Baseball icon Ken Griffey Jr. on MLB season, new documentary

The Hall of Fame inductee discusses the delayed MLB season, his new documentary, “Swingman,” and changes he feels need to be made after George Floyd’s death.
4:45 | 06/18/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baseball icon Ken Griffey Jr. on MLB season, new documentary
All sports leagues figure out the best way to get back to action there's been a bitter divide in baseball over how to play ball again but tonight there's word a resolution. Could be insight let's bring in one of the all time greats Ken Griffey junior who Wally wade her return is coming out with a documentary about his life and storied career. Thank you so much for Ken love that backdrop. They are you. I am well you lived through a strike at 1994 agents and fans years to come back to the game are you concerned at all about the impact of this long gap between seasons may have only game going forward. There. You're always concerned about a more stock in the hang it now. You know there's always the guys there Irsay said I come up there she. Baseball she Chile's acting will be backed her sister. Among many concerned. You guys on other states. You know that's that's. The biggest thing in. Think what's going on that matter. It's the Enola the bargaining stature. In here so I really don't know what's going on that from my and your hands and com. Do not want them to be safe. And the MLB network will air a ninety minute documentary on your career this weekend in your coming out of the docked his series on players TV the new network owned by professional athletes. We have a first look at a clip let's take a listen. It puts a limit on his game and charisma. Keep the community. It's everything he did this incredible. Joining two seasons 600 Larry home run. Ten gold gloves seven silver sluggers put him to go to Cooperstown it's his rightful place. I understand this study series gets in very personal why Italy that is so important to highly black families in particular right now. Well religiously eat less black Phillies is Stanley's general Aruba where my dad you know. I'll. Went to a lot of things in you know instill certain things in me bomb. That existed to show that. You know we are baseball players or or at least Parcells surrealists. Com. We don't want my kids to grow you know would be successful people. You know in any field so I think that was the the most important thing you know. Tibia okay person. Ali Citic it was a one Mamas. And blitz. You know I think it's important show. Us. And Ian eagle suit to show the world and you know they knew there are. More important things tended to hit a ball runs through a wall trojans football she asked what we are humans. I'm just so happens we have a political form to do certain things and voice. Normally other people only half. And so curious what mom would say what dad would say but we would all say you've certainly been a social activists for years and when a catalyst to creating a Jackie Robinson day in baseball where all players Wear his number what changes do you think need to happen in the wake of the death of George Floyd and what can you do to help create change. I just I think people's need to listen to to the stores that are being told op. Buys black people I think that's what I'm saying is there. Bet. It is a bigger bodies just to listen and you put yourself in somebody shoes you know I can and anybody's shoes my why isn't nobody. But I can listen to you know the pain that people happen I think best that the one thing is that over the years it. Haven't had a chance to team. Who lives in nature. Somebody and I think he's trying to purchase people's sit back and listen to stories. You know people have over the years. And finally in the NBA some players have so that their singing about sitting out saying that now is not the time to entertain people now is the time for change. Do you think that re starting a sport season would be a distraction given the gravity of the issues that we're dealing with right now. Com. No I think if you go back in Atlanta traffic periods since nine elevenths. It was a way to bringing everybody together. Far. You know baseball is you know the biggest thing happen I think it gives families a chance to. You have that little catch your breath moments and and that's what we're open for me. You know endemic in in this. We're just trying to get back to what's going to be our new norm. More. Channel Griffey junior we're all trying to get back tourney normal we thank you so much for being part of the show tonight. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"The Hall of Fame inductee discusses the delayed MLB season, his new documentary, “Swingman,” and changes he feels need to be made after George Floyd’s death.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71313167","title":"Baseball icon Ken Griffey Jr. on MLB season, new documentary","url":"/US/video/baseball-icon-ken-griffey-jr-mlb-season-documentary-71313167"}