ABC News Live Update: President Biden hits goal of 200M vaccines in first 100 days

Plus, an independent investigation is underway following the deadly police shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, and Daunte Wright is laid to rest.
29:05 | 04/22/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: President Biden hits goal of 200M vaccines in first 100 days
Good morning I'm Diana state of thanks for streaming with us in today's update an independent investigation is underway in Columbus, Ohio to. After the deadly police shooting of sixteen year old look higher Bryant. A vigil was held overnight for Bryant following peaceful marches and protests. Body police cam video appears to show the teen lunching at someone with a nice and her hands. Or she was shot and killed the officer fired the shot is on administrative leave here what Brian's family is saying this morning. At the White House to celebrating this morning after president Biden hit his goal of 200 million vaccine doses administered before his 100 day in office. The president is now urging everyone over the age of sixteen to get vaccinated. As concerns grow over vaccine presidency. We have the latest on a new study about pregnant women and vaccine. And if you're more or less winter then spring for a lot of the country this morning millions are waking up to a late spring cold snap. Watch in Wisconsin as a semi trucks barrel down the highway heavy snow swerving into a snowplow. And the Denver Rockies to the field for a snowy match against the Houston Astros. We have the forecast coming up. Fully begin with that investigation into the deadly police shooting of sixteen year old look higher Bryant. Body cam footage shows the teen appearing to lunge at someone with a knife in her hand before she was shot and killed. But the family called the officer's use of force disproportionate. Trevor olives in Columbus, Ohio with the latest. And. Overnight anguish in outrage in Columbus, Ohio after sixteen year old what kind of Bryant was killed by officer Nicholas reared in Tuesday. Seconds after he responded to 911 calls of an attempted stabbing. The I had been there and I I'm. We are now. The altercation captured on Riordan's body camera. Are. Good enough enough stuff. The officer firing four shots at Brian seen in the black T shirt and jeans she appears to lunge at the girly and pink with a night. She's got a knife she is what batter. And another officer on the scene then performing CPR. And we got ma'am the moth and looks. That Bryant later pronounced dead at the hospital. It's a tragedy. Regardless of the circumstances associated with us. They sixteen year old girl lost her like an independent investigation now under way. Park to determine whether deadly. What Cai is family expressing shock and remembering a fun loving kid. Nearly all her. Let me in video. And her current of their mother and who are doing here on me what would you. The mayor promising accountability. This is a failure on part of our community. Some are guilty but all of us. Are responsible. BCI will determine if the officer involved was wrong. And if you was we will hold him accountable. And share her all joins me live now is more on this Trevor good morning yes some people are saying that. The officer should have used a taser rather than his gun what's the protocol in this kind of situation. Well good morning Diane the interim chief of police says in situations like these an officer could use a taser if they have the space in the time but of course. If there is a deadly threat an officer is authorized to use their weapon and I'll officer rear dean is on administrative leave. As that independent investigation unfolds to determine whether or not his choice to fire his weapon. Was the correct one here and so what do we know about that investigation so far. Was still in the very early stages is being investigated by. The DC IA which works under the attorney general here in Ohio it is. Its own separate investigation so that. Department the police department here in Columbus. Has been largely hands off so far that's part of why the interim chief of police cannot give specifics. As to whether or not the shooting was justified a region more. About what was happening it in this altercation or who even called 911. Because this is being handled separately to determine whether or not the officer. Acted properly in firing his weapon itself that's going to take quite some time here Diane because while the mayor and city officials are stressing transparency they are also stretching the fact. That they want to be thorough when they want to make sure they get this right. Understood and I'm economic highest family issued a statement overnight Trevor what are they saying about the shooting. Well they're exhausted and there upset Diane I think we've seen number one how shootings like this can terra part of community at anytime but especially. Given the timing of this the shooting happened to Wright as the Derek Shelvin verdict was announced it comes on the heels of another odd number of fatal shootings at the hands of police here in Columbus and so people. Are emotionally wrought but having said that. The demonstrations had banned entirely peaceful they have not been contentious although I think it is worth noting. That we haven't seen the large scale numbers that these protests that we've seen in other instances and that may very well be. Because of the body camera footage