ABC News Live: Thailand cave rescue mission continues, flooding hits Houston

Rescuers are deciding the best way to rescue 13 people trapped in a Thailand cave, Houston has a record rainfall and the Special Olympics continues in Seattle.
25:43 | 07/05/18

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Transcript for ABC News Live: Thailand cave rescue mission continues, flooding hits Houston
And we're gonna begin now with that rescue effort under way right now. In that cave in Thailand to rescue those young boys are James Longley and is there live in Thailand right now James thank you so much for joining us here I know that so many people were concerned about whether these kids had to scuba dive their way out of this cape but now it looks like they're draining a lot of this water from the state for. So idea I mean that they consent from the very beginning is these Kate's do you have. But actually no experience in swimming and legs scuba diving. Having to get their heads under this under the surface of the water that is the main thing and they don't want happened today a spokesman official idea someone they. He's one of the people who's in that intelligence. Communications of the cave they wanna try to name a fine line in that. And he said that and main objective now is to find a way to get these kids out. With out then get in now heads wet so what they want to do is and get that navy seal in front and navy seal behind. And have each boy that out one by one. Within a life jacket. And fly them out slowly along the surface of the war to inside the cave. You've got to remember much of the cave is. Almost in tiny some knives but it isn't all the way to the reef is at this moment that there is a hydrant. That they want to make sure that the entire cave path passage housed an area went it and have to go underwater what about means is that now off certain parts of the K they're about to a free. Parts of the cave. When you would have to dip pundits ago Honduras a gap in income account the other of aside and they want to stop that from from happening so they want. Possibly even to cull those bits of rock that are in the way out would be a massive massive in death the other thing of course is to know about water level. And so far they've been pumps working something like sixty pumps looking around the clock many hundreds of horse power. They have been working something like one or two centimeters and now comes down. But the big big development we're hearing now is that they're trying to build and down stone down. Upstream behind the K went out quartet has been going in to drain off the war to this and that should be going into became fitting it up. Back to give you some idea it could stop it. By thirty to forty centimeters and now to that would be a huge uplift in the amount of war today able to get out of that cave to that is what it it's all about amendment. Get in the water out and get and his boys out. And then James as you've been talking we've been watching these incredible images that we've been seeing. All week long of those rescue efforts under way and even an animation we saw of that cave what that looks like and you actually we saw you on Good Morning America actually going into a nearby cave obviously not this one. A but a nearby cape what was that like what did you notice about them. Well this entire area gays very mountainous one it's full of these sorts of caves in fact. The whole mountain is called the sleeping lady because if you look back. You can see the outline of an eighty sleeping or lying down and a neck below and that is when a K days and we would just about fifteen minutes away. And we went into another one of these caves like you said. And the thing that really hits you is just how. How docket is in this case it is pitch black irony off to maybe two or three steps to go in. Suddenly you don't see anything anymore payoff cavernous rooms. Huge some of them. And it it is they're very down obviously the ones we entity would try bots and you can feel the war to seeping through dates now. And the rock face is very very hogs guns. Kind of craggy has that the beauty shop material to it sometimes stunning tights come down from the seating and you can imagine. How positive that would be this wintry knives and I was to better in these cases thinking what if this room was filled with water all the kind of cuts and scrapes I would get -- out in this want to. And of course. How would I how I even know why wars because it is just so dog and the idea that these young boys have been enough place but even. A few hours that line these thirteen days now full team got in today. Is this plot imaginable so united to make a new decree today in that we would have it we are in a cave back carries on for a quarter mile. And even any off the ten steps he won its time yes. A and when you see the images of the kids even smiling. In those conditions it it's pretty incredible due to rescuers know when they can get those kids out. The past million dollar question GN. I think they wish they date but it just taking it one step at a time that I governor today. Said today he will not give you would it to extract those children. Until you have a 100% certainty that they outfit and ready to come out. And of course we just have to wait and see what the medics say about that we eight. Conflicting reports about that health some of them Althea some of them optional when he saw those videos does amazing