ABC News Live Update: Severe weather alert as storms tear across US

Plus, states lift COVID-19 restrictions, an elite restaurant goes meatless and Syria’s 10-year war takes its toll on children.
15:36 | 05/04/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Severe weather alert as storms tear across US
Good morning I'm Diana state of thanks for streaming with us in today's updated. An investigation is underway in Mexico City after an overpass collapsed while a subway train was crossing over at. At least 23 people are dead and dozens more injured after the train crashed on a traffic below. Mexico city's mayor says a support beam underneath the overpass gave away but investigators are still determining the official cause. Severe weather has been wreaking Havoc across the US more than 220. Damaging storms reported it'll last 24 hours. From Texas to Maryland including more than a dozen reported tornadoes. Now a storm that brought eighty miles per hour winds through Texas is moving east putting more states on alert for severe thunderstorms. And a strong possibility of tornadoes in the southwest Louisiana Mississippi and Alabama under the biggest threat. He's been on new York New Jersey and Connecticut have announced plans to live to most pandemic capacity restrictions from places like bars restaurants and Janice. The news comes as quickly Covance cases in the US fall below 50000. The mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey says he's optimistic about reopening that says they will scale back if needed. Well isn't your stress and released roster decisions. We don't want anything bad right now on what do you do exceedingly good at all costs suggesting why aren't. I couldn't afford to oh plus or not and we don't want to receive your one. New Jersey will still requires six feet of social distancing. And according to the CDC roughly 56%. Of the US adult population has now received at least one dose of the vaccine. So is a return to normalcy on the horizon doctor look Patel from Stanford children's health. Is here with more doctor Patel thanks so much for being here. The weekly case averaged nationwide fell below 50000 but a first time since October. So what do you make of that is the end of this pandemic in sight. Well I am the end of this is a relative term and I think you were thinking locally ads in the United States. This is great news and it is time to really but I think about reopening and rewarding everyone for what we've done for the past year and a half but we still a lot of work to deal. Not only when it comes to vaccinations are making sure that we can mitigate whatever may happen has your reopen. And the one thing that ever needs to really understand. Is that if the pandemic is control the United States. Now Pfizer's vaccine is on track for emergency use authorization for children ages twelve to fifteen. Really any day now so what kind of impact. Do you think that would have on this you know. Attempt to return to normalcy. All lot of people are excited about this and then on the other hand there's another group of people who write we're seeing won't twelve to fifteen years old during low risk. What's the big deal though what people leisurely understand is that children may giving large proportion of the population United States. But also can make a potential large factor for infections. So we're not only looking at protecting those children he sold their teens and getting them ready to go back to school back to normal lives. We're also essentially protecting everyone around those kids that other children grandparents parents or anyone else who may not be able to get her vaccine. So this is an important said Orton getting asked you. Closed her immunity as possible. And wasn't timeline for younger kids to get vaccinated. Only yield the floor below the age of plotting a we have trials coming out from a Daryn and advisor and looking to see that we might these preliminary data by the end of this year about women being gone anything being operated until a little bit later in trying to unwind if caught early twenties choose a right now we really have to focus on those younger adolescents is right next fall to fifteen age range. Now that said the American academy of pediatrics is reporting that children are now account for 22%. Of new US Kobe case is why is that. Well and that's exactly what I was kind of hinting at earlier is that even though children themselves. Represented a lower risk group in terms of possible litigation is or severe illness even though they can't get sick. Children are right now there are protected there aren't vaccinated so has agreed to open and cases are so out their children can possibly make it a large proportion of who's actually getting infected but also who can continue to spread the virus and we sakes can't he's reported this happening in Michigan and that's exactly what we're trying to prevent right now. At a US travel ban from India takes effect today is the official code case count bare tops twenty million so. What do Indiana and world leaders he did you right now to help get that surge there under control. Well they see it's a completely heartbreaking situation as it looked to see what's happening in India took class to help the situation I think the biggest thing people need to do globally is not just look at the headlines are at a news stories and say oh my gosh that's sad and then move on to. You know media represents 88 K so what can possibly happen if there is under protection from vaccines if there's a are reopening to sell and and it. You know countries are prepared for so as far as looking at Indians in what can we joining global skill to help by donating TT. Oxygen tanks of the average hazard Irish citizens and do we also easily use India as. An example of what we need to be prepared for because that can happen anywhere especially when we're not vaccine out when they're still very out during her run and win her reopening to seven. I'm Dr. look Patel of Stanford children's elbows on great to have you doctor thank you. Stadium. And one of the world's most famous restaurants is making a revolutionary. Transformation. New York city's acclaimed eleven Madison park is set to reopen. With a new plant based menu the chef and owner says the restaurants creativity. Has always been tied to a specific moment in time and that it was clear they needed to make a change. The move could be a game changer for the whole industry. Here's jewelry Obama. Steak and lobster fishing and caviar staples of the dining elite. Until now in a head spinning potentially industry redefining announcement. New York city's eleven Madison park with a perfect four star rating from the New York Times. An elusive three star Michelin rating and ranked number one on the world's fifty best restaurants list in 2017. Revealing that when it reopens in June after a prolonged pandemic induced shut down its menu will be 100%. To begin. The way we have source star food doing their consuming our foods away need to means. It is not sustainable. Food and that it's not paying a pain and. They're still charging. 