in the future that's a long process again take up to a year for an NTSB investigation to be completed. But we will get clues we will get indications throughout this process of what they think actually happened here on Saturday afternoon during the daytime. Yes I have to say it's I a year from Hollywood if Texas cases although this magnitude is pretty unprecedented and being on the scene here we've been talking to the crews are even talking to people who passed by. Talking to David earlier. Just when you look at the scene it's almost hard to fat them the tremendous loss of life here in at this casualty count was so absolutely. And I think that's one thing that Everett is asking. So in New York State the people in the front seat have to have seatbelts and the people in the back don't have that seatbelt so let's say that they weren't all wearing seatbelts. Even in a crash like this where it's obvious there was certain amount of speed here. You're surprised that even if they weren't in seat belts that everyone perished in this accident. What actually happened inside that vehicle as it came here into this parking lot and that's part of what the NTSB will trying to. And so many questions for those family as some of them losing multiple. Family members in this crash we certainly hope that of these this investigation can give them some closure we wish them strength right now. IR SS and David Curley there on the scene for us in upstate New York we appreciate you guys digging into this so well thank you guys.

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{"duration":"7:14","description":"The National Transportation Safety Board is continuing to investigate the accident that the NTSB has called deadliest U.S. transportation crash in nine years. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58361742","title":"20 killed in limousine crash ","url":"/US/video/20-killed-limousine-crash-58361742"}