ABC News Live Update: Jury deliberations underway in trial of Derek Chauvin

Plus, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is facing another setback, and new details regarding the death of Officer Brian Sicknick after the Capitol Siege.
31:17 | 04/20/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Jury deliberations underway in trial of Derek Chauvin
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update jury deliberations are under way in the trial of former officer Derek Shelton. The prosecution and defense each delivered closing arguments yesterday making their case for whether children should be convicted of killing George Floyd's. This was. This was more. Mr. showmanship. Overnight hundreds of protesters surrounded the Minneapolis courthouse demanding justice. Thousands of national Guardsmen have been deployed and the governor of Minnesota declared a state of emergency. As the country braces for the verdict. An attorney general Merrick Garland sits down with ABC news Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas in an ABC news exclusive. It's carlin's first interview since taking office here why the new attorney general says he's keeping a close eye on the show at verdict and its aftermath. Kevin Johnson Johnson vaccine is facing another setback the CDC is investigating new cases of that rare blood clot found in a few J&J vaccine recipients. What it means for the prospects of the one shot vaccine and the race to backs -- the country. But we begin with the fate of Derek children now in the hands of the jury. Jurors deliberated for four hours yesterday after attorneys made their closing arguments meanwhile protesters gathered outside of the courthouse bracing for a verdict. ABC's outs Perez is in Minneapolis with the latest. Overnight hundreds of protesters taking to the streets surrounding the courthouse demanding justice for Jorge lawyer. Officials here and across the country bracing for more. This morning jurors in the trial of Derek showman beginning their second day of deliberations. His name. Was George peer influence. Junior after hearing more than six hours of closing arguments are prosecutors describing George Floyd's anguish as Shelvin pinned him to the pavement. For nine minutes and 29 seconds the defendants wait on him desperately crying out. A grown man crying out for his mother. Prosecutors arguing Shelvin used unreasonable force and failed to render aid despite the crowd of bystanders pleading for him to get awful Floyd. He was not gonna let these bystanders tell him what to do he was gonna do what he want. How he won it for as long as he wanted to. When his attorney began closing arguments is show been removing his mask as he faced a jury mr. Sherlund should be found not guilty. The defense reclaimed several body Kim videos arguing children's actions were reasonable based on what he knew about the officers who struggle with Floyd to before he arrived on the scene. Any reasonable police officer would consider. Whether to use an additional force to over come the suspects level. I'm prisons on the defense calling Floyd's death tragic but also arguing Shelvin did what he was trained to do and telling the jury Floyd's death was caused by a fentanyl overdose. An untreated heart problems. The failure of the states. Experts to acknowledge any possibility. Any possibility at Paul. That any of these other factors in any way contributed to mr. foreign staff defies medical science. And it defies common sense and reason. Prosecutor Jerry Blackwell the last attorney to address to jury urging them to use common sense if you were told. For example. That mr. Floyd. Died. Members of boy died because his heart was to be. You're that is tomorrow. And now having seen no evidence haven't heard all evidence you know the truth and the truth of the matter is. The reason George boy is dead. Is because mr. Schoen charter was too small. An ounce Phares joins me live now from Minneapolis Alex another moment at getting a lot of attention happening outside of the closing arguments was. When the defense called for a miss trial because of congresswoman Maxine Waters telling protesters to get more confrontational. If show wins not convicted the judge had a strong warning. For politicians talking about this case what full legal argument there. Yet Diane two of the judges issue is not where those were specifically but it's what she said right after that get more confrontational gift show really is not found guilty. Now the judge has been a lot of time trying to. Make sure the jury remains intact they can follow their instructions to defense was arguing that messages like that could. Affected the jury and and and being in their minds as they head into those. Deliberation is now the judge ultimately. Denied that motion for a mistrial but in denying it he also said back. Maxine Waters so words do not manner and of course he's facing a lot of criticism. For saying that on the bench and the message that sends out to the public. Guy. And out Sena protesters gathered at the courthouse last night what's the scene like there now and what are you hearing from organizers about what to expect. But bad you know there are no protesters gathered at just yet but just about every day throughout this trial we've been seeing some demonstrators gather. Around the courthouse at different spots around town and we expect that's going to continue as a jury. Continues to deliberate dead and as they reach a verdict we expect. The some of those demonstration is might even continued to grow possibly. Escalate here but authorities are keeping their eyes on everything and really just asking everyone if they want to demonstrate to do yourself but to do so in a piece. We'll wait. Now