Boston Marathon Explosions: 3 Dead

Gov. Deval Patrick and law enforcement agencies ask for heightened state of vigilance.
8:06 | 04/15/13

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Transcript for Boston Marathon Explosions: 3 Dead
City of Boston is open and will be open tomorrow but it will not be. Business as usual will be -- heightened law enforcement presence consistent with the severity and seriousness. Of the ongoing investigation people should expect. Those who are riding the T. That there will be random checks of backpacks and other parcels. And we just ask everyone to be patient with an inconvenience for the time being. It is for the public's safety. We're also asking that everyone be on a state of heightened state vigilance. That is really required of everyone please report suspicious. Packages or parcel service the sisters suspicious activity. Two -- local law enforcement. -- wanna say that there have been a number of stories I've heard this afternoon. Residents. In Boston and along the room in the cities and towns. That the marathon passes through. Of extraordinary kindness shown. Two runners and others neighbors and visitors. Who are is shaken by this experience as. As we are. And we so appreciate those kind misses and thank you for them. We're gonna get through this we do not have all the answers to all of your questions yet not all of you. Here in the media or others around the commonwealth. Around the country of the world. But I can tell you found. From the president. To the members of our congressional delegation to many many. Fellow governors who have called to check in to all of the leaders and law enforcement. Here. In the state at the local level and at the federal level we are all coming together to do everything we -- to get to the bottom. -- Let me turn the podium over now to a special agent in charge with -- Laurie. Thank you very much had Governor Patrick the most important fact that I want to -- everybody this evening as -- even mention -- Governor Patrick. The FBI is taking the lead in this investigation. Is asserting it is asserting federal jurisdiction it will do so through the Boston joint terrorism task force. Members of which are comprised by all the members of the law enforcement agencies here represented at a podium. This will be -- combined federal state and local effort. There will be an ongoing investigation. It is a criminal investigation. That is has the potential is a potential terrorist investigation. We -- working diligently to gathering information and gather all the facts and bring those were responsible for this crime to justice swiftly as possible. It is an ongoing investigation as Governor Patrick mentioned. I'm not at liberty right now to go into details about ongoing investigation but echoing governor Patrick's words I encourage everyone. -- a heightened state of vigilance here in the Boston area tonight. And tomorrow as we move forward. I -- anybody who has any information pertaining to this crime. To call 1800 call FBI this is a tip line that we had set off I'm ready to receive. Tips that might -- -- leads to my command. -- the FBI is bringing a substantial very very substantial federal resources to bear. Along with our federal partners ATF -- well represented here Jean -- -- from the Boston ATF office. It's been a key ally of ours. All the law enforcement agencies here will be bringing tremendous resources to bear. All federal resources that can be brought to bear will be brought brought appeared in the Boston area. So alive that being said -- -- turned over now I think -- US attorney Ortiz went to -- a few words and then we'll turn it over to commissioner Davis. Yes good evening I just -- -- go the governor has said. Time when many others have -- throughout -- -- today's it. This is horrific tragedy and our city of Boston. And -- on behalf of the Department of Justice are here to provide all the resources necessary to this investigation. There are a lot of questions and questions that we wish we could answer at this point but what I can assure you is that this is a very. Thorough and active. And fluid ongoing investigation. And I ask -- that -- help with us and quite frankly I know that there. Is a lot of -- information that is being sought as the governor said this. Then a bit of misinformation. We do not want to add to that misinformation. And what we want to do is to continue to. Investigate this matter. Get to the individual. Or individuals that may be responsible for this and the Department of Justice is prepared to provide all of the assistance necessary. Two are not only the FBI and ATF and the affect other federal agencies but our state and local partners as well. -- I just -- to echo that on behalf of the department thank you. That -- attorney on behalf before Mayor Menino. I'd like to -- much sympathies to the victims and the families of the children assortment. This this totally -- will not be. Taken. In stride we will. Turn every walk over to -- the people responsible for us working very closely with -- partner were the warriors. What's the police department is on the scene has been there since this incident happened. There's been -- you know horrendous. Loss of life. At least three people have died in this event. But that's the -- the number of injuries -- the people introduce an unfolding. In issue right now we want -- -- figures on until tomorrow morning. There were. All sorts of questions are being asked -- -- -- -- one thing there is no suspect that Brigham and woman's hospital. -- there there are people that we are talking to but there is no suspect at Brigham and woman's hospital has been widely reported. In the -- in the -- to -- quickly to fix that right. Again -- will be the will be questions. Of that you have and we'll do our best to answer them but it's still very early in the investigation tomorrow as the governor -- will -- be business as usual and Boston. The Boston Police Department is on emergency deployment. We are working twelve hour shifts and there will be a significant which presents a throw the city please give us some space are on the call -- -- As we processed the -- And again if there -- any infamy any. Pieces of information for -- From the from the incident getting those to the to tip lines the FBI tip line from earlier they are now. In charge of the investigation because of the nature of this investigation. As well as the Boston Police and wanted 494 tips for know what you want with the district attorney departments if you -- Thank you very much commissioner. Early this afternoon like so many Bostonians. I was on Boylston street near the finish line and left about thirty minutes before this incident occurred. In a short time ago commissioner Davis myself. Colonel Alvin and special agent Gloria and our top staff went down to the scene. It was a lodge in disturbing seeing. Like each of -- I'm praying for the victims in their loved ones this is a terrible terrible day for them. -- in the public at large can count on our very best and most -- work in the days to come. Seconds after those bombs went off we saw civilians running to help the victims right along side. Members of the Boston Police Department and Boston EMS. For many hours that followed. Police and medical personnel from across the region have sent dozens maybe even hundreds of volunteers to help us here in Boston. That's what Americans still in times of crisis we come together and we help one another. Moments like these. Terrible as they don't show our weakness they show us strength thank you.

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{"id":18964237,"title":"Boston Marathon Explosions: 3 Dead","duration":"8:06","description":"Gov. Deval Patrick and law enforcement agencies ask for heightened state of vigilance.","url":"/US/video/boston-marathon-explosions-3-dead-18964237","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}