Boston Marathon Hoax Suspect Charged

Police end up detonating rice cooker filled with confetti after identifying potential terror threat.
16:43 | 04/16/14

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Transcript for Boston Marathon Hoax Suspect Charged
Michelle Franzen and New York the man police say brought a suspicious backpack to the Boston Marathon finish line Tuesday is in court this morning. He's expected to be arraigned on charges including disorderly conduct disturbing the peace in possession of a hoax explosive device let's listen in. And our justice system in this -- contacts he has -- nations Tucson Arizona police officer. He does have one prior to -- on his record and it would not policy on that he does have a triple indicate. Not only contact the state York. But also incidents that occurred in -- you're taking in totality of the circumstances we do believe that 100000 dollars and appropriate -- not. For this individual. -- -- A. Competency. And. Okay. And make its. Case. Regis and missing -- -- Danger. Okay we're law. And his. Business people. This. -- He is. Or maybe you. And in -- City. You -- is the moment I thought. This is as a -- -- -- -- -- It's. Not bad back into these -- -- -- -- I'm just looking for that. It. And seeing him brings me. -- Your hair passed word to me. Didn't hear from you. Eight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When he is. Anything. Because. -- and 78. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet a couple of days lawsuit filing a motion. The question that -- on his feet. -- -- disease and that -- for both of them. -- -- Terms and he. He it is absolutely. And beat Wayne. Issues. -- Eight. And it's. Oh -- here. Yeah stay. -- -- we'll. Cities. -- -- -- -- When he went. -- It. I need. Yeah okay. -- -- -- -- I politics. She get beyond -- -- -- competency on his seven. Think. And you have been watching court coverage of the Massachusetts made. Identified as Kate on -- and he's accused of carrying a rice cooker and a backpack not to pressure cookers like those used in the 2013. Marathon bombings of course. Police -- -- took him into custody yesterday. Asking him to drop the backpack and a bomb squad moved in and detonated that backpack. It was determined that there was nothing to -- explosive device -- that. And ABC's Marcy Gonzales was there on the ground to recap Deaton announced it. A big security scare near the finish line of the Boston Marathon last night on the anniversary of the deadly bombings there. Kevin -- -- in court today charged with disorderly conduct disturbing the peace and possession of a hoax device. After police claim an officer spotted him like this. Yelling at Boston's strong as shown in this cell phone video walking barefoot in the brain wearing a long black veil. Police say the officer asked what he was carrying. At that time he stated that there was a young rice cooker. In the back back. Considering that the alleged marathon bombers used pressure cookers police reacted quickly. Telling him to drop the bag and shutting down the street. They kind of started pushing people away back on the -- just figured disasters get out of here. The bomb squad called in using robots to prove bed since that as well as another found nearby and it turns out does belong to a TV news crew. After detonating those bands as a precaution. Police learned -- did not have explosives inside the rice cooker. Instead they say they found confetti. No explanation for that although police point to possible mental health issues. Police also said the quick thorough action by officers last night should be further evidence of just how -- from Monday's marathon will be. -- Gonzales ABC news Boston. And again a short time ago the suspect. His name is cave on ads and appeared in in -- court. In the Boston area and prosecutors had asked for a 100000 dollar bail. The attorney representing the suspect. Argued for 5000 dollars bail saying that the suspect does have some mental health issues that need to be addressed. The judge obviously deciding with prosecutors to set that bail of 100000 dollars joining us now. We have -- her ski joining us to get us -- rundown of what this all means. Certainly a lot of promotions -- done yesterday with the one year anniversary marking the bombing attack. -- give us an idea of what the suspect faces. Ten minutes and is facing six separate charges stemming from this incident this hoax apparently as prosecutors outlined it. And Michelle he is is going to be held on 100000 dollars bail. An amount that prosecutors said was appropriate given the nature of what it happened it was just hours after Vice President Biden. And other dignitaries had left Boylston street following a flag raising ceremony on the one year anniversary. And according to prosecutors Kevin Edson. Of the Wakefield and Boston -- given police too different addresses walked out wearing some kind of black get up a veil concealing face paint on his son on his face -- blew -- and yellow face -- -- black face paint. -- was screaming. Officers approached said what's in the bag. He told them -- rice cooker many dropped the bag and ran -- he was apprehended later. Told police that there was nothing explosive in the backpack but nonetheless out of an abundance of caution. The bomb squad blew it up now you can imagine and prosecutors said in open court. Nobody