the governor even went so far as to declare a state of emergency in anticipation of more unrest when the verdict actually comes down. So what kind of preparations are in place right now. Get into that state every emergency is in place Diane there are thousands Minnesota national Guardsmen there have been deployed if you drive around town you can see them sort of set up. In different areas and it's not just here in Chicago. They've deployed Illinois national guards in several big cities in taking that step Washington DC. As well authorities also will rely on curfews. Depending on how big these protests can be and of course officers police departments across the country have been told they will be working. Nonstop days off canceled in tilt things. And that we see all this through nobody quite knows what exactly it's going to Hoffman once a verdict is reached. Right now its present Minneapolis for a thanks Alex. At a law enforcement is on high alert across the country in anticipation. Of this verdict 250 National Guard troops have been activated in Washington DC in addition. To that thousands of soldiers deployed throughout Minneapolis Alan Lopez joins me now with more. From Minneapolis. Alan we heard from Alice a little bit about what's happening outside the courthouse what are you seeing where you are. Good and tensions remain high and a half minute for our week Sarah thousands of national Guardsmen. And Susan coming from other states like Ohio and Nebraska. Help cities and local authorities here as a state of emergency has been declared a in the region ahead of a verdict in the trial of Darren so many. Now the governor saying that they can not allow civil unrest also staying fit the communities in pain need to be heard and fundamental and systemic changes need to. He made Diana and so Alan and a lot of this is going on in this city and Minneapolis what kind of preparations are you hearing about. In other parts of the country. Yes I always take a look at what we're seeing share barricades are set up shops are boarded up. Take a look at the target here across a street that's also boarded up scenes like this playing out not only here in Minneapolis but a content across the country protesters from spilling into the streets over. Police killings not just got home. Source Floyd who also donkey rides and taleo now you're in the yeah. Hundreds of high school. Want I don't plan on Monday in protest. And I'm calling did open across the country are also. Telling students are giving them support and resource as a hate alone. Verdict that is expected here and I'm Alan Lopez in Minneapolis Forrest thanks Alan. And the jury in this German trial is now sequestered they can't have any contact with anyone outside of the deliberations. So who are the twelve men and women have tasked with deciding the outcome of such a huge case. ABC's TJ Holmes is a closer look at what we know. Derek children's fate is in the hands of the jury this morning. Twelve men and women will decide if the former officer is responsible for the death of George floored the jury ages ranging from twenties to sixties five men seven women of the twelve jurors four are black six wide and too self identify as multiracial. One juror is a nurse who told a court police in her community make her feel safe another juror telling the court during jury selection quote. You respect police and you do what they ask. One of the first jurors seated is a chemist who said he never seen the video showed in pinning Floyd only photos he was asked about black lives matter during jury selection. Yeah I don't love the black president or organization. I do. Support the movement. During the course of the trial the jury heard from 45 witnesses on March 31 after days of emotional testimony where multiple video clips were played in court including body cam video showing George Floyd in his last moments one of the jurors a white woman in her fifties. Indicated she had trouble sleeping the night before and was feeling unwell. That prompted a break in the trial was will harvest was a juror in the Jason van dyke trial we just racer is all real bowler and all. The jury convicted two former Chicago officer of second degree murder after shooting seventeen year old Kwan McDonald sixteen times. Our Vista says once deliberations began he and his fellow jurors took a vote right away to gauge where everyone stood and from their mutual respect was critical or. Person. Column. Was deliberate and took time. Home and made sure that everybody will whose. Her I'm hadn't changed. Deliberate loss. That was she. Sued the way the jury were. But convictions for police officers are rare. In the US about a thousand fatal police shootings are reported each year. Since 2540. Police officers have been charged with murder or manslaughter due to went on duty shooting 44 were convicted. 43 cases are still pending. And we've been talking so much of course about the National Guard Diane being deployed to Minneapolis but. Also consider cities like DC Philadelphia Chicago they actually have brought in. National Guard as well on standby in anticipation. Of this verdict just another indication there that even though this jury is deciding the fate of one man there is so much more at stake here. Venture is TJ Holmes thanks for that. Let's bring in long crime network analyst Terry Austin for more on on all of this. Terry good morning we're just learning right now that the jury is resuming deliberations now little earlier. Event expected can you walk us they're just how this process works and is there anything to be gleaned from that. Well you know dying good morning they started deliberating yesterday around 4 o'clock and they deliberated for about four hours until they stopped