it appears to show the shooting was not an officer vs single suspect it seems that he may have fired his weapon in an effort to save a different. Young black girl and of course the family is saying that officer could have. Without having to kill the Qaeda Bryant. Diane. Right care for calls from Columbus thank you. Meanwhile Donte' Wright who was killed by police in a Minneapolis suburb. We'll be laid to rest today hundreds of people came to pay their respects at a public viewing yesterday. Reverend Al Sharpton and members of George fled Stanley are expected to speak at today's services. And that funeral comes as a new federal investigation examines whether the Minneapolis police department has a pattern of unlawful and unconstitutional practices. ABC's Alex Perez in Minneapolis with the latest. Derek show been issued prison garb and waking up behind bars guilty guilty. Guilty the former cop now convicted murderer in a cell like this one in this segregated from other inmates for his own safety. Allowed out of his cell for exercise one hour a day here at Minnesota's only maximum security prison. His new reality until sentencing in June under easily muscles and at all. And after that guilty verdict did the Justice Department now weighing whether to bring federal civil rights charges against Shelvin. The attorney general also launching a sweeping investigation into the Minneapolis police department. The investigation. I am announcing today. We'll assess whether the Minneapolis police department. Engages in a pattern or practice. Of using excessive force. Including during protests. In Minneapolis and ABC news investigation with our own doing the stations found that black residents represented only 19% of the city's populations when he eighteen. But 63%. Of those arrested were black and a black drivers here are five times more likely to be pulled over than white drivers. Minneapolis police chief Medea area are Redondo who testified against children. Saying in a statement he welcomes this investigation and they he and the department will cooperate fully. George Floyd's path which is one of several high profile police killings in Minnesota. Just days ago twenty year old father Donte' Wright who was shot and killed during a traffic stop when a veteran officers said she mistook her handgun for a taser. In Brooklyn senator. Kim potter has been charged with second degree manslaughter. Former officer Mohamad nor was found guilty of third degree murder and manslaughter for shooting Justine day mend after she called them 11 in 2017. And the officer who shot and killed Villa and okay this deal during a toll sixteen traffic stop. Was acquitted of all charges including second degree manslaughter. And as Derek children begins his new life as a prisoner he could still now also faces federal charges for violating George voids in civil rights and those three. Other former officers charged in connection when George Lloyd's death of their set to stand trial in August Diane. Right Alex Perez forest Minneapolis thanks Alex. And more than 134. Million Americans have now received at least one dose of the cove in nineteen vaccine but there's a new concern that the pace of vaccinations as slowing down. As a number of people who have gotten the vaccine is slightly down this week across the country ABC news senior national correspondent Steve Ellison Sami has the details. When Joseph Biden pledged in December that he was going to put a hundred million vaccines into the arms of Americans in his first 100 days it sounded mighty ambitious and this morning. He's more than done it with 200 million shots and arts. And more than a week before his 100 day we did it. Today we hit. 200 million shots the president is now encouraging everyone over six team to get vaccinated for Covert nineteen dress simply. If you're waiting for your turn. Wait no longer the number of people have gotten the vaccine is slightly down this week across America government says vaccinations this week are averaging around three million shot today. Just the week before that average was 3.3 five million shots a day the CDC says that this seven day average started dropping more than a week ago. And they underlined that this drop in vaccinations started a day before. US health officials put a hold on using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Because of rare blood clots that raise safety concerns in Iowa nearly half of the State's counties this week turned away additional supplies of the vaccine. Because of lower demand Iowa's governor is now trying to strongly persuade people who haven't gotten immunized. If you're opting to wait and see what are you waiting for. If you cannot hard no from the start what's your reason and if he can't answer those questions may be we hope that you take the time to reconsider. In New York assigned at the end of all this could be near the State's only remaining field hospital for people sick with cove in nineteen. Just closed its doors more than a thousand patients were treated at the temporary hospital on Staten Island. The doctors and nurses and other medical staff applauded as their final patient went home. Scientist Diane believe there could be a number of reasons for these lower daily averages of getting shots and arms. But at the top of their list is back seen hesitancy something that they believe. The governments are going to have to work on over the next few weeks. Also some encouraging news for