images than. Greeting those two precious time is he found them initially some of them. Look like they're able to stand and picking peace signs in the happy but it's one thing to kind of smiled and sailor named to the camera and it's another thing to. To kind of travel six dollars much of the underwater through its front walked. And that is this a dot as the big question we have to wait and see what when rescuers can get these boys out before the weather hits because. We have been lucky the last few days the weather has stayed away reins of state away that we are monsoon season on the rain comes Bach. As case flood further. And what box alum. All right James Longman with incredible reporting there on the ground in Thailand James thank you so much for joining us here. All right James we're gonna turn out two that poisoning that more poisoning mystery in the UK. Are you the pilgrim is live in Salisbury England right now and -- this was a couple that was poisoned just miles from where that ex Russian spy was poisoned. And it's the same nerve agent. Dealers closer than just miles where we're standing right now by the area that's cordoned off we are literally. Less than two blocks from the restaurant that they have. The leave was where the former Russian spy and his daughter were contaminated by that. Nerve agent I just might show you what they've done today now yesterday when we were in this same exact spot you could literally. Walk up to this trash can that's now been cordoned off. It was cordoned off yesterday that actually blocked the road on both sides. I'm and they they told us that they were gonna have Hazmat teams going to start decontamination. The trash can because I was through yesterday or member is literally right on the other side. Of this. This wall here and if you look carefully you can see there's plastic now on top of it that plastic wasn't there. When we came by yesterday you can literally walked to the restaurant from here there's also a giant part in this area than a lot of children and families go to. That whole park has also been cordoned off and they are they are going through that part trying to figure out the big question and is Howell was this couple contaminated what did they come in contact with that. Point and then that got them sick and and how is that related to this other case with the former Russian spy and his. Daughter they don't know that connection they haven't released back connection at this time. So a lot of people specially in this community. Being a little unsettled today. Yet he that there are serious questions about how that nerve agent how that chemical. He got into the UK in the first place. Absolutely so we actually spend some time today talking to one of the Russian scientist who was. Part of the team that developed no protect that's the nerve agent that is in question here that is being used. Was used on that former Russians find his daughter and then whisk confirmed to have been found. On this new couple. Saturday with when they got sick right and he told us the thing with. No they checked that's really interesting is that it's it's pretty hardy it's able threat to be strong and to stand up it's time. He was explaining to me that even in five years time it 50% strength. It only takes though about two milligrams. Which is basically nothing. To kill a person so a very small amount of that goes a very. Long way and and he was telling us like in the jointly formed in the liquid gel form it would be slightly Wheatley. Now as he explained to us in the weather. Because of rain and this it's nerve agent don't go out together it would have degraded and soundly so in his mind he thought there was a very good chance that. If this if they had come into contact with this. That and it was part of the bats that that other. Couple had come into contact with it had to have been under some sort of cover it would have been not exposed to the elements that this wouldn't have been coming that would have lasted out in the Allen. Very well. So that the fat and still the question at this point where were they contaminated. And how were they contaminated. And and where was this notes kept all throughout Salisbury that we don't know. Who brought it and we don't know where they went with it while we know where this script calls where that former Russian agent and his daughter we don't know where. This nerve agent lies and all the places that it may have contaminated along the way. The public Health Department that department house here in England is saying it's not super high risk. Four people are not telling people to be alarmed but they aren't telling people who have been. In the vicinity of these areas that in court not to wash their clothes to watch the personal belongings. The workers wreck that restaurant they told human events things to keep in mind. If they were to come in contact with the but a lot of questions here. We did get a statement from the Kremlin spokesperson from the Kremlin said that they are concerned about this new planning that they are still denying. In need relation any connection. To the nerve agent being here in England all right. People pilgrim joining us live right now from Salisbury England I know you're gonna continue covering the story and we'll see you on world news tonight thank you leave out we're turnout to the Supreme Court as the president decides who he's going to nominate for that Supreme Court justice seat the one just vacated by Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy. Karen Travers joins us live from the White House right now to Karen we know that the president has a short list who's on that list right now. Take good morning to you we just heard this morning a the president had narrowed down that short list for. Federal Court of Appeals judges hears the short list as we know it right now you have wrecked haven't knocking Tony Barrett raining hapless animal for par. Those four that president trump met with here at the white house on Monday and when the president spoke to reporters. He did say them by name but he did say he met with an outstanding incredible people he described his meeting. As very interesting so the president now seems to have narrowed down that list from 25 to about a half dozen now downs before. And over the coming days we'll make a final decision before announcing here at the white house on Monday. And what of those leading contenders that you just mentioned Brett Cavanaugh some Republican lawmakers are actually concerned. About his potential nomination what are they say. Everett Kavanagh serves on the Court of Appeals here in Washington. He's a former official in the George W. Bush administrations we've somebody that is they're familiar to people in Washington. Wayne Pollack Tom cotton and tied crews Republican senators all reached out to president Ron to express their concerns about happened off. Americans are focused on the fact that they think he might not be. A solid reliable conservative vote on the highest courts and they're pointing to some of his writings and decisions. It rethink years on cases involving reproductive rights and the Affordable Care Act obamacare. Now GO these cases where it Kavanagh didn't rule with the liberals on the court but what they're saying is some. Things he has said in his decisions might indicate to them that he isn't conservative and not and why is that a concern to them well because. This is not just a conservative judge retiring and being replaced by and other conservative judge this is Anthony Kennedy's seat he's a very critical swing vote. And conservatives like to see the president take this opportunity to really swing the balance of power on the port to the right so they don't want essentially he. Another Anthony Kennedy on the court could be a swing vote they want somebody who is solid and reliable as a conservative and do we know when he's gonna make a decision the president. President trump said he is gonna make a decision in the coming days he's gonna send a very long weekend in New Jersey at his golf club we've seen OB hunkered down with senior staff and the only members as he comes up with that final name. GO he says he's going to announced on Monday at the White House and were told to look for a prime time announcement very similar to what he did we just did you know corset slash here. This president's former Alley televisions or freezer love that element of suspense he likes the big television moments I think we'll see. Eight looking very much like it did last year remember last year we know it lies mean nobody in heard rumblings that formally confirmed that it with corsets. President of that you like walking into the room with them and saying this is my nominee. All right Karen Travers joining us live from the White House Karen. Thank you so much we're gonna turn to that extreme heat now we're gonna follow the weather because so much of this country feeling that he lots of scenes just like there's a you're looking at right now chief meteorologist ginger zee joins us with the forecast agent Dirk. Do you think you gotta get straight to the heat because it has been. I already but it could be even hotter right as I always like it other than when you're out in the west and at that hot that ride but now like for. Open it up and let it loose and that's going to be horrible for the fires this is just 164. At large wildfires bearing a column out of a back Californians certainly much of Alaska. An excessive heat watches and warnings have settled in highest temperatures are from most app on Friday. He Haynes index at something. That we measured the well pipe potential it out. Moisture in the aired at low humidity as well as five and 8% from Utah outback it southern Californians that the that they and not actually all the way to the coast LA won a one. That Belmont high pressure. It that big rigs that stretches only in Canada we'll keep everybody nine at humidity when you move east of the Rockies and you're feeling a hundred meant that. 105 local. Even eat lots and one Wednesday that we can make it through the weekend Great Lakes and aren't these that the little break near city got a little worries that the keep up the weekend. And Chicago. Respect. Aaron that's a look at the heat are now. Back to. All right ginger thank you so much you could do you want some rain after all that he. But not in Houston because right now record rainfall fell in Houston yesterday and are Marcus Moore is there live Marcus you've been following this. My gosh extreme flooding there. GL extreme indeed and really disappointing for a lot of people here in the Houston area an ending as the reason why does not that one of that. Ticket counters or a big event that was scheduled for the fourth of July at the annual freedom over Texas and includes concerts and other events that lead up to a big fireworks show here in Houston to celebrate. What the July. The