ABC News archives: Apollo 11 moon landing

July 20, 1969: American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become the first people to walk on the moon.
44:51 | 07/02/19

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Transcript for ABC News archives: Apollo 11 moon landing
ABC news presents the flight of Apollo eleven beginning thirty hours of continuous coverage of the lunar landing. Footsteps on the Malone. Good day from ABC space headquarters in New York it is July 20 19169. And man is about to land on the Malone. Eagle will touch down. Approximately four hours and seventeen minutes from now they flight plan as it is now established. Goes forward as scheduled with me is our science editor jewels Bergman then we will be here. From now on for what will be. Truly historic time in the life of our country and in the existence of man time. The two astronauts who will make the landing on the moaned. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have already under the land they have been in it for several hours checking it out the last word is that. All systems are performing very well. But he. Spacecraft is now on the near side or on the bright side of the moment. As we said that landing we'll take place at 4:17. This afternoon eastern time. One hour and 47 minutes approximately there will be the undocking when they've two spacecraft to separate plea. Lamb eagle. And the command module. Columbia. And at 211 they will move approximately two and one half miles apart. And that free all eight this after known Treo eight. We'll begin the descent orbital insertion when Alam evil Armstrong and Aldrin aboard actually begin tumbled down and start that process that will later on this afternoon land them on the loan. Jewels. Right. The saga of eagle and Colombia and historic day in the history of mankind is now while on the way after a good night's sleep. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin got into eagle. Transferring whom from the Columbia Apollo mother ship leaving astronaut Michael Collins and Columbia their safety manner if you will. Both spaceships on our orbiting the moon once every two hours at a speed of 3652. Miles and are. Armstrong and Aldrin are inside eagle checking out of systems and a check out that's going smoother than any they ever did on the ground. And an hour and 45 minutes from now when they undock from Colombia this drama has great promise in the history of this nation and man again. And how to do sleep last night well Neil Armstrong had five and one half hours of sleep Buzz Aldrin had six hand my columns had five hours. They were delayed going to sleep for a while because of a minor communications problem with the ground and actually their sweet time was spent back. By about one and one half hours and these three. Amazing human beings just rolled over and went to sleep and slept there are currently they were monitored of course all throughout the night. And they came to this morning are right on schedule and are all set to begin this truly historic days. Now we're gonna go. Back to walk from an Ohio for the parents of Neil Armstrong here they are non mark Klansmen. What is your feeling as parents. Today that the hours hearing that your son will land on the moon in this football on the moon. I I sincerely hope that the nation must be successful. And Carney so far all of the meat parts have been good until I'm anticipating. A good continuation of the mission. And I can't help but feel that. That's somehow or obvious winner will not have been in dean and I think it will. Chill of the glory. How do you think. This. Moon mission money impact do you think it will have a life as we know. Perhaps I don't know how to enter backed down and I do see how that we will certainly. It is PM mission will certainly be a great revelation to out of us. To make us realize that this creation is much much greater than any of us ever dreamed of land. I think it'll bring us closer together because we do you have distress. And with. The culmination of gotten getting on the moon and back well no doubt happens depression. And I hope to the better than the good them all man kind. We thank you very much for joining us this is mark Klansmen at the Armstrong family home why African Idaho Ohio. All right I just received the go signal from mission control to undock we'll take price. Around on the far side of the moans of jewels eagle and Colombia will now come into their own. Known. They are pretty well committed this point unknown typically concerned about an eagle has that checked out amazingly well. The final. Busy moment before undocking. In the final three and a half hours before Armstrong world in the scheduled to land on the moon of about 4:15. Eastern time he's been there live. And this afternoon. At this. And good. I think bullets. Albert good velocity right. This other thing. The came forward. Other bullets and other big Brothers big. Or to have them privately held. But the good thing. But. I would have. Okay good stuff. It that they don't. The global quality that over that I. Could all. But they're thinner than. Wake up you get down eagle. Golden gate is the employer plans that. Racket going. Tranquility we copy you on the ground he got a Mike forgotten about it blew a break and again I thought. A girl. They're looking good here. We would've included over the I can't build on but there that they. One wonders what those those word would businesses and motivate the facility that. They ever think these are important girls like doing have a and the lightly regulated by a backlog he has blankets tranquility base bagel as a kind quality over. And cult thing. But could go. Columns on the Columbia commemorative. Outbreak that. Vernon about what Armstrong was gonna do. Owner comes mrs. Armstrong