needs to tell you the symbolism of a rice cooker on the anniversary of attacks carried out with pressure cooker bombs concealed in backpack. That's exactly right Aaron and this turned out to be a hoax but with so much security surrounding. This year's marathon and of course the anniversary yesterday how does -- -- credentialed person with a backpack. Get so close to the finish line. Well the security that's going to be in place for the marathon was not in place. At this particular time just before 7 PM eastern in Boston. There was an an extra police presence because there had been a memorial walk. A 26 point two mile walk from Hopkinton to Boston the city marathon route carried out by the Norton Brothers on this anniversary. Famous -- Brothers who were injured in the attack. And so police were around and according to police their security work somebody was seen acting strangely carrying a backpack and was approached. But let's make no mistake anyone can do this Michelle and and no matter that the kinds of security if somebody is willing to act fast and willing to get caught. That the potential exists. Police do believe that the marathon is going to be the safest place on the planet according to the new Boston Police Commissioner come Monday and they are confident their security measures. And what else are we learning about -- on ads and today in court does he active on social media. Or any other details that we know about them. A cave on this is something of an alias is real name is Kevin but he may go by -- on on certain social media sites and and he's a student 25 years old. He is active on social media and and and we can leave it to folks that to find what they wanna glean from that and how. How well it it portrays this man but but I think more importantly. It's what -- doctor said in court and that is that he has a history of psychiatric disorders. And he had been office medications. For a number of days or weeks and so he is being held the and he is going to be evaluated the two. So -- but the court can better understand his mental state. And of course Aaron we've learned you know as you mentioned that he has. Had sort of a history of mental health issues as they it. Let's say it mentioned in court today how do you think the suspects attire and attitude we'll effect this case. Well -- it's certainly true what act. Get up and avail and he was screaming and it sounded like Boston's strong to some bystanders who led the use their cell phone to take pictures of and and whether he was trying to draw attention to himself whether he was trying to. Initiate some kind of threat or response. It's not exactly Hewlett clear his defense attorney said in court he he had no ill intentions. That the rights -- that was in the backpack he told police was not dangerous and there was never any indication. But it nonetheless on that day in that place at that moment certainly drew a robust response that police said look they had no other choice. I want to take you back to the courtroom the prosecutor was outlined how the police captured the suspect let's listen to -- At the time. This incident which is 6:15 evening it was a lot he people yet they act as people think it's important to the -- on survivors of the competing -- -- From -- To the finish -- those objectives survivors were accompanied by Boston Police officers at the off season helping the survivors they -- approached by the end. The man directing your attention to defend. The man told police. -- is a guy there he's running he has no shoes on -- -- comprehensively. The officers immediately went to demand that it wouldn't be this if and when they protest they -- and the defendant was wearing. In large cat in a black -- -- entire case he had backpack -- children. The officers approached they asked what's in the backpack and independent five. A -- -- and -- real quickly how do you think this incident will shape the marathon securities next week. -- I don't think it's going to change it at all but Boston Police did remind everybody that backpacks are being discouraged from from from spectators shoulders come race day. The runners are not going to be allowed to carry backpacks cited days are going to only be allowed clear plastic bags they're going to be handed them to carry any in sneakers or shirts or whatever they want to take with them. And for spectators if they do have a backpack no matter the size I think you can expect that they will be searched and and Boston Police have been fairly frank about it. Backpacks have come into to have to symbolize something in Boston after the -- I have Brothers left two of them at the feet of spectators including an eight year old boy -- Richard. And so they want to make sure that that whatever spectators are carrying is inspected and they say they're confident that they're going to be able to do it in an unobtrusive way. -- still giving people the ability to -- claim. What has been a Stanley tradition in Massachusetts there's no school on patriots -- no work. And so people come on out there want to watch the marathon and they're expecting a bigger crowd than ever. ABC's -- -- thank you for joining us. Keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news that star in that story. For exclusive updates on ago I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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