Antonio Brown rape accuser set to meet with NFL reps

Britney Taylor is scheduled to meet with NFL representatives after Brown played his first game with the Patriots on Sunday.
3:11 | 09/16/19

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Transcript for Antonio Brown rape accuser set to meet with NFL reps
We move on to the NFL where New England Patriots Antonio Brown played in the game against Miami this Sunday. As an investigation begins where a one in his former trainer Brittany Taylor. Has accused him of rape and sexual us also today. Britney is scheduled to meet with NFL reps and I want to bring in Mike Tannenbaum in Bristol Connecticut to discuss all of this. Let you know my eight Antonio did well in this game but the Lee. Decided that they wouldn't put him on paid leave after adds this was going on so why do you think they made that decision. Well the league ruled treat each situation on a case by case basis in the past there have been players like Korean Han. Josh Brown kicker of the New York Giants that were paid on the exempt commissioners lust. They were paid and placed on that list. Without criminal charges. I think the league is week is they haven't interviewed. The person who's filing starters I think that interview may happen as early as today. And the league will probably reevaluate the situation once they collect more information and we may know something as early as tomorrow or Shirley by the middle of the week. Of. Be the nature is the nature of these talks good they're gonna sit down and they're gonna discuss all of this with Britney. How to these talks ago. Sure they're going to be very thorough they're gonna want to make sure they get all the facts from her school look at. Any evidence that she presents or her attorneys present. Bill trial talked to as many people as she presents as potential witnesses the league is a very thorough in these situations we take these allegations very seriously. But again Reno what is a civil matter and I think that's been a factor why the league hasn't acted in terms of wreaking in turn around not eligible to play however that could change quickly as we've seen in the past. Yes so I don't know if they if the league feels more pressure because they have received a lot of scrutiny already for how they handle accusations of violence against women. Yeah I think it's a very fine line for the lead because it's again a very serious allegation however it civil and because of that. In turn around is also due due process. The union is gonna watch very carefully how the league handles this and at the end there's a little bit of a fine line in terms of it's a civil case as of now I think another factor that we should keep an eye on. The school. Alleged conduct happened in Pittsburg. Well the Pittsburgh Diego involved that will be another factor that the league will weigh as well as they go ahead and assess what they should do with into her brown. Didn't just for clarity just so people know I'm you're saying civil case how does that compare to. A criminal case. What we see in the Lee act much quicker when they're a formal criminal charges have been imposed over the years to various players. And typically if and when criminal charges have been filed by. Various district attorneys the league has quickly placed players. On exempt commissioners lest. However when it's a civil case typically. Be perceived as they are within turn around they will talk to witnesses collect more information before moving forward again these are very serious allegations. But as of this point on Monday they are just allegations. In a civil matter. All right Mike Tannenbaum right there in Bristol Connecticut thank you for explaining we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Britney Taylor is scheduled to meet with NFL representatives after Brown played his first game with the Patriots on Sunday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65643753","title":"Antonio Brown rape accuser set to meet with NFL reps","url":"/US/video/antonio-brown-rape-accuser-set-meet-nfl-reps-65643753"}