extreme weather that we saw yesterday here in Houston actually led to that event being canceled so. A lot of disappointment here and right now I'm standing on NASA being street. Which is a right near downtown Houston if you're familiar with this area a very popular for people who. Live downtown want to go out and run and perhaps get a view. Of the buy you the up buffalo bio that is right here to my left and often the distance is where the main stages located for the big event you may see there. Now our geo if you saw the video yesterday. Of that massive flooding you probably saw that blue tent. It was submerged in in water and the state was also surrounded by water that is where the big event was supposed to happen yesterday because of that flooding. They had to cancel it up at one point yesterday. The rain was falling at a rate of four inches per hour mean that it's just an incredible number. A when you think about it and four to happen in the city like Houston which is a pretty flat low lying city. You really get a sense for why flash flooding is an issue and why it was a problem yesterday. More than a 120. Motorist called the Houston Police Department. Because their vehicles were stranded in the floodwaters there and my final count we got from the Houston Police Department this is just Houston. They had more than a 160 cars if they towed off with the roadways and the freeways here in the Houston area all because of the flash flooding. That again wreaked Havoc. Once again in this major city. That is still recovering in many ways from hurricane army last year and GO on the missed the ball that we did. Also hear about at least one rescue a family of five they were in a vehicle and they were surrounded by this high water. A good samaritan told us how he helped them escape they were able to crawl out of the windows of that car. And thankfully there were no injuries. And that was really the only. Major high water rescue we heard about we did also hear about a sinkhole that opened up in a car kind of partially drove into that. But south for the most part as. Destructive as this storm was yesterday it's certainly. A could have been a whole lot worse and but certainly a lot of disappointment that this event for the fourth of July with camps and you. Well I am so glad it is drawing out it certainly looks like a much nicer today therefore your markets thank you so much for joining us and and stay dry. Thank you markets we're gonna turn to the wildfires though out west 64. Wild fires right now across fourteen states. Our will cars in Napa California where firefighters are battling a massive fire hey there will. Good morning GO it is fire truck's about to head back out to the front lines of thousands of firefighters continue to battle. These historic fires there running in two. Brutal heat in bone dry conditions. The county fire here in California firefighters on the front lines are doing a great job upping their containment numbers but this fire authorities towards. At least 86000. Acres the spring fire in Colorado is destroyed more than a hundred calls. It's now the third largest fire ever in the State's history basically buyers and all western states right now it keep this in mind here in California we think. 260 more fires this year that at this same point last year what are the worst ever on record last year the State's all but its largest. It was devastating fires in history. GO. All right wolf car phone that for us thank you so much will but obviously with a heat you're left wondering how hot. Can playgrounds get obviously that could be very dangerous let's go to Qaeda whitworth she is live right now in Los Angeles and Qaeda you are right there on the playground we've done these stories where we've looked at how hot. That playground equipment can get and boy does it get super hot. He'll he has so surprising I learned so much doing this story and I'm so glad it aging on the new mom. And it's really scary to think about the equipment your pretty little ones on it is so much hotter than ever and the matches when he just share with everybody. The things that Tyler so first of all when you look at the plate and you me what do you think might be the hottest thing on the playground. Are you surprised to find out that a lot of times it's this bouncy surface now I know here in California. How LA evidence it says that it covered in San. But this is sort of this bouncy surface almost like a sport court. This tends to be the hottest spot on the playground in fact some of our measurements. Were reading at almost 200 degrees. That is really really hot want to think about it if you're a little kid is running around in sandals or something and they're they're sandal slip soft ask you really scary because keep these numbers in mind. If this is measuring at almost 200 degrees and just a 140 degrees if your child puts their hand on a surface as a 140 degrees produce a couple of seconds you can end up with a second degree burn. If we prepare for about five seconds you can end up with a third degree burn we're talking about blisters all of their hands feet or legs when ever touches that surfaced. And it's really scary especially for little ones. Because if you're young child may be one they could put their hand on a hot surface they might scream out in pain. But they don't have the wherewithal to actually remove their hands so that's really scary for them. I wanna walk around here at first I want to point