pregnant women a new study from The New England Journal of Medicine says that defy reserve. And the dirt of vaccines. Are likely safe for pregnant women. And they determined this by looking at real world data from about 35000. Pregnant when. Diane. It had to know that Steve doesn't timing thank you. And joining us for more on this is ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein. Doctor Brownstein good morning you know got a 134 million Americans at least partially vaccinated we've heard there in Steve's piece. Transmission numbers are looking better so can we finally say we're past the worst of this pandemic what are the next few months look like. I. Yeah I think we can be very optimistic rent is 200 million shots and arms. A hundred days is going well Aum I think 20% of the population vaccinated 40% protests are. I mean this is the piece that we wanted to get yeah. For his deep pockets of transmission leprosy mission that started getting better it's not completely out of the words you still lots of vulnerable people to backstage and watch people aren't as we G category around the vaccine and it. First you have to think about fairness you know overall he is doing well against the varies easier if you bring transactions. So. Overall three we have work to do the vaccine process to get more people need to get her community of 70%. How does she started an innocent person the other looks incredible and I know you said you were arranged veterans are and I think it it's gonna happen. And we've heard throughout that it it's much safer outdoors than it is in doors so. As we hit those spring and summer months do we really need to be wearing masks outside all the time. Yet. This is something that didn't bring her for weeks jockey it's hard to start changing your perspective brownout or not seeing any we know they're not and 6% keys is happening inside so there's just. I'll Armstrong. Evidence were massing outside. Especially when he's coming down yet supports it for a search massing outside makes sense or if you're an ass out there concert reached. Really means you socialists and change that makes sense. I think overall getting an analysis sessions you have some well distance in the sense I think guys you know it's you are people of the value of getting vaccinated. I expected because he's he's start to change recommendations of course how and asking your pocket it just keeps you need it or you don't side but overall I think. You can start removing those masks right. Love love love he pink sandbag their brand and we all know that the number of people who gotten the vaccine is slightly down this week does that worry the dollars that to be expected as more people get vaccinated. You know I think imports from getting lyme vaccine out soon be second to flatten out but this current kerosene downward trend is a little bit concerning he had. Rocks among those that are vulnerable are getting the facts in his. Now the open net eligibility younger populations there's need more challenges it's not TGI you know I'll pass. These sites are easy access so we have to think about who needy people where they are on this issue. It is used meanwhile we need to consider writers are people concerned about outside facts or they don't really trust the vaccine or medium heat about themselves so it's this combination of testing. It is he and so we have to come. Wish he should explain why does vaccines are effective why they can liberties transmission in the community why I can Bruce are from normal life. How can protect your family and friends are unique red payoff. Parental education to really get to those people that are on the edge of deciding whether or not. Yet that this Imad personally know quite a few parents who have teens and their parents are vaccinated but their president. To get their teens vaccinated and I wonder are you seeing that hesitancy go. Since that pause in the Johnson & Johnson back CNN is there any kind of inkling as to how long we might have to wait before we have we a final answer on those vaccinations. Yeah it's really good question we've been martyred hesitancy and risks so I think that's her car isn't how meaningful impact JJ Jackson was about 5%. Of all I seen so what's the big impact and in fact hesitancy how. Hasn't been changed because they JJ insists is leveraged aging people are concerned about it but I pulls leaves temporary. Pockets lifted a you have concerns about this lesions from change it has 7000 sites. Rocker Mitch and you'd think about the populations and he only wanted change it because it was easier once shy knee is better in rural communities where there is let's. Yet to be concerned there you know does he sees you aren't Friday he shed accusing me some recommendations. The expectations that are in impostors are seen because it is a and he comes from water costs are very rare well probably put some you know potential discussion around. Each likely Saxon and some some warnings around how. How we might think but administering the vaccine weren't border I fully expected to to go back and start to be deployed into next week. ABC news engineer doctor John Brownstein always great to have you doctor thank you. They just must. And president Biden is kicking off Earth Day today with a virtual summit on climate change. The event will feature world leaders on the issue of climate change where they'll announce some new goals for reducing America's greenhouse gas emissions. Chief