Alleged Escort Pleads Not Guilty in Google Exec's Death

Alix Tichelman's attorney says the fatal dose of heroin that killed Forrest Hayes was accidental.
4:36 | 07/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged Escort Pleads Not Guilty in Google Exec's Death
From high heels to hand cops the accused high priced escort facing charges. For the death of a Google executive in court today pleading not guilty to manslaughter charges prosecutors say 26 year old. Alex to Coleman left the Google exacted die alone on his yacht after injecting him with heroin hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York the Silicon Valley murder that's getting a lot of attention happened back in November. That's when the captain of the yacht found 51 year old. -- -- dead on the boat after Alex -- and left the husband and father of five. Executive -- Google and previously apple -- woman's lawyer asked for her bond to be -- And requested her release boats were denied bail set at one point five million dollars. The defense is arguing that -- and had no reason to kill -- because of how much money she was getting from him. Here is one of her lawyers Larry -- -- I'm not gonna go into the specifics all -- stated that there was no intent to injure or harm. And that any consequences. -- unintended but it should bear some responsibility I'm not gonna go into the evidence right now. For more on -- story I want to bring in -- are -- from our separate Cisco station kgo -- do you yeah. On the developments today. Michelle Alex took woman's family was in court to support her as she pled not guilty to all charges as you mentioned those have to do with drugs prostitution and of course manslaughter -- Prosecutors say she killed forest taste married -- a fine. But her attorneys paint a different picture this morning. 26 year old Alex -- woman presented a different face to the judge this morning. Wearing almost no make up compared to last week's dark eyeliner and bright lipstick. Her attorney told the judge she was pleading not guilty to all charges including manslaughter. Gentleman spoke only answer the judge's questions about her rights and -- parents and sister were in court but left quickly without comment tell -- anything on her behalf. One of -- clemens' attorneys however had plenty to say in defense of the alleged call girl. First and foremost that she did not intend to kill 51 year old Google executive -- case. Larry -- asks why would she want him dead. He was a lucrative source of income to her. She appreciated. His generosity. And she had a a -- -- if any to a long -- not in the relationship. Santa Cruz police say gentleman as a prostitute who was hired by Hayes. That the two were on his yacht in November when she gave him a fatal dose of heroin and left him to die they say her actions were -- -- And prosecutors could still bring more serious charges against her. They items says -- -- and -- -- consenting adults and drug use she's not to blame for what happened. It's like a wounded bird. You know she's that is demonized. And adage is the -- is made her. The sensitive. Kid with an addiction problem to heroin. There is surveillance video from on board they got attorneys on both sides have seen it. But they won't talk about what it shows gentleman is scheduled to be in court next on October 20. Michelle. The Hayes family work day in court today and have they made any statement at all. All we heard from the Hayes family is that they would like for the media to stop bothering them but that at some point they might issue a statements. And what else do we know or what we're learning about Alex gentlemen we've also heard about a similar case that Georgia. That she was accused of what can you tell us about that. Right so we -- this -- and so Hayes died in November 2 months earlier. -- Lynn's boyfriend died of heroin overdose in Georgia at the time authorities ruled it an accidental overdose but in light of what has happened now in Santa Cruz they are reopening that case they are investigating -- common to see if she had anything to do with his death. They GAO's Katie brazile thank you for joining us and giving us that update. You can't keep up with the story and follow it in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen and New York.

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{"id":24587177,"title":"Alleged Escort Pleads Not Guilty in Google Exec's Death","duration":"4:36","description":"Alix Tichelman's attorney says the fatal dose of heroin that killed Forrest Hayes was accidental.","url":"/US/video/alleged-escort-alix-tichelman-pleads-guilty-google-exec-24587177","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}