Active-duty transgender service members testify before Congress

President Donald Trump's transgender troop ban is still tied up in the courts.
2:00 | 02/27/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Active-duty transgender service members testify before Congress
Soldiers matter to me and they're the ones who will suffer if medical providers and leaders like me are banned from service. As I transition made soldiers and comfortable. Absolutely not on the contrary during their recent deployment to Afghanistan. Soldiers opened up. They talked to me and told me things they never would have before things that they said they've never told other people. I asked him why in the consisting answer is that they valued my authenticity my courage in being myself. And allowed them to do the same thing. I've been in the House of Representatives now for about eleven years almost. And I can't think. A panel. Of witnesses. That have come before. This house that I have. Participated in. That have showed more. Talent. Courage. Willingness to. Put forth a position that is truly. Appropriate. And do so with the kind of clarity. And conviction. That all of you have done. You are. Hopefully going to be hard. A education. Will allow us to do the right thing. You have shown extraordinary courage I hope that this House of Representatives. Shows the same kind of courage. To make sure that this bogus. Policy. Promoted by the commander in chief and only postponed because of a court case. That we show that this bogus policy has no business. The policies. Of the military but the United States of America so thank you each and every one B for their extraordinary. Service that you provide. And four. Your presentations here today.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"President Donald Trump's transgender troop ban is still tied up in the courts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61367122","title":"Active-duty transgender service members testify before Congress","url":"/US/video/active-duty-transgender-service-members-testify-congress-president-61367122"}