The battle for suburban women in Minnesota

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports from Minnesota’s battleground suburbs, where female voters are weighing the impact of racial justice protests and the president’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.
7:41 | 09/30/20

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Transcript for The battle for suburban women in Minnesota
Both Donald Trump and Joseph Biden agree on one thing they say a critical audience for tonight's debate could be suburban women has our country's racial reckoning change hearts and minds in this key group of voters. Four months after the death of George Floyd. So how many people on this block if you had to guess. Our Republican. They. Once they are very poor guy pick. Twyla Jiang has lived in the suburbs of Minneapolis for twenty years a mother of three and Democrats in the sea of mostly white Republicans. I felt comfortable here but I am I moved to Minnesota for a long time so proximity to whiteness. Game series after the death of George Floyd her community was gripped by protests for racial justice and scenes of violence and looting just a few miles away. It felt like the energy around it was more difficult for us in the actual actions themselves those those actions did not. Collectively sprayed down the story that Lang. Did you get the sense that Paul that the movement changed any. Views. On this Republican bloc especially given the fact that they know you. The next door pages were on higher FaceBook is on fire. But I would say and even an able person to person I think we all know. Pretty much currently being. Dina instruments and how they feel about things. The fallout has scrambled Minnesota politics in injected new uncertainty in how suburban women might vote. In this mid west battle. I wash my city going down. SunGard. All the sides and this feeling there just kept talking and talking and there is no action from them not only got an. John you know live five blocks from. Or George Floyd was killed. Document in the protests come through windows. Weeks later she moved from south Minneapolis in the suburbs who she felt safer went in after years of voting for Democrats. Now says she's voting for trump. As leans towards the other side Brad because I feel like I leadership did not step up. The place I'm honestly I think there's some things that Donald Trump. And the red party really need to address and work on as well but I feel. With this with everything that happened that the blue party. You Democrats the Democrats. May make it a little worse. Lawless criminals terrorize Minneapolis the trump campaign sees Minnesota is its best shot and flipping a blue state to read in November. After losing by just 45000 votes for years ago trump spending millions on TV ads like these sent to appeal to voters' fears Reese. So voters who are concerned about racial justice are more likely and more energized to vote democratic. And voters voters were concerned about law and order art you know really listening to president trumps message about that but I don't think. Either of these two groups where we're likely to switch their vote of any did you change a lot of minds but certainly energized hit energize people that's right. The latest ABC news Washington Post poll finds Minnesota voters trust Joseph Biden over Donald Trump by eleven points and issues of crime and safety and by 24 points on equal treatment for racial groups. Suburban mom Jamie Becker fences trumps message has. Back silent under we are sick. Of men like poll results and Donald Trump. Telling us how we fetal. Yet we have voices we are full human beings who can share how we actually feel about things. Last month packer fan a Democrat who serves in the state legislature. Took to Twitter to push back on Republican claims that women like her are scared to death of the protests. Her hash tag I am a suburban mom going viral. People are afraid but they're afraid of their neighbors getting sick. You know that's that's where the anxiety. It is she says the pandemic jobs and wages and the environments are bigger concerns. Like a top three issue and I'm talking to voters this climate. Even right now despite everything going on its climate really. Minnesota hasn't backed a Republican for president since 1972. The longest running streak of any state in the country but many and a policy changing demographics and the shifting economy on top of recent racial unrest. Have put Minnesota's ten electoral votes in play I like to consider myself a little bit of a regular public and. Michelle Fawzi a working mother of three says Stanley finances motivate her choice. And that the pandemic public health restrictions and their impact on businesses. Worry her more than the virus itself. Right now I can see my focus is Smart to mediate. I'm play you know the administration I think she. Can. That's pull us out of this crisis that fast didn't know Biden says it's a patriotic duty of all Americans at all times. To Wear masks do you agree with us. I don't think I'm I don't like this in federal handing. It I just don't believe he is. This is an enormous. Country and I Jess don't believe that. What's right necessarily are necessary in. The city of New York as necessary and scary. Night. The battle for Minnesota and other upper midwestern states may ultimately boil down to suburban women on the margins. But retired accountant in Catholic stepmother of three and Swenson was undecided. What's making itself heard. I'm. Not mull I mostly if fiscal conservative or more of social moderate. There's two things about Donald Trump first being a fiscal conservative I'm not excited about what's happened with Saddam. The budget and they feel the deficit spending even without the cold it is not some in the night. Excited about it. On the other is the Ritter. And civility. When did he uncivil to people. Be assign him weakness so why can't you vote for Joseph Biden I can't vote for Joseph Biden because I don't want. Those countries to I don't want the vice president Harris following I don't know necessarily that Joseph Biden would make for years and if he doesn't make. Trump this county an unhappy voters like Swenson to stay home the strategy. For Donald Trump it's probably can't win those suburban women over what Katie give the reasons why they shouldn't vote for Joseph Biden. And he can keep them from turning out to vote. He and let's say keep his base to turn out pretty even higher percentage. They did four years ago that's the recipe for a victory here. Meanwhile Democrats are rallying for turnout as voting gets under way SEC blanking enthusiasm. For Biden. To be honest I think a lot of we're gonna do a little Poconos and. That ended the day we have a candidate. They didn't have a candidate and you actually believe in the dangers that you believe in. Cannot opt out of an election you cannot. Complain about your choices you cannot say well I can't open that these contests. But she'll just let this continue to happen. An appeal to conscience and common sense as the 20/20 campaign turns toward the high stakes presidential debates. With all eyes and voters in the suburbs. Three BC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Minneapolis.

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{"duration":"7:41","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports from Minnesota’s battleground suburbs, where female voters are weighing the impact of racial justice protests and the president’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73326067","title":"The battle for suburban women in Minnesota","url":"/US/video/battle-suburban-women-minnesota-73326067"}