and they're doing that again this morning I think the judge Keith hill really wants this process. To move forward she has been the type of judge. To make sure that the trial doesn't had any agony in that it keeps moving forward he makes sure that after Amy. Session of the court is. Happening that the next sex and continues on so for instance if there isn't closing you saw that he moved very quickly to have the next closing statement and then that we're bottle and so what I think is happening here is. Part of that same process the judge really wants this deliberation. To continue quit me he has said as we mentioned before. Prepare for something along hope for something short. But he's wasting no time getting this jury working and making sure that they are vote dissed. I'm sure that they have all of the equipment that they need if they want to a look at any exhibit it can't questions of course that will be. Something that the court will be alerted and that all of the attorneys will be called back and he is known as I understand it and so. He really wants this to you go quickly he wants them to deliberate. But he wants them to consider it carefully and I think that is what we're seeing right now. And Terry the prosecution during closing arguments which focused on the nine minutes and 29 seconds it's Eric showman had his knee. On George Floyd's neck telling the jurors to believe their eyes and emphasizing that show they knew better but did it do better how effective. Were these arguments overall. I think it was extremely effective the fact that he told jurors looked. You saw the east a 4445. Witnesses one of course was called back. And there is an additional witness the additional witness is your common sense and I think that they jurors. Know that they recognize that and we also saw the prosecution talk about. The crowd and I thought that was it acted because they wound in the fact that this crowd. Really it was talking to the jury they went there and they saw what was going on they were not on relieved they were not a threat. They took their videos. You sob jury those videos and they came here to talk to you. And it so of course we know that the defense has these coral quotes stories which of course was objected to but the defense was trying to show that there where these other issues at play that he did not. Cause the death because of Derek television but didn't death was caused because of these intervening factors like the heart. Like the drugs X Sadr and I think the prosecution did an excellent job tallying the jury. Well yes you can believe your eyes you can believe these witnesses they went there they side they came in they told you what they saw they told you the truth and they cared they were caring citizens. So I think that part that prosecutions closing was very effective. Now as you pointed out the defense on the other had argued that a lot happened before that nine minute video was recorded that has to be considered including. The police struggle with Floyd his health his drug use. They also tried to raise doubt in the honesty of the prosecution it seemed pointing to for example. A still image that the prosecution showed a dare children's weight completely on Floyd. And then showing in the video that his boat came off the ground. Only for a second and they were a few other examples like that so did you think Eric Nelson managed to raise some reasonable doubt with his closing argument. You know it seems to me an enemy that's my own prospective or perception. But it seemed to me that he was in a sense grasping at straws he had some very difficult case I have to say I think he's doing. As good a job as you can under these circumstances and pointing to caught all of the issues he can possibly point to look to try to dip and his client and I think the jury is going to. Recognize the fact that well yes may eighty. So that is toe wasn't. Leaning up against. Check you know George Floyd the entire time eighty came up for a second and perhaps these other factor is art factors. Four then heat on the neck in the back from the restraint but for that we would still have. Joyce played with us today and I think Jerry Blackwell when he came in did his were bottle. Pointed that out there was a charred about all these dots and the fact that all of these other conditions the bad heart. That you know issues and he was dealing with as far as drugs are concerned all of these issues. Were happening. All of the d.s Joyce splits life prior to see that very day and in fact. Prior to those nine minutes and 29 seconds. And we still saw of course that George Blake lived and it wasn't ends hill this subdural you know restraining compress and that he died and that was there but or cause of his death. And I love your take on this moment with judge Kay hill and the defense where the judge said that congresswoman Maxine Waters. Telling protesters to get more confrontational it there's no conviction could be grounds for an appeal what did you make of that. Diane that was one of the moments I think that judge Kay hill throughout the course of this trial was the most. Upset or annoyed he of course has had moments ways he has been annoyed went. The attorneys he has lost a little bit patients I think he's been controlled. Not to say that he's been under control but you can certainly talc when he's all about the business. And I think he was disturbed by her comments she said that he protesters should get. More confrontational. Scene later explained that what she Matt was that. Nonviolent. Confrontation. But he couldn't then I think mistaken by others and of course we did here. People who are saying it particularly other politicians saying that those words board not necessary and it. Judge K