Authorities respond to active shooter at YouTube HQ

At least four people are being treated for injuries after police in San Bruno, California, confirmed they were responding to an active shooting at the YouTube offices.
8:06 | 04/03/18

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Transcript for Authorities respond to active shooter at YouTube HQ
I'm Linda Davis we are continuing our network coverage at this time of that active shooter at YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno California. Where we've been looking at there you see that campus the headquarters there where we have 17100. Employees. That work inside YouTube we've been watching the video you can see the aerials here from the helicopter overhead we've been watching. Employees. Departing. And police patting them down a processing and making shore. That they are not what they're believing appease the one active shooter perhaps we're hearing that it was a white female that you can see those images right there are people being. Patted down making sure that they don't have a weapon as they depart so we've been seeing. Those images as well as police starting to enter in to news headquarters into the mean building there. We are can also go to it to Brad Garrett former especially to an FBI special agent as soon as we we have him. Available on brand I believe that you are available walk us through what is happening right now as far as law enforcement and the tactics that are being news. Well into the real key is is she a lone shooter who looks like she is but we don't really know that we don't know motivation we don't know the number of weapons. But you always have to follow the trail of the shooter how did she get there is or car available. Are there explosives are that in other words are there things beyond just the shooter. And that's what law enforcement is trying to assess now hopefully they noting the answer to that. But once they get the scene cleared. And I think so it must declare actually see people walking away from you two had YouTube headquarters. So that's that's foremost in law enforcement's mind as we speak. In do you allow everyone tint to leave this isn't any because while we're hearing that it's woman that she was armed. It seems like someone could've gotten rid of their weapon ride it maybe it wasn't just a woman maybe it wasn't a woman at all. And so it seems like they're kind of frisking his people and letting them leave it is that. The end of it. Well think about. At this -- if if the shooting occurred at one particular location some reporting news it's an outside area where people watch but wherever it might see. This is a big campus and so there's going to be other aspects of this campus if the police feel. That there is no connection there's no safety issues you are better off giving people waved from the locations because. Trying to be safe as possible of course with people so my guess is that's probably what's going on its bars people being moved. And we understand also that the local freeway right there 280. Has been shut down. Now what's a processes that just to limit traffic to the area at this point. Well it's two things is to limit trap and to make sure if the shooter. Got away from the scene I don't think that's the case but it's another safety should be yes you want to keep the congestion a week. From a potential singing for the obvious. Clearly this is not contain or at imagine and you could be the best judge in this. Once it is contained a police let you know right away hey we had a shooter we've confirmed it's just this one person. Or right now could it be that they do you have this person in custody and they Stiller has actively making sure that does this was alone share. And Tilly actually know what they have. Lone shooter have all the weapons no explosives in other words no trail beyond just the shooter. Then the public make an announcement my guesses you not gonna hear that from the law enforcement. For a little while. And I believe that we have Rebecca Jarvis as well Rebecca thanks so much for joining us you've been talking to son YouTube employees is that right. Yes that's right live via a number of employees inside the building say they heard gunshots they ran deep deep many of them spirits heeded that now. Cue up this is add that we did BC it was it here by experience sweeping through. Post got shot leading pro life force and they said that they could you're on where they're going through the building. Topic by topic is evacuating individual the people like puppet you have been evacuated from the building but they see that all of this started. Jury they'll punch out whereas people were outside enjoying what is a beautiful day. In every now and the bank UB people would never expected such a thing to happen. Act they are at their company and they're very shaken up by double they Quincy. And of course of Italy you talk to you said have all been evacuated safely did they described that they believe that other employees. Are still inside. Debate that he didn't say whether or not they believe there are other employees inside they meet these seats they're understanding is that the your coworkers that they are cohort have made it to CD. But. But even at that they they would never imagine something like this happening especially. Not a day like today. It did they describe it offer you the gunshots if it were my there were multiple rapid gunshots or any extent of how much gunfire there was. They he described it a handful of gunshot that happy it rapid fashion as bad they were we eating barricaded at that office I think that that. It was quiet essentially that they were hearing gunshots but they could hear law enforcement. Minutes later Delhi through the building. And it Rebecca have you been to YouTube's campus before. I haven't been at this campus I bet that Google's headquarters so that bit era we adopted out. View from the campus can't help but it is the place where a number of YouTube workers. Spend their days helping cue creek a continent and build out the platform that. Millions of Americans billions of people around the world consume every day. And it Rebecca any idea if it seems like it was just obviously within the recent weeks since Parkland happen it seems like. YouTube had announced perhaps that they were going to stop using advertisements. With guns or you are you would any and an announcement you kinda tells about that. Eight used so that that this announcement he's a couple of weeks ago in response to park land and they made the decision that they they weren't not at no longer going to be using advertisement that kind. And it's partially because of the community act YouTube enact Google and what what employees want that this is also because. Out by viewers and stakeholders and and that this especially the young people from park lane who where worked say. You know this is wrong we don't wanna see this any longer and in response to that you will help meet that decision. Eight no new nite at its moment in time whether there's any link there but that's that's part of their history and that happened only a handful of weeks. Rebecca jars thank you so much for reporting for us on the phone and practice want to bring you in for one last question so what can we expect. We believe that this happened around 12:52 Pacific time in the next hours it unfold. What what should we expect. You should expect law enforcement I suspect in the next ninety minutes to. Maybe two hours to come out and give you the basics of what they hat the public and even the name of the shooter. But they're going to give you the following. That it's if it is a land shooter that I that they had X number of victims that the shooter is either dead wounded or in custody. And that that that the YouTube headquarters is basically safe at this point so. I expect. To hear that in a reasonable man a time but I'm gonna guess it's going to take another hour or two before that actually occurs. OK Brad Garrett joining us live from our DC bureau thank you so much for that of course you can expect to get. The latest developments on this active shooter at YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno California. Online Of course on news app and later tonight on world news tonight with David north thanks much for watching on Wednesday yes.

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{"duration":"8:06","description":"At least four people are being treated for injuries after police in San Bruno, California, confirmed they were responding to an active shooting at the YouTube offices.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54214282","title":"Authorities respond to active shooter at YouTube HQ","url":"/US/video/authorities-respond-active-shooter-youtube-hq-54214282"}