out. One thing I was with I am meteorologists from into the story. She said that she'd from trees in the next thing you can find out your plate she loves the shade from trees but. Only and shaded area for certain times of the day of course is as the senate moves you'll lose your shade. Another thing I want to point out actually think that is kind of a good example over here is that you see how parts of this slide. Are in the shade and parts of it are not so some parts of this spy can be totally fine fair trial and then another part that's in the sun that might measure you know at. It measured a 160 degrees in some cases that's the measurements that we saw. And another thing that's interesting is and I talked about the stand her in California but. One of the best surfaces that you confine your playground wood chips so if you are mom and you're out there looking for a playground and you find what's it. That's for sure where you take your mom or dad by the way has been there child like another. I'm and Ngo you know what I'm sure you're familiar with this site and plastic coating that we have on most of the playground surfaces. So what that does is it helps protect our kids but. This is another really good example of that it's worn offering here and I'm wondering if that means that are closed aspects are gonna come in. So there's a plastic surface you know covering this but then it's missing right there so that spot is going to be really really really hot here kids. And we took a drawn out without GO an electron. And if we can and should be the strong video. So GO if you're watching drawn video with meat can use heat bit the yellows and the reds and the blues you know months ago moon. OK so I think yellow spots. Like 180 degrees while. I'm not most of the playground. So that the federal really scary things out we don't we're not trying to scare anybody witness. Playground obviously it's really fun for our kids in the summer. We just have to be safe so what I learned as a parent we gets a flagrant scar around touch everything make sure it's a comfortable you know temperature for your child. And if there's just too high he can't let them play there and and good and wanna went out to just before I extend about TJ is those swings. Those can get really really hot to you plot your kid in the swing and there are many different from the back killings and stuff but. I mean you you've been doing that the pool safety stories right we want our kids to house. A fun summer we want them to enjoy all the things that summertime brings including the flagrant we just wanted to. And I am so glad we had you on the story because nothing better than a new mom. Today give us with information that's okay and congratulations. Thank you again for joining us that would with this incredible information and it's just amazing how much of that. Get so hot so came to thank you so much. Now we're gonna turn two Special Olympics the Special Olympics and a little fun to mix is. Have general lot of from ESPN she's joining us live right now from Seattle paid are generally doing. I'm doing great year nice to chat with you you know more than 121000 people decided to spend part of their fourth of July holiday. Here in Seattle celebrating the Special Olympics and its core Special Olympics is a really good marriage with the fourth of July bowl there is celebration of independence. Belonging. And pride let's talk about some of the athlete that you can keep your eye on one of the stars of this USA game has been Julie and forced he's a runner from Kalamazoo Michigan. On Monday he lapped the field in the five K to take gold. He also was able to get cold in the 3000 meter race in track and field. And today will be going for the trifecta trying to get cold in the 101000 meter Julie and easy guide each year for. He runs everywhere he goes in fact there was once a race where he didn't have transportation to get too the race. So he ran to and from. After competing in the race just an easy guy to Paul or we will also be paying attention to the tennis courts today. A young lady by the name of Britney tag earlier Rainey from Orlando Florida it a fierce competitor she has intensity and passion out there. And she is in line to do quite well in these games will be watching her she takes part in the mixed doubles tournament going for gold with her beyond Sunday. She also will be competing in singles are just two of the athletes and paying attention to out here in Seattle. And remember ESPN has been covering these games all week on you can catch our coverage tonight on ESP and to that concert re at 6 PM. Plenty of inspirational stories we're following athlete I mentioned and also bringing used some of the heart of these USC games and hoping that you. All right gen we will tonight on ESPN and we've been joking with the about the weather I just checked 61 degrees where you are right now so this is your daily gen lot whether Jack and it's so not sort you are so thank you so much. All right John lot of from ESPN thank you so much for joining us here on ABC news live remember And on the ABC news that we have. All of the date latest headlines there and we will be updating them throughout the day and of course tune in to ABC news live you never know when will. Be here live for you with a new update thanks so much for joining us I'm GO when he does here at the ABC news headquarters in New York we'll see.

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