hill. Didn't make a good point this year he did Wednesday it was a missed child and they think that last thing he wants to do after all of this time and effort is to have a mistrial. But it could be a grounds for appeal later on it in fact a juror was insolent by that. Terry Austin keeping things interesting we appreciate your announces Terry thank you. Ink you. An attorney general Merrick Garland sat down with ABC news for his first interview since taking office. He discussed justice and police saying and white issues of race and bias are personal to him. Our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has that exclusive interview. This morning the attorney general emerging com. It happens nation braces for a verdict in the Sheldon trial. What's your level concern about the potential Obama's I intend to wait until the verdict before I will say anything. And I would urge the American people to do the same. Garland careful not to comment about George Floyd directly or are ongoing cases involving race and policing. But admitting to being stunned by the images he saw last summer. I also saw the videos from last summer. Home. Or through the summer and like many Americans I was shocked. Many black Americans were not shocked because if they have known. This. I become this kind of treatment before do you believe there is still bias and pockets of racism. Within law enforcement racism is an American problem I think that's. Certain complained to me that there are sometimes. Has been and remains discrimination against African Americans we do not yet have people just us under law. In some ways issues of race in biased are extremely personal for Garland whose grandparents fled anti semitism in Europe. Country couple. Still ahead with the good protective done. Entries will be. Garland says he expects DOJ would do more investigations. Were listened whether there's systemic bias in entire police departments Diane. And I appeared Thomas in Washington Forrest thanks care. And we're getting some new details in the death of capital's police officer Brian sickening. Signatures on the front lines during the January 60s on the capitol here at a medical examiner says he died of natural causes. But what happened after capital played a role. Plus a CDC is looking into reports of severe side effects in people full recently got the James. What you need to know after the break. Welcome back the CDC is looking into what it is calling a handful of cases of possible severe side effects from the Johnson Johnson vaccine. Stephanie Rouse is at a mass vaccination site in New Jersey with more on that good morning Stephanie. Diane good morning there's another setback for the Johnson & Johnson back seat of the FDA. Has stopped all production at the Emergent Biosolutions. Plant in Baltimore. After a new inspection following that major mishap last month. Where ingredients for up to fifteen million future Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses were brittle it. The Johnson Johnson vaccine is still not in Hughes as the CDC investigates. An unrelated incidents. Those who rarer blood clots found in six people who were recently fully vaccinated the CDC says they are investigating. And also taking a look at several new cases to determine whether the clotting is actually related to the vaccine. Now despite concerns of some states like Arizona are rolling back even more restrictions overnight Arizona's governor announcing he is rescinding. The mask to mandate in grades K through twelve but also says that charter schools and school districts could still mandate masks if they too stupid. Diet all right Stephanie Ramos thanks for that. And we're learning more about the death of capital officer Brian sick nick a new report from the medical examiner says sickening died from natural causes. After suffering multiple strokes in the hours after the January 6 siege on the capital Martha Raddatz is in Washington with more. Officers think nick was on the front lines of the capital siege seen here in video obtained exclusively by the New York Times. Facing off with the rioters storming the capitol. Hours after the siege sick nick collapsed and 24 hours later he was declared dead. But this morning while the medical examiner says that all that transpired. Played a role in sick Nick's condition. He died from natural causes after suffering serious strokes in the brain stem Julien Kate. Have already been charged with assaulting sick nick with an unknown substance a chemical irritant. Possibly bear spray cater can be seen in the New York Times video holding up a hand and spraying it in the officer's direction. Sick nick can be seen backing away from the line after being hit in the arresting documents. Prosecutors referenced this video shot but we're sick nick was hit with a substance cater allegedly referring to that spray. The FBI said despray temporarily blinded sick nick and two other officers those assault charges will remain. Both suspects have pleaded not guilty to those charges and despite the determination that sick nick died of natural causes. US capitol police saying this does not change the fact officer sick nick died in the line of duty. Courageously defending congress Diane. Martha Raddatz in Washington thank you. And this morning tributes are pouring in for former vice president Walter Mondale who passed away overnight at 93 here's old. Mondale is probably best remembered for his role as Jimmy Carter's vice president. But he also made history during his own run for president choosing Geraldine Ferraro as the first female running mate on a major party ticket. Mary Bruce has a closer look at the life and legacy of Walter Mondale. With his pick for vice president in 1984 Walter Mondale made history