out of her home let's go to Texas. That is zero. Yeah don't get it now. Out of the bill at the moment but now. Ethnic. And I think that's that we have put away many of land safely and over the direction of the children who board. Here are very excited. You'll have a slight problem without a political hegemony eight with a malfunctioning. Roster as it moved just a moment that are lighted the artist who left or right. I travel a malfunctioning. There were no problem the some quite a different look following along yet that. They'll carry anything else for you who. Yet but I'd rather than a political. Animal or vegetable mineral. Whether it's special presentation. I heard something that you could sure whether that is added to move along with their touchdown game. Now we have had passed at all wrong. From the time that idea has separate. Oh. I think in the suppress dissent and debate but you know I thank you earn by. And then. And Armstrong answering all the questions various reporters there at her home in Texas. And while mrs. Armstrong was talking with reporters there the word came down from Apollo from eagle. Asking permission or more or less stating that they intended to open a hatch at 8 o'clock Houston time. That is 9 o'clock New York time less than two hours and 45 minutes from now get out and go for the walk on the bones they are not going to wait. Until early tomorrow morning there are going to start. In less than three hours. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin after finishing married period a mile now busy. In the ABA preparations for their moonwalk donning their pluses are portable life support system backpacks they're all PS they're often hurt system. Back spell out bottles if you will in case something goes wrong with the pluses. Getting ready cameras film cameras and still cameras and a multiplicity of experiments and checking out instruments in the cockpit. Getting ready to begin there has start to our foreign humanity V deviate or moonwalk. Still impossible to calculate exactly what time it will begin the best guess we can make is between nine and 9:20 PM eastern daylight time. Based on the few hints of progress we've heard from Armstrong very quiet up there as of now but the moonwalk should begin shortly after 9 PM. Eastern daylight time right. As they are indeed very quiet their lives however. Quite a bit to say mrs. Armstrong economic couple hours ago after the landing have been accomplished. And talk and mrs. Allred and has now come out here is a videotape of her meeting with reporters. That way. The dog and do you intend to have some sort of banking. No I don't think I think. That we're different inside of that he things that fairly quiet as possible. And been fairly quiet as a matter. As yet been too much has taken I think. Didn't let me thank you up on board with him but I'm you could develop positive and that is one thing that I can't really rather not find. The moment. I wasn't fitting ending up against the wall. And I think that was holding onto it. But holding company. And a move and you can. I and I think I didn't know you had even more and I couldn't don't know the right. That ultimately and they've beaten and touched. When you do that you jump reduce did you. We just took down configure and build. A deterioration. The thing back forever. It meant and I think you are. Yeah you know that. On this is all rooms are has not been reticent about her enthusiasm. She says my golly they really did it and served her answer to the question what did you do when they actually touchdown was a pretty candid one too which is that I cried. I suspect she was not alone in that. Just about everything as a gone well here is Central Park in New York where everything is not going well apparently it's raining on the people who have assembled for. -- she would call of the moon in. And they have all gathered there in order to watch. They are seeing themselves now waving at one another I guess on the huge television screens that have been set up. The city authorities have decided to invite everybody in the Arctic about that are supposed to Wear white to. But most of them. Who have arrived are obviously. Wearing raincoats or umbrellas. And the idea I guess is four sort of a moon in everybody gathers there and and perhaps less than an hour or so. I might actually see them and walking on the moon there looking at. And there are right now going through their surface checklist and communication with Houston. Going through a check out of all the various activities things they must check before they actually open actions about on the rumors surface. What we're hearing final few minutes of the Kevin the presentation preparation and quite. Before living in the let's walk. Absolutely there can't get over. Go right back. I'll pick although I don't want to let. A couple of now. We then here we copy seven fire barrier being. A male refused them all laden player break break who is unmarried look like I believe they're it was land. I'd give you a little bit event. A bit but where. Burger. Or give up but Lovett did they. A Connecticut but. They feel god let them. There's currently a upside down Ahmad Google we can make up permanently fill. OK we give I predict. Hoping I have a a couple of. Good Billy I think you're coming down the latter now. And 00. OK I could help. Back. Pull up your car but they've been adequate to get back up. I Buick utterly ridiculous broke up. By the group you better have. 11 big field Beckham put up photography on the liquid my. Now back at the political. It lamb put always a people. Political. Mobility equipment appears to be. All. Various acclaim and get close to that almost like outlook. Now live. There's. After a brothel ML but. I want. All program. All it. I haven't read it. Typically