339 dollars. For each person to die at this restaurant so it's how comfortable are we paying this much. Or. Vegetables. And the other big question is are people willing to do list and I think that's. That's what everyone will have their eye on Daniel whom eleven Madison park head chef and donor announcing the menu overhaul on the popular NPR podcast how I built this. Yeah selling like no meat no animal drugs. We have we decided who we have to put our creativity. In two words the plant based diet eleven Madison parks announcement coming on the heels of recipe app and website epic curious phasing out new beef recipes trend watchers point out that more Americans are going vegetarian. And stars like beyonce Jay-Z mega Markel and Kim card Ashley and all adhere to the diet but will plant based dining become the future of restaurants. It's definitely feasible that we'll see more. Restaurant menus that are need freed so if I play second eleven Madison park does succeed it can only lead to a more openings of this sort. Diane eleven Madison park says that it has evolved its business model as well when it reopens on June 10. Every dinner purchase will provide five meals to food insecure New Yorkers. The menu here has not yet fully been revealed but it won't be entirely begin. You can still get milk. With your post dinner coffee or tea fan. I'm looking birds checking out will read it eleven Madison park your New York thank you. And we come back according to take you to one of the toughest places in the world to live as a kid. A Syrian camps teeming with extremists. To the conditions for yourself and hear the story of one child who made it out. After the break. Welcome back the ten year long war in Syria has shattered life for an entire generation more than 22000. Children have been placed in refugee camps. And detention centers as a result of the war with the crisis ABC's James Longman travel to a refugee camp near the Syrian Iraq border for an inside look. In every war children suffer. But up to ten years of conflict in Syria and into play a generation has been lost and the situation is now getting even worse. This is the hell hole refugee camp in the northeast of the country it was sets out to the found these devices members of their so called kind of face fell. But with international attention elsewhere it's now become an almost fooled us festering wound on the landscape we were lost day a year ago. It's committee he had a bad feeling they hadn't had an idea is that there really influenced and affected by eight the music they have school on either. I think when plugging in different. The key issues. Their tails of the headings only killings and even slavery and the dealers his regime. As extremism poisons the the innocent suffocate. Me I'm Acosta is mounting. People have left little Marcus who identifies. The tiles but they've tried to catch someone's name on most days of the blankets. The Bauhaus VA's at some point this portal that children who have very this is essentially. A grave site for children. And yes is the legacy of my sister is also the consequence. Of leaving thousands of people. Stranded in the desert. More than 22000. Children of at least sixty nationalities are still languishing here and that public county. And sentenced. UNICEF is among the charities working hard to find the future for them applause cheering their orphanage tournament. Thirteen year old college Eagles took snakes in an explosion. It's not only. The city and its. Contents. The second is from there is filled pitches but lost plays signs this album to. By the end of the finalists in. It was a had a rough time come moment. Thirteen. But senior to two years he was stuck at home paying for the crimes of others spends there are plenty of civilians and I'm so I'm. I mean it's time comes they really like him they have little hostility. Who that we are following that he didn't do hate it's. They would pick a situation. Goes off her. Toughening. I think they are trying. But one year old legal uses the curry had been given new legs and had left a hole cam somehow got lost. We send to produce it to find him about some. Complicated and dangerous surge that took him hundreds of miles south. We found him. But the discovery was devastating. Don't let it go home. Key fact Sacchetti after he fled book club. And uncle had claimed the Korea and said he'd been reunited with family. He sits alone most of the day in a room he shares with seven other people and then legs. They didn't look. She may have come on and I can't use them because the ground years not flat market and the knees do not twist in the so these prosthetics do not help me to law. True site. Africa arledge then lieutenant Vickie I don't know I thought these prosthetics if you like the real wants to keep its market walk. Plate and work with keeping an eye but they've never helped she. But when I was told about them I was excited she thought they have knees that depends like a block attempts. I don't know what to do. And we don't have the money to buy better ones. These legs bombed helping. UNICEF says the car it was fitted with a new next by a local hospital but in the country at war with tens of thousands of children to provide full. Following up and keeping track of individual cases is clearly home. The governor Chris and an oil companies. You do need to love long. Support. And that is you know really also why we continue to advocate for more resources to be able to expand those services. The Korea needs new legs because the life waiting for him is unimaginably haunt. Authorities have also left whole camp. And that's great ping an existence prices have rocketed he says says the cost of the average free Boskin has gone up 230%. In the last year. Ward tea and bread is almost beyond their means. The defeat devices didn't mean the end of misery in Syria who in fact the devastation of war ruled blooming like almost a livable for years to come from. The Korea and thousands like need all the help they can get this big going to stand any chance. The tools. Good. Yeah. It's sort of sit over there so I asked if he loses his life. Live in the Collins has no value in English. A person who doesn't have laid. Skinhead look yeah they were friends. Cologne will work it's just sitting. At visit B doesn't exist and lined. And he sees people doing everything. He's just in his place. Yeah. James Longman foot ABC news. Heart breaking our thanks to James long man for that report and that does it for this ABC news live update and I miss Ada thanks for joining us. I remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. House evacuate 3 PM eastern with a chamber ran for the breakdown. It is.

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