choosing Geraldine Ferraro who became the first woman on the presidential ticket of a major party. Shattering a glass ceiling with Mondale by her side but Mondale's career of service started long before that watershed moment. He served his country in the Korean War was Minnesota's attorney general and spent twelve years in the US senate. All before becoming Jimmy Carter's running mate in 1976. The only office. Which as vice president he began the tradition of weekly lunch is with the president. Overnight president died in saying it was Walter Mondale who defined the vice presidency is a full partnership. And helped provide a model for my service. And in 1984 vice president Mondale made his run for president with Ferraro. But the pair struggled to overcome opponent Ronald Reagan's lead I will not make age an issue of this campaign radiant eventually winning. Five Mondale's dedication to service admired still. In a statement overnight former President Carter saying I mourn the passing of my dear friend Walter Mondale. Who I considered the best vice president in our country's history. Now overnight Connell and Harris paying tribute to Mondale using his own words saying by choosing Ferraro. He quote opened a new door to their future and president Biden says he knows that Mondale was very pleased. Tracy Connell a Harris become the first woman to be vice president Diane. I'm Mary Bruce the White House thank you. And the jury has resumed deliberations in the murder case against former Minneapolis police officer Derek shelve it. More on what to expect today and how Minneapolis is preparing for the verdict. After the break. Welcome back with the Oscars coming up this weekend in Ari star young Jung used performance has a lot of people talking. Nominated for best supporting actress she sat down with Chris Connelly to talk about her fifty years an actress and what it means to be up for one of the night's top awards. In the Oscar nominated minority 73 year old Korean actress yeah Jung Yoon is a crowd pleasing sensation. As a strong minded grandma who comes to Arkansas and must build a relationship with her where re grandson. It was stated that she's the grand and he was a high EB. You know being because he'd never see me all that was like timing is like skiing Graham. Based in part on writer director Lee Isaak Chang's own story. The Norris insights into the Korean immigrant experience and family dynamics found expression in humans interactions with seven year old acting novice Alan hymns. Morale has me worried about he oh my goodness Clinton were to do with that is live your boy blond I always wrong. Please can I please say. You minimize or. Court SC. And then she was absolutely that should ask songs then. And good he would that he didn't like me at all he didn't light you what do you like could you. She was afraid that he Kyra because day or. From that moment connect. It. Her Oscar nomination for supporting actress climaxes a fifty year career that saw her starring Korean cinema in her twenties. And and you left it all behind and you moved to America in the mid seventies. Because an anti and that you know. I wouldn't many pet. Aaron that we my ex husband who in the bush to come here and then east haven. Oh. I. She quit acting and they settled in saint Petersburg Florida. A decade later you and was back in Korea with two young sons a divorcee who needed to go back to work what was it like to try to get back into acting. He was gone back and each. You know what do you see that can you wouldn't need the girl. People who see if you're. Comment. But in time her career flourished starring in the Korean hit a good lawyers what. Getting the road cooking show and turning up on the net flicks series send six. Happy and it's certainly he's being. What kind of emotions went through your heart the first time you watch the movie with an audience. That would be the crash because we IN TE creating new grand orient creation story. I'll go against his auto cookie yen and the cry and they laugh you dated. The other different people we. To see him and be. Why do you think we're able to understand that the stories you're telling our universal. We all have a grandmother. In the when she found out she was nominated she was still in core and seen and so had to drinkers champagne solo. I've a feeling on Sunday they'll be plenty of people ready to raise a glass to her. Diane that's for sure Chris Connolly in Union Station Los Angeles thanks Chris. And we are awaiting a verdict in the trial dare showman as the jury enters its second day of deliberations are Kenneth mode is at the courthouse in Minneapolis. With the latest high Kenneth. And Diane and his first full day of jury deliberations were watching closely deceive jurors have any questions for the court. As it assigned a dirt children's fate. After a day of closing arguments they spent about four hours deliberating yesterday before calling it a night the judge allowing the sequestered jury to go well into the evening. If needed as it considers three charges against Jovan. Second degree unintentional murder third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. Outside the court we've seen a number of demonstrations and hundreds of people calling for justice for Jorge Floyd. Thousands of National Guard troops are in this Minneapolis area and in the state of emergency. As Minnesota. And the nation braced for this verdict. Diane. Right Kenneth moan in Minneapolis Forrest thanks Kenneth. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us or rumor ABC news live this year for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see right back here at 11 AM eastern. With the new update stay safe.

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