aren't. I can pick up quickly or it might hello. Okay here in the final. Like go historical. Data. It is. And Barbara I think. The mail dispute them. You're getting thicker here the first time we get it back on LA live big move by Bozell pick up middle ability to. And are. They've got you here. The political aisle and get them biopic about local. Okay I'm bill. Okay I've got to. I. That. Okay solid difficulties that would but try to watch he'll play. Other day there. Okay Obama but I couldn't over the airfield. Big if at the for what for the people who helped at all let. While it has also very comfortable. Here are. It got they bullet depth and along. OK I want put up. Fourth. They go. As poker there's. I live. They've got it. I think that they'll. All look great putter. They got blade broad you're cutting out. I'd say that there are rather quickly. They powdery. All the area over a little. Hunt for a group. Oh I'd have to fly over that are important. Armstrong are getting ready to move the TV cameramen out to its panorama opposition. What have they. But fail. But there are ballot for orca recovery is. Natural it. The Big Apple accumulating in the direction and ought to go here. Olympia your foot odor particularly here. Go to barely let people. Opal. And the purple black belt. They're all Barkley out. Okay I'm coming up. The new picture. Miller who is about affirmative we're getting a new particularly compelled auto ball all right bland and failure of American ball number Bloomberg over. Power. They appreciate that I feel. Unveiling a plaque. Sort of. Good you're good you pour try to put but my hard drive. It. But those. The ball. Will create the all of the planning that oil. I. Do have a one going. Because if you have a good open. OK but do. Do them on the planet goes on their political bomb America Paul I do think. This week. Palin people all mankind. As they. People out there didn't include. Particularly of they. Without putting it I think. That put a good thing. The only event. Abuzz right and it's somewhat out of focus. I'd say it will focusing down the beltway built by the oak get this to a book BI group is that the retailer's board outdoor table. Oh. As Republican look. I have occurred. Going. They have continental automotive overhaul could. But they've gone like that we go off. Harder to pull out here. He's been on the letter facing forward the miners were widespread is that spending geared to your left. What is fifty. People look at. I think that it view now. OK let the film if you look right. The accident at the table. Okay. It do I think that if I don't wanna go into the all applicable political. Hope it'll. I do believe. Walk around it. I didn't that he'll appear kind of date but got. Paula. Militant accused them of Filipinos held fairly light it and that local art go right over. Okay. OK well a totally out. A playoff. So what copper gold. A little bit too much blue lake and bring him back Webb the 45 degrees. Oh yeah. Yeah public Goodmail. Oh okay and our. I gotta people who Wear. Clothes that gave it to look good morning. I like about the oil. I'd get a couple panorama of Whitaker. Ideological. The go to Manila will collide heal the going to benefit. You're gonna do the mostly through the map without bloom. I haven't. But the but there are. Our collective growth going about it will my whole. Oh. We'll orient particularly like it become well. Privately though. Outback good about have a much. Okay. They'll look good they'll. I'm. Okay. One hour seven minutes' time expended. They can't make our. Tucker our run. And it definitely it is. A the they have opened. Does it. Does is erecting the solar wind experiment now. That's the locker. Don't pick up. Oh. Colombia Colombians who do you then they'll let go. Our core. Neil Armstrong has been on the lunar surface now almost 45 minutes. A. And up. Obama that is utility's eleven clueless. I. I believe he it was nothing good split. Beleaguered building up a flight now. About the only put comic doesn't have TV coverage of the things. I'm. I know my iPad. Contact. Call it beautiful like earlier. My head and my point. Yet they've they've got the blackout you can do those who goes we'll pick up. I can't help our. Oh. It's beautiful at the awful. At their local. Don't. Militant appeared America Erica caller. Edgar hit the market clear. I'd love. Let her work. I don't. Glad to evaluate the. Google Earth could it. Babylon Karbala that. Live your pill appears that I can't hear the. I was affirmative vote. Ability amount. Do after. I can do after being. And then a couple in baccalaureate. I expect currently papers here. I think. Doctor David. We. The clear as before you can't pay. I think your government. Early. Without. But football Perry picked up. We'll call tanker off. Network but it didn't pay it forward. So it is not quite as good. Did admit that all look at the triple. But put up another. They've paid by Dave. What about his thing now. With Baghdad rather firing up their. Oval Office. Good behavior park for the food. The power bill. The lack of gravity portrait. Authorities say that the we've hit them Juliet partly on the telephone network. They got inside. Everybody get both the availability of. At what the couple's ability. And Neil and buzz. The president of the United States is that it up but now I would like this who work bigger over. It doubled in the water. Go ahead Mr. President that this is an out. O'Neal and I'm talking to you by telephone from the blue room of the white out. And that certainly have to be the most telephone call back other pay card. I just can't get I'll probably. Like I'm. For every American it has to be the proud that they are alive. At that people all over the world. I am sure they can move giant blue pickup. I think there are adamantly this sit. Because of what you have gotten. That haven't had become a part of MacBook. And that you can't go out from the sea of tranquility. Fires this to redouble our efforts to bring peace. And tranquility where. 