White House correspondent to city of Ada has the latest on that. Hey Dan didn't. Race here this is basically the Biden administration sending a signal of a really strong signal that the US is back after former president trump hold the country out of the eight Paris climate accords the US and China they are the world's top two polluters and this is president Biden laying out some pretty big targets here take a look at what they wanna do. The plan would be to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least half by 2030 that is compared to 2005 levels in nearly twice what President Obama. Set out in 2015 the administration for not offering a lot of details right now on exactly how they would pull this soft but so much of this really. He's about re gaining credibility when it comes to fighting climate change on the world stage. And convincing other large nations around the world to try and make some of these similar pushes. This is a virtual summit Diane forty global leaders including some international rivals China sheeting ping Russia's Vladimir Putin but day and the White House. At this point anyway they're not expecting any virtual one on ones between president Biden and those leaders. Cabot Cecilia Vega at the White House for us thank you. And where 34 days into spring but a lot of country is feeling up cold blast. Millions are waking up to snow or freezing wind chills as that system moves across the country. Ginger zee is tracking the latest for us from Michigan. Yeah a white out in Wisconsin. A major pileup on interstate 41 at least 22 vehicles involved. And the cameras everywhere we've got it and dash cam video capturing a semi truck barreling down the highway pass to Jack knifed truck and cars on side of the road. Then it starts swerving before losing control slamming into a snowplow the plow flipping over and the truck sliding on its side. One person was killed in that wreck. More than 34 days into spring and that record cold and snow settling in from Arkansas to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Nearly two inches of snow falling in an hour more than eight inches in Ohio. And ahead of the cold front severe storms. Hail pelting Brooklyn New York followed by un nearly thirty degree temperature tumbles. Smack in the Bluegrass State where Saddam hopes and then the snow getting ready for the Kentucky Derby. In Denver and a rack shutting down interstate seventy for hours. And the Rockies take infield grass and only win over the Houston Astros. Morning it is in the mid twenties a lot of missing in here and that bitter chill off of Lake Michigan I really was hoping I was gonna get to put the cart go away but there are freeze warnings from Fayetteville Arkansas all the way to Danbury Connecticut so many folks east of the Rockies gonna feel like this bottoming out of what I like to call sprint or spring plus winter for about Tony former hours but we will Diane. Believe after this. I don't even know how to respond to that gender that I hope that you stay warm thank you. And are you. Using higher prices at the grocery store while it's not your imagination prices on everyday items are higher and they're about to go up even more. We'll tell you why and what you can do to avoid paying more. Plus the Oscars are just three days away and this year's show producers are taking extra precautions to try to keep people safe and they're trying to keep things as normal as possible. So little Hollywood for a closer look at how they're doing that we come back. Get ready for some sticker shock the next time you're at the grocery store Procter & Gamble announced it will join several other major companies in raising costs of popular products over the next few months. Tia Benitez has more on what's behind the spike and we'll consumers can do. Thought you were spending more at the grocery store than ever before are well brace yourself. There are even more major price hikes on the horizon. Procter & Gamble announcing they're raising prices on a variety of goods including senior female and baby care. Needs. Global economy is emerging from a year of recession and the endemic really hitting every Kearney really hearts supply chains are bring back on line and that's. And they're charging more. While we don't know the specifics yet this 27 count of Pampers retails for around nine dollars a mid to high single percentage increase. Could see the costs go up by as much as 72 cents per packaged. Procter competitor Kimberly-Clark a company whose products include hug these diapers and Scott toilet tissue. Also announcing they will raise prices starting in June. It's a chain reaction should once they let their prices are at risk kids everywhere are licensed here to do the same thing the Consumer Price Index which measures how much consumers pay for every day items. Jumped two point 6% over last year that's the biggest increase in three years. It's causing ripple effects in the grocery aisles everything from Cheerios to peanut butter going up in cost. Analysts say it's not just the price of materials increasing. But also truck driver shortages and issues with freight like this container ship getting stuck in the Suez Canal so what can consumers do. There are Stewart Brand. And are often ask Ali are better and it cost less than don't know. He hoarding because you're concerned not immediately find your product. All right so what do you do to save money well as always there's an app for that I bottle