The Briefing Room: Space Force to start by 2020, FLOTUS' parents become citizens

Vice President Mike Pence announced a sixth branch of the military, "Space Force," should launch by 2020 and first lady Melania Trump's parents are sworn in as U.S. citizens.
13:40 | 08/09/18

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Transcript for The Briefing Room: Space Force to start by 2020, FLOTUS' parents become citizens
Hi everybody you're watching ABC news I'm John sands became Washington alongside Justin official and Jordan Phelps nice to have you in building closed today. A lot going on today everything from metaphor to Mueller and space force we're gonna get there and a second but let's start with the topping everyone's talking about would choose. Bob Muller what is happening with the president's interview between Bob Mueller the potential one Rudy Giuliani has been all over the cables overnight. Talking just about that very topic where an interview stands with the special counsel let's start there will react that on the other side. Well I think given isn't over by September and then then we have a very very serious. Violation of the just department rules you shouldn't be conducting one of these investigations. The sixty day period cookies got plenty of time. To either decide. What we offer them an opportunity to do a form of question. He can say yes or no we can do it you don't want to do it. He knows the answers to every question that he wants to ask he's gonna ask him did you tell call me to go easy on Flint. The president to say no I didn't. OK so that's what we know Rudy Giuliani saying today September is the deadlines where they have it now but Jordan Phelps this is being a moving target deadline we've gone from Christmas and New Year's Day fourth of July everything in between now we're somewhere in the September labored up. And that's pretty typical for this scene they like to moved up lines as you on now time. What's interesting here the president's legal team obviously wants to wrap this up before the mid term elections but. Important thing as Robert Mueller is not accountable to the president and his legal team so he's operating under his own timeline so Rudy Giuliani can say what he wants but. More doesn't answer to him and. As the king of the mountains Malone answered and we have not heard anything from all accounts doesn't talk that's that's the thing he he's not this is a one sided public negotiation and it seems to me. Pretty obvious that the the Giuliani legal team. They want to push this whole issue beyond. The mid term elections it the worst case scenario for them was. Would be if the president sat down and did an interview today and then. Mullah releases report for them before midterm they say. They can't do it after the end of this month because of hits a sixty day. Window where the Justice Department should not be issuing major ports that affect elections about over the worst case scenario for them. So beats and generous. Ons that's where it is from the moment we're keeping an eye on this we're following all the developments on this story at Let's switch gears though because is on the matter at special counsel is working on that is the ongoing trial of Paul manna for our colleague Catherine falters. She's been out there from the beginning capturing the star witness for the prosecution. He's done he's finished the prosecution soon to wrap their case it seems right. You have your honor 21 witness right now Jon they analysts of 36 we don't. Expect them to call all of and they out. Five people wept but that's right most critical part of this case was went. Man fourth former business partner Rick gave spent three days this week. I'm on the stand testifying against him and what exactly did we learn from that were gates testified that he helped. Mann a port hiding money in offshore accounts to avoid taxes. He helped him commit Bain fried something gates says. All of this was not the direction of Mann a port summing the defense takes issue wet their strategy is well actually this was all Rick gates while we also. Learns they gave send me an a fort some favors from him. I'm after the president was elected John but as you mentioned the defense is portraying. Where gates as somebody who was an embezzle our liar who had a secret life. With the money that he embezzled. That he stole from Mann reports of a defense pretty good about us and I'm just. As he that capture mean you've been out here from day one of this trial we know that it's probably gonna bleed a little bit into next week. I mean just talk about for a second just the mood in the vibe you're getting from the lawyers as they're coming in and out of court. -- has seen based on your reporting the last couple days the defense definitely feeling they turned a good corner here for that. AS to an acting with manage ports attorneys a decent honest they're walking in and now they are. All smiles they seem happy they as of right now at least and it presented there at their case yet but as a brain now they view the M. Ricki its testing many as a win for them they say they're feeling pretty good in you know John even though gates is. Not testifying anymore we will hear more from him because the defense has built their whole entire case around Rick gates. They haven't said what witnesses they will call or at least four we'll take the stand but the reality is they view gates is a flawed witness. Yeah we've heard they have somewhere around half a dozen witnesses that their plan called the stand that is all gonna play out in the eastern district of Virginia Catherine pallbearers watching every step of that with our team thank you we will check back with you later. Coming back inside the bureau there's another story that's making headlines they and that is a six branch of the Department of Defense. Space force possible. So you've been obsessed with this well yeah give us the broad strokes over corporate. Out of the blue couple weeks ago announced that he wants a six branch of the United States armed forces he wants a space force. And it was cutting Everest by of his bats Brett he's nobody's really asking for that at this point. Com but today the vice president went over to the Pentagon today instead that this is what were aiming to do and we have some sound from the vice president Los Angeles and his remarks earlier. Now the time has come to write the next great chapter. In the history of our armed forces. To prepare for the next battlefield. Where America's best and bravest will be called to deter and defeat a new generation of threats. To our people to our nation. The time has come to establish the united states space force. Basically get more on this we have somebody here who's far smarter than all three of us combined on this topic and advisory BC news contributor colonel Steve gang here's Steve I mean. Break this down for us where did this come from does this make sense is this necessary. The floor is yours. I'm not a rocket scientist but I did sleep Holiday Inn express last night. What's a -- about what we. I have here it's actually two separate ideas the first idea is the president's idea and that is what you heard coming from the vice president. Is a space force so we have army navy air force we have a Marine Corps and he wants a space core. Nobody else does. You heard secretary of defense matters here say oh yeah yeah I'm all for a space command but he did not and endorse a space force. And nobody on Capitol Hill