01 priceless moment. And the whole history of man. All the people on this third they're truly want. One and their pride in what looked up. At one and our prayers that you'll return safely word. Well if you grating our various fox fair or nine hours and 31 minutes ago. Apollo eleven landed on the bone eagle landed on the moment they have completed their ABA they have gathered up there rock samples. They have deployed the various scientific experiments. And voice communications have now been reestablished quite clearly between Houston. And eagle. Both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are back inside now. Closing out their activities and getting ready for what will be certainly some very well deserved rest. The inhabitants of tranquility base are still in what you would call their post EB a clean up. And here is they live television picture from the Mon. Karen quality base. They're inside now. Taking care of all the things that have to be done before they can travel time and. In. There's long. What are your campaign was all movie and book. I had my body weight like do. Milan made. We'll be applied. They're Baghdad a lot of last thing you do a good idea for the Dave Byrd beat dad I'll. Or that. I think I guess they could. They. That dated. They've. Mine. Okay and it appears. It. Heard a short time ago. You know all the norms on some particularly tired from Goldman's father per pupil none of these things on the go ahead are more effective taking. Through the windows. Toward getting out billions. Probably neck and Sally. Who keep calling. Not level before we are fully with a slew of little. Forty minutes of cleanup work to do to help me when I guess it was. Or forty minutes to allow breathing. An official taking. And about blowing in my felons talking. Bruce was. We've rooting out the woman who coordinates for looks like the exact area where. The eagle has landed landed on the in the hope felons can spot the sun glittering off that and possibly go to for. You know he said that last press conference astronauts had before liftoff but I am one of the very few Americans will not see. He actual. Activities on the surface of the moon because he has no TV set aboard he expressed the hope than that somebody would say of the tapes form. I rather imagine that he would really enjoy seeing those tapes. When they all come back down it's been a busy day at the White House President Nixon you probably saw. Talk to the astronauts on the Mon for a further report on the President's Day here's bill gale in Washington. The president came into a small Rome just off the Oval Office here at the White House shortly before 9 o'clock in the evening to began his watch for man's. First step on the moral. It was accompanied by astronaut colonel Frank Borman who has been detailed in the White House as a presidential advisor during the Apollo eleven flight. Obama had his work cut out for him as he explains step by step why there was a delay in stepping onto the Mon. Because of the necessity for decompress and while the Chamber's. And the functioning of particular locks before that step could be made when the cameras that show astronaut Neil Armstrong stepping on of the Malone President Nixon broke into applause. He applauded again when the American flag was planted on the moon by man as the first national assembled to be so. Placed on the Lennar goal. Obviously as you could say I'm sure the president was also excited during his telephone conversation with the astronauts. As they walked on the moon shortly after that we reporters where. Summoned into the Oval Office where the president was making a private telephone call back to the executive mansion when he finished that he remarked to las. It's a magnificent wonderful event for all mankind. Andy said I certainly hope that they don't charge me tolls for that call of course they won't shortly after midnight President Nixon returned to his. Presidential bedroom in the White House where he began around the personal telephone calls the first when he made was to former president Lyndon Johnson had the LBJ ranch in Texas President Nixon said the mr. Johnson. I wanted to call and share this moment of history with you because possibly more than any man who has ever lived in this house. You helped make this possible. We're told the president Johnson's answer was. I want to humbly thank you for sharing this moment with me my hardest role I've followed the right from the very beginning there has never been a happier time on this ranch and sold that was moved the way that president spent his evening I'm magnificent evening for result will be in the White House this is very Gil ABC news at the White House. Two men to Americans landed on the moon and claimed it not from this nation not for themselves. But for all the people of this tortured her which we hope is now seen knew this is an open up to a new world. Frank residuals are very much and other have been many. Many profound words spoken today on earth and in space. But I suppose the ones but naturally we'll. We'll be remembered for all time how fortunate we are but this has been done in such a marvelous electronic age when we actually see. Neil Armstrong and hustled from there on the moon we could hear them so clearly. And good to me the words of course that remain. Armstrong's words when he landed on the morning's that is one small step for man one great leap for mankind if it occurs to me that. Great men do great things and make them seem ordinary residential business of right.

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