Backstage at the 2019 BET Awards!

One-on-one with H.E.R., Raphael Saadiq and Lucky Daye.
2:51 | 06/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Backstage at the 2019 BET Awards!
I'm retailer in Los Angeles for ABC news life were backstage at the 2019 BET awards and I got a 101 with piecing or hurt for a fiesta Deke and newcomer lucky day. Schoeneweis one of the best news smoothly so without out of their if fans crazy person and in my hometown boy my town area. Anything and the fact that people are coming from all over the yeah. I'll. The crowds celebrate on its view of our convenience in the generation it's honestly can't surveillance inhalation. These special guests who lives in and so there's so many Emmys they hype going in Caesars something rocker today. Six number. This time it's you know new music. Well. It's. It's it's a look good reasons. Good reason what do you do you think that is. Quickly as its new. The monsoon I remember he. Should Monday there's Armenian Larsen is on. Why didn't want kids like to to express themselves. In his black people we're very creative so you know actually sneak. And sometimes have less than yeah. On the same ways and trauma amen to record sounds rate hikes and indifference. This half the audience to keep up wearing him. Look like television and blood in this one. All the acting and music kids are constantly he eighteen at home and come out. You dance. Sending. Style clothes it is very creative people ET four. Letting people. Leave here at its new war. It's. What this. Where somebody and somebody like me live Q I'm. I missed you last. It's a place that you go to first when you turn on the TV night policy is on my coats and policies gone. That's like me I don't see with the music sound like policy would be doing LSU had Tom Hatten. Nothing too serious weaknesses are about is are we weak hasn't coaches leave the car. Planning. Read the whole planet. And this is great to be apart it is we lean it's science baby. Mourners of the big so included beyonce carted be amigos and also hurt. I'm retailer in Los Angeles and your watch and ABC news alive.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"One-on-one with H.E.R., Raphael Saadiq and Lucky Daye.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63946284","title":"Backstage at the 2019 BET Awards!","url":"/US/video/backstage-2019-bet-awards-63946284"}