Biden speaks on infrastructure plan and jobs in Louisiana

Standing before an aging bridge in Lake Charles, President Joe Biden pitched his American Jobs Plan, including modernizing bridges, roads and highways.
4:22 | 05/06/21

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Transcript for Biden speaks on infrastructure plan and jobs in Louisiana
Folks. Others when it comes to bridges. And roads like I've never seen a Republican or Democrat there. This he wrote. And mayor and hear your Republican. He wrote a newspaper articles suggesting that. That we. Along with the govern them democratic mayors Freeport. Mayor Perkins as to why we need the American jobs. And which is when I'm here to talk about it. Once in a generation investment in American. American so. Great jobs to modernize our. Our bridges our roads our highways our ports. Airports and water pipes water projects high speed Internet. Transmission lines and sustainable housing. This animal house. Jobs rebuilding the foundations of the strong fair and resume. Resilient competitive economy. First and here in the shadow of the I ten bridge which I've gone over several times myself in the past. That's a perfect example we've neglected as a nation to invest in the future economy. In the future of our people. You know when the bridge was built in 1952. It was built to there's nothing there was built to make sure that we and factor enable it lasts for fifty years. I was twenty years. Was built for fifty years. I ten bridge is built to handle daily traffic load of 37000. Crossings. Well but today every day more than eighty house. When an 80000 cars and trucks crossover and factories. And it doesn't have the modern safety features bridges need. You know six lanes of interstate narrowed to four lanes of Everett. Action that's a recipe for disaster. And that's what I'm sure you don't need to own driver's round Lake Charles that it means traffic bottlenecks in ways. And that those last inspection. This bridge was categorized as in poor condition. After decades. Politicians studying it and talking about it governor and losers one finally moved forward. The project actually replace have average. One with six lanes new interchange that's safer reduces congestion. And shouldn't be as hard as it shouldn't be this hard it takes or take so long to fix a bridge it's it's important that explains how safe. That mrs. Because. You know we had a tax cut the other teams put into back in nineteen point 170. And it created two trillion dollar debt. With the vast majority of that going through top winds up 110 of 1%. Of the wagers. I don't punish any. You try to be a millionaire or billionaire just pay your fair share just pay for example. If we gesturing make sure that we had the tax rate for the top rated America. For an income tax when it was in the Bush Administration. Do we go from 36 or 39 point 6%. Well guess what. That that that would raise a minimum of ten billion dollars a year I'm going to hear ideas from both sides and be with my Republican friends. For the congress to see number one how much to really go for what they think in the priorities. And what compromises meat man and rated content. When I'm not rated. I'm not ready to do nothing. Not rated have another period where America had another. Infrastructure warmth. And doesn't change and things. Americans. More competitive better more capable in the nation world. Some damn thing we cannot do we do it again. It's about time we start working together like mayors and local officials. Governors. Find more support from Republican governors and mayors democratic governors American on the country they they got into the question. It's like that are in this town this disease state and one Fargo like. We can make you can make. Should be customers. So we conclude by saying god bless you all make cannot protect our troops.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Standing before an aging bridge in Lake Charles, President Joe Biden pitched his American Jobs Plan, including modernizing bridges, roads and highways.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77539459","title":"Biden speaks on infrastructure plan and jobs in Louisiana ","url":"/US/video/biden-speaks-infrastructure-plan-jobs-louisiana-77539459"}