want the space forced either. Why because we don't need one yet. We do need a space command so within the department defense there are things called combatant commands so this would be. Pacific Command is it sometimes the regional sometimes they have to do with the capability so. You have a Pacific commander European Command or a Transportation Command a special operations command. Do we needed space command yes we do because space has been militarized it's been militarized for decades. But the capabilities that every country United States included housing space are very very classified so people just don't understand that space is already been militarized. It's ardea war fighting to Maine for for the US military and so it makes sense to create an actual command that is focused. On space and fighting in space OK so they're in Jordan tells you broke this story here free BC. Yet the president has been talking for a long time that he's worn this this has been an obsession for his firm before even took the oath of office. Yes have fashion for a little while he only articulated that he wanted this six branch of the military in march of this year so. And trumped timeline it's a relatively recent adaptation of his but what's interesting here and ends and you kind of hit on this is that. This is in direct conflict with what the trump administration's policy has been toward space just last year secretary mabus wrote to congress that. It would be unnecessary and bureaucratic tale. At a space corps even under the umbrella of the airports and now trump wants to break this. Out from underneath the air force which is our eighty dealing with our space needs militarily and make a completely new. And to that point and use that when that crowd and was making when parents went delivered that speech at the pack and he had that one dramatic line. It's time to time has come to a death establish a united states space force. Like pause for applause there was no applause it was kind of an out and loathing which goes to show that. There is an appetite for combatant command Kraft says that Steve's thing but not now through this huge bureaucracy that comes with the new branch. And that's I'm just gonna bring Epstein and ranges just how. Do you think because I know we don't have a lot. Like this would would it be a fully functional. I guess operation of a neighbor John we've got some good temple authority about what combatant commands ought to look like especially when their focused around a particular domain or particular geography in this case. It would be space and so. The combatant commands are populated by and run by people from the various services so if you go out to Honolulu and you go to Pacific Command. You'll see army air force navy marine Coast Guard everybody's there and everybody contributes forces because everybody. Every one of the services has responsibilities in the Pacific region. Same thing in space everybody has responsibilities has interest whether it's communications whether it's. You know it reconnaissance or war. Or being able to do very classified things in space. So everybody has an interest in space on each of the services will contribute at Peterson air force base in Colorado there's RDA. A nucleus of the structure there so I think it would just beef up some of the existing air force structure. And call it something different and add more people from from other parts the services I don't think it's going to be that hard and I think that people been thinking about it for a long time. What people object to is saying. Space is not a big enough deal here to create you know a West Point or an air force academy. For space cadets so I think that's that's the real key in the difference here went one last point John here sure it's it's interesting to me. To look at how we're seeing the president being opposed by the majority of his administration so. In this case it's not quite as blatant because you had the vice president making the speech but you have the secretary of defense saying. Yet no we don't endorse that we'd like the space command but we would all want to space core. Very much like what we saw most of the administration in front of the press talking about the threat the cyber threat from Russia. All of them saying this is a huge cyber frat. President is obviously not convinced that at this threat the same way but I think there's a very interesting dynamic going on where you're seeing. The majority of the administration saying we're going this way when the president says I wanna go that way. A lot of other topics to see what they call them space cadets that's what she says that is a delicate thing. I'm gonna say it's the thing just because it's such a bad idea that we want to market as much as possible okay okay. Congress Harrison charities comparing this to start wars up on the wet identical now I'm not long definitely Julia Carnell gang here thank you very much is always are we appreciate it. And moving on here there was money say there are two new United States citizens who owns who might give it. They are the parents of first leading online music from now the really interesting thing is we don't know. How exactly they got their citizenship that we know this president has always that I wanna inch chain migration all the most likely way. These people got their citizenship was through their connection through their daughter the current first ladies cell. The first lady's office hasn't commented on this they always know that he's a private citizens were talking about but of course it it is very interesting given the present Iraq. I mean that they had asked what how this happened they're being private about one on the emergency afterwards that the follow all the proper application I processes but many unanswered flesh all officers green cards involved something like and we don't know it's good for them that it says that it the it's just. Think the context at all of the way that the president has approached this makes it so intriguing I mean in the their retired age people they did. He wants able bodied people who have meant you know coming on merit based applications who can work. Definitely want to watch our it will we have more on that later today and lastly before we leave you armed. You don't always get a chance to thank everybody helps us put the show together but there's someone that I am trying to look at right now but she's behind the camera she can't seem mean she's gonna dodge meat and and harder now. But it is our camera operators who plus perks birthday. She's extremely camera signing mutually frontal as a help he can do that she's coming to life itself. Zoo from all of us we appreciate everything he's friends every candidate burglar nonsense. Thank you happy birthday to you that is gonna do it us for here in the briefing room for just an official in Jordan felt I'm John Santee cheek. Make sure download BBC news app for all latest anytime any day you're watching. It seems.

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{"duration":"13:40","description":"Vice President Mike Pence announced a sixth branch of the military, \"Space Force,\" should launch by 2020 and first lady Melania Trump's parents are sworn in as U.S. citizens.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57127070","title":"The Briefing Room: Space Force to start by 2020, FLOTUS' parents become citizens","url":"/US/video/briefing-room-space-force-start-2020-flotuss-parents-57127070"}