that's gonna give you that cash back and Neve got flipped and basket those are gonna help you find the best deals. In your area but of course Diane sign up for those coupon emails you might get them every day. But there were some. Our rights she thanks for that good tips. Any Oscars are just three days away and producers are going above and beyond to try to keep everyone healthy. An in house epidemiologist. Is overseeing the extensive cove in nineteen protocols Chris Connelly is at Los Angeles is Union Station. One of the sites in the show with some exclusive new details. It's taking every tool in the tool box to fight code nineteenth I think that this is the most ambitious and ceases production that I have seen. Epidemiologist doctor and were more in brings her two decades of work on emerging infectious disease to the Academy Awards as she helps put into place the protocols designed to ensure all will stay safe at the 983 Oscars what kind of testing will win nominee is enroll their plus ones have to undergo before they set foot inside you station. So all of everybody police tested several times before. He the events. And within 24 hours and the actual show they will have a VCR in every single nominee every single plus and I'm really single her and then. Every person involved according teen admirals have been put together you're one of the things that's interesting about what you're not mentioning is vaccinations. The vast majority of people have been vaccinated. We're not relying on vaccination as a fail safe here so even if someone's not vaccinated you are confident they can still be safe coming here. Because the testing protocols and in addition to those in that is very very strong testing protocols and everything else that's going to happen the ventilation. He did very low density of people being together and come Oscar night itself the emphasis on safety will remain. The attendees the nominees will they Wear masks and some of. So this is really like a sat. We're making sure they win there is something that needs to be dying her first camera. Masks off the minute that they did then word kite is is that it is out there. Masks back on and it's not going to lead the standard everybody seating inside the only people that need to be inside while they're. To be nominated. For an award will be there every one else will be outside if final worked on minorities black bottom and I C a friend from know Midland. What a mile led to do. That's going to be a very important piece of this is keeping people in their own side's gonna try to minimize contact as much as possible. Doctor avoid telling us I feel extremely confident in the safety of the show Diane. All right Chris Connolly in Los Angeles forest thank you. And apparently lockdown has some Turks after saving money during the pandemic some lentils are winning their high paying jobs to pursue passion projects instead. We'll take a closer look at what's been dubbed. The old low economy after the break. Welcome back while the pandemic has brought financial hardship for some others have managed to save up during lockdown and are now quitting their high paying jobs. To pursue passion projects instead. First feature the New York Times a new trend is fueled by a new perspective focusing on the concept of you only live once. Here's ABC news chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis with more on what's been dubbed the yellow economy. By many measures of success Brett Williams was driving achieving what he thought was his dream becoming a partner at a major loss for I was very comfortable seller what we were doing well one of pandemic hit he had a realization. I was. All working from a kitchen counter and Doris Day and really miserable and soda and when the dreams aren't. Follower. This last year showed us that. World is very unpredictable. That jobs are hard hearted moment it may be England easier you're running your own company are doing something that you really love doing. Brett decided to join a smaller law firm as employee number three. Really I was the only definitive oil is amazing but before you take the risk employment experts suggest a few things to consider. Have an emergency fact ironies in it cost more than used actors who take longer to. Launcher to get traction then you're probably. Be prepared to build a new network. To reposition yourself on the market. Somebody you is due recently else when you saw about right now circle and that network. And finally be ready to explain your intentions but answered yet about how the world sees you gotta stricter and now. And you don't have to blow up your whole life in order to see a big changes in it. Remember you can Percy west side hustle pick up something new learn and you still sad or new courses through things like at X dot org. We're finally consider changing the lives of someone else changing the world of another immunity. That's the kind of thing you can do it through volunteer opportunities and there are organizations like volunteer match dot org where you enter your location your interest. And it will automatically tell you about volunteer opportunities. In your area Diane. Great to know Rebecca Jarvis thank you. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm dead and missing and thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis we'll see you right back here at 11 